Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 2 - Nueva Cordoba - July 29, 2015

Hola mi familia amada!!

How are you all doing?  Sorry that I was unable to write you on Monday.  I sure hope that you did not call the mission offices and ask if I was still living. The elders in the office have told me that it gets pretty annoying when the parents call. jaja.  

I was not able to write due to a Leader Council that we had with the President and his wife, the Asistents, all the Sister Training Leaders, and Zone Leaders.  We had a little conference and talked a lot about the plan for the mission so that we are able to then take this information to the rest of our assigned missionares and animate them.  The meeting was in the Mission Home and it lasted all day.  At the end, we all went to a soccer field to play around, and battle it out.  Obviously President was there as well, running up and down the field.  It was pretty great.  He is a great guy and really loves us. The picture of me and Hna Humacata is at the field. 

I dont have a lot of time to update you on the week, so I am just going to spit out some info instead of writing out and telling my usual stories. Perdonenme.

First things first.  I AM SO TIRED!  We are constantly  running and calling, and planning, and solving everyones problems.  It leaves little time for ourselves and our own needs. This week we did our first exchanges.  I was forced to be a big girl haha. No it went great.  I went with Hna Mikolocjik and I love her so much.  She is the tall blonde.  Now I am just tired from travelling, and gonig to 3 confernces, exchanges and more this week.  It will all catch up on me.

This week we made a cake (a huge alfajore en realidad)  for Hna Ortiz and her birthday.  It was crazy being sneaky "moms" and taking the batter to bake the cake in a members house.  It all turned out well and we partied a little bit (including jumping on the bed). I may or may not be a good influence on these sister missionaries.  jaja

V*a was not baptized this week, but the hope is not lost!!!  When we went to meet with her, she told us that as she was praying (Which at first was really hard for her) she felt like she was floating.  In that moment she knew that it was all real what we were telling her.  How exciting right?  but it was really funny because everytime we talked to her a baptism all the times before, she would freak out and say, "Please lets just take it slow!"  But this day when we arrived, the first thing she causually commented was that she had seen a really cute white skirt in a local shop down the sreet.  And coincidentally, she was looking for a white modest shirt.  All of her thoughts are pointing to baptism, but she didnt want to tell us she had recieved her answer.  As we kept talking, she finally let us know what had happened and the answer she received.  She was smiling the entire time, and even had tears streaming down her face.  It was a super speacial moment. We are now planning her baptism for this coming week.

I am super well, and Ive got to get going.  Please keep me updated on Rachel.  Let her know I love her.

I am living with a sister from Spain, and her accent of s in sticking.  Kill mylself hahaha.

Love you all and got to go.  Keep praying for V*a, and I am glad that all went safely in Powell, aparte from the nipple biter fish. jej

te amo,
con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Hurrah for Isreal

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