Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 6 - Carlos Paz - January 26, 2015 New Companion H. Dennis


bueno. estoy tan feliz con mi nueva compañera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, no tengo un foto de nosotras... proxima semana. 

Her name is Hna Dennis de  UT  and come to find out... WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!! We were in multiple classes together in BYU, and all of the Chamber choir festivals and opportunities with the black choir director.  She was in Floral Design with me tambien.  When we saw wach other, we knew that we had met before.  She has almost 5 months in the mission, but I am so impressed by her, and her spanish, and her desire to be here and work hard.  I know that this transfer we are going to work really hard in every moment and that we are going to enjoy our time together.  She is a Lake Powell addict and we fit perfectly together.  Its about time!!!!  No, un chiste.  But si, Im a little more than excited for the work we are going to accomplish together here in Sin City with all the heathens (gpa Lambert).  However, now being two crazy tall attractive american girls, we sure do call the attention.  Not quite sure if thats a good thing or not just quite yet.  When we were walking through the terminal, a short 65 yr old guy turned around to look for a collectivo sign but he saw us instead. He had a huge HOME ALONE shocked look on his face and then said, "WOW I did not expect to turn around and see two beautiful dolls.  Can you say models?" and then he whistled.  jajajajajaja we were dying from laughter.  The best is yet to come? We will find out I guess!

Hna Perry went to another area (San Fransisco) with a latina from Mexico.  She was super nervous.  I think it will be a nice change that will challenge her and let her see her own personal progress, yet, please still keep praying for her!!!  

Bueno, That being set aside...Why did Argentina kill me this week might you ask? Ok I´ll tell you.

First. IT IS SO STINKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky ducks have no idea how bad we are suffereing. The other day after walking and walking and walking, I came home with the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life. Good thing we have an Aloe plant in our pension to cure my needs.

Second,  the pics of Peyton on dropbox literally killed me this week in Argentina too. I cant get over his cute red hair!!!

Third, lifting, and packing and lifting and unpacking SUPER HEAVY LUGGAGE to help my comps.  My muscles are screaming for a break.  But there is just too much to do.  Work hard, play hard.

Fourth... We met the gold investigator!!!  Hna Perry and I were walking in the street after one of our appts fell through.  She was disappointed and upset that we had been stood up and wanted to go to the pension at 7 in the afternoon.  I decided that we could compromise a little.  I said that we would look for TWO more houses of inactives, and contact mientras, and if no, we could go back to the pension.  As we were standing at the corner, completely lost, we pulled out our maps like those invading tourists.  I was praying in my heart that we would find someone. anyone. so that we would not go back to the pension.  Just as I was looking at the millions of streets on my paper, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "are you from the church?" uh... no duh.  She then told us about her sick (schitzofrenic) daughter who had met with the elders about 5-7 years ago. She asked us to accompany her to her house to present her to us.  As we met her, on a special mission to bring her peace in her life, I felt so much instant love for her.  Her life is crazy hard and she needs the gospel more than anything.  She has read the BOM before and gave it as a gift to a struggling friend to read it as well.  She is now on controlled medicine for her sickness.  She has accepted a baptismal date and commited to stop smoking.  We are excited for her.  Pray for her and her 6 kids that she is not able to raise or see because of her "mental state".

fifth... WALMART! I went to walmart.  Justo it was at the end of the month, so none of us had money to buy the things with us in that moment, BUT we each bought 2 sleeves of Toddy chocolate cookies.  Look them up and drool.  So we were happy and pleased.  We may have looked like a bunch of girls getting ready for a slumber party sleepover as we each bought our stash with coins in Wal-mart pero asi fue. Sin verguenza.  I felt so weird. I felt like I was in the states again. It even had a Mickey D´s connected (mcdonalds).  It was all normal until I heard the store overcom and it made me jump.  Cant say the last time I heard someone speak on an overhead speaker in a store.  Enjoy it while you can.  

sixth... Linda K Burton and someone else cool are coming to speak to the SOC SOC (Relief Society) in my stake here.  How cool is that????? I am beyond excited.  I am basically counting down the days to April, and May for all the cool things that will be happening. New Chapel, Temple, Year mark, mothers day and GENERAL CONFERENCE. Now with this special general meeting, it will be like I will be able to have a little bit of a peek at the present under wrapping paper.

last. You asked me about coming home!!! how dare you. I feel like you are asking me to write college applications and sign up for my nexty semester classes. hah. But Im not sure what I want.  I still have so much time left!! Dont get trunky.  Dont rob me of this sacred time! Maybe dont come? No se!!!!! How much is the plane ticket? What are the Robins going to do?

Bueno, there goes my time, and my poor speedy typing fingers.  Si, this week may have killed me, but I have never felt so alive. Cheesy? No me importa. Estoy gorda, mojada y feliz.

I love you all and I am well.
But, dont stop the prayers from coming.

Hurrah for Isreal!

see ya love ya bye!!!!Hermana Woolley

Hermana Dennis

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Atonement is Great ... Also, Ice Cream helps ...Week 5 in Carlos Paz - January 19, 2015

This has been the quote of the week!!!!  Here in this life we are going to be challenged and refined, but by taking life one step at a time, we are able to climb the huge mountain and see the beautiful view of the progress we have made.

I am sorry that I am now going to type you the "sermon" that I have learned this week.. I hope you find it of worth and help.  

I have found myself in some hard situations here in the mission.  I got down or mad at myself for thinking that I had messed up and could never recover to be the missionary that I wanted to be.  I have had regrets.  It can be hard.  

Then, one day, I went out on exchanges with Hermna Cornejo.  We were teaching a new investigator about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As I taught him the principle and doctrine of baptism, I asked him if he would like to forget about all the mistakes of his life and start new.  He immediately replied. uh duh.  I in that moment too realized that I could be forgiven for the little mistakes I had made in my time here and the opportunites I had missed.,  I wanted a second chance, but it didt seem possible.  I thought I had ruined my chances of having a mission without a few regrets.  Then, it hit me.  DUH! I have this chance everyday.  I realized in that moment, that I had forgotten the power of  the atonement for everyone.  I have the chance to forget about the wrongs I have made in my life, and on my mission, and that I can start fresh.  What a joy.  It gives me hope.  I cried to my companion and I explained to her my testimony of this mercy of the Atonement.  I know it is so real.  Please do all you can to prepare every week for the sacreament and use it fully so that you can have those cargas (weights/burdens) lifted off of your backs and accept the lords love and help.  It is all true.

Bueno, and now on to the week!

First off, I am living in BABYLONIA!!!  THis place is so wicked.  The other day, Hna Mathews and I went out running the morning for excercises no?  And we were yelled at by countless men and women who had just left from the bars.  They had been there all night and were wasted.  It is so sad to see how everyone comes here to party hard, and they quickly ruin their lives.  pero bueno.  It is quite the experience

Also, I dont remember signing up to be hit on at every corner.  I thought I came here to preach the gosepl!!!!  haha. The guys are crazy for me, its weird.  There are members at church who ask to take pics with me. awk.  I guess teh rubio flaka woolley sticks out like a sore thumb.  hahahahaha.  Also because we are the only ones here wearing clothes..... the heat is killer and I think that I sweat enough each day to quench mama being "PARCHED"- her fav phrase.  ew gross.  too far.  ha.  But si, this time of year is crazy fro tourists, and we are always squished in the collectivos.  I feel like I am living CRAZY TAXI  the dreamcast game every day as my face is basically plastered to the windshield or the window.

Dont worry, I am safe and I am well, but maybe now these descriptive paragraphs will give you a better look into my day to day life.  

Transfers are coming up. I am not sure what to think. But I will let you know what happens next week.  

I love you all. Especially the perfect Peyton (new nephew born to Allison and Dan this week).

hasta lunes,
Hermana TIA Woolley

This week was good.  Sister Perry and I were able to work more than in other weeks.  She is progressing a lot.  She is excited to be transferred.   Thank you for allowing us to come and talk about this with you more.

This week I learn to apply the Atonement in my life more.  I was mad at myself for my imperfections and errors in the mission.   I felt that I will never be able to “restart” my mission again and forget all of those times when I have not been the perfect missionary.  In the moment, I remembered our interview.  I know that the Lord is going to forgive me and forget all of my days in the apartment without “working” in the streets.  He is so perfect and loving and merciful.  I love Him.  I am in His debt.  Thank you for your help and counsel to apply the Atonement in my life.   We are always testifying of the power of the Atonement, but once in a while, we forget to use it every day to strengthen ourselves and fill ourselves with hope and JOY.

Also, Ice cream helped too J

Thank you for everything that you do for me and for my companion and the mission.  I love you and and am grateful to my Father in Heaven for this opportunity that I have to work under your keys.

I am happy.

I hope you are always well.
With love,
Hermana Woolley

 Go Karting!!
 Happy Birthday Sister Perry
 Nephew, I love you.
 At the Temple in Cordoba

 Look at the Basketball hoop in the tree.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 4 - Carlos Paz - January 13, 2015

Hola familia mia!!!

como te va?

Wow, holy cow. Another week has come and gone!  Sometimes Im not sure what to write you now because you dont want my "sermons"...

This week was a fun filled week!  It was also the birthday of my companion Hna Perry.  She is now 20!  We had lots of cake, and ice cream, and facturas, y balloons.  It was fun to party here with the members.  They are so aware and caring of us as missionaries.  One thing about that is hard about this area is the fact that there are SO many members that it is hard to have a  relationship with them all, but that is a good thing right?

The funny story of the week was visiting a member to have lunch.  She lives out of the city, so we had to take a collectivo (a bus) to get to her house about 25 minutes away.  As we pulled up to the stop, there she was waiting for us.  Sweet, old, and frail! WITH HIKING BOOTS, A WALKING STICK and A HUGE SUN HAT.  We were dying!  It was the funniest thing ever.  We basically had to hike through the woods to get to her house and she was so excited we were there.  She doesn’t have running water, so going to the bathroom was interesting... haha. Next we ate and she just told us the funniest stories. I wish you could all meet m*.  I will try to get a pic of her this week.  In the middle of lunch, she stood up with a lot of concern, grabbed a SLING SHOT and ran outside!  She then just grabbed a rock and killed a cat.  haha.  Hna Perry and I just stared at each other so confused and baffled that it had really happened.  After the whole visit was over, there we were innocently walking down teh street to get back to the collectivo stop.  Then she randomly started chasing a dog and hitting it with her walking stick.  We just stood in awe as we were with this crazy lady and animal abuser!  She had no shame.  She was out for the kill.  If I could describe her to you, she would be an old wrinkly version of the french animal hunter on Madagascar 3.  She is a hoot.

We are teaching a sweet little girl named F*. Please pray for her.  She is 14 and is going to need more support from her family before she can be baptized.

This week, I also did some intercambios with the other hermanas and I worked with the Chilean. It was so much fun!  I love las latinas!  We just laughed the whole time.  This is what missionary work is about.  To laugh it out. and spread the gospel at the same time!

I am out of time.
I hope all is well.
I will write more next week!
Laugh it out and make room for the Savior!

Con amor,
Hna Woolley

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 3 - Carlos Paz - January 5, 2015

WOW! sorry i havent read your email yet, so i hope the baby wasnt born and i didnt write anything about it. When is peyton due?

I only have 9 minutes to write about a full week of fun! Here goes nothing! Sorry for being scatter brained!

I am loving the mission.  Its hard, dont get me wrong, but I love to see all the tender mercies that God is placing in my path. for example...

1. It is peach season here. peaches and cream for breakfast or peach cobbler. delish.
2- I am now a pro bug squasher.
3. fruit salad and ice cream are the common dessert after lunches with the members. yummy yummy. 

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SPANISH!!  it was exciting. I finished it just in time for the new ano [year], and I loved being able to start it again right away! The book has so much power, and it is full of testimonies of others.  I love being able to add mine vocally each time I teach!

New years. What a blast. Fireworks. Beer without alcohal. gross.  way tired after. and a great asado!  I had exchanges so I was able to just talk with the sister leader in all of my worries and troubles, and she was so kind and listening.  It can be hard, but everyone has told me to rely on my own personal revelation in helping my companion feel more comfortable in the mission.  Sometimes I would just like a thundering answer of what I can do from them, but at the same time, I am learning so much in trusting in my relationship with heavenly Father.  I wrote this to President, but this week I was studying a lot about the covenants I have made.  I was to cumplir [comply] with them in every aspect, and right now I realized that I was not doing that, so now I am working harder on lovin gmy companion and working with her in her difficulties like MOsiah advises.

My companion is like this in 10 words. dog lover, marching band legacy and DAvid Archuleta fanatic. haha I love her, even though we are always listening to David in the pension, or she is a block behind petter a dirty dog... haha

sorry I wish I could write more, but my  time is up!
Sad thing happened today.  I went to put my jeans on and they wont button. yikes.  
Also, this week I accidentally contacted a member, and a JW! I just had so mucho ganas [desire] to do the work. It was funny!
we also went go karting today with the elders and i was the fastest sister! I lapped the other three! WOo hoo! 

I am loving it here and I am happy!
con amor, 
Hermana Woolley

HOw is rachel stratton?