Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 6 and 7 - Rio Tercero - April 27, 2015

Family. Basically the mission told us that we are unable to have Pday in these weeks of the temple, so I will just give you a super duper quick run down of whats been happening.

Transfers: I AM GOING TO BE A FULL BLOWN TRAINER! I am waiting for my companion to arrive Wednesday and meanwhile, we have the opportunity to be working in the temple.  It is so spiritual and physically draining.  A FULL DAY NEVER SITTING DOWN!  

In this week I also gave a talk, and recorded myself. I will see if I can try to send it next week.

Know I am happy and I am well.

sorry for the tiny update. Next week I will have a companion nuevita!

Hoorah for Isreal
Hermana Woolley

sorry I tried to send fotos on dropbox, pero creo que there wasnt enoguh time

An elders family came to the mission home to pick him up today and they only speak english. IT WAS SO HARD TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.  TOo awkward.

Also I met Elder Smiths(Tylers trainee in Armenia) Cousin here in the mission. se llama Elder Smith too.

Love you

WEEK 7 Hola to my favorite family out there!

You went to the Payson temple today?  I was at the temple too!  You probably saw the same video that we have seen a thousand of times now.  I love the part when Elder Holland says that he cant imagine heaven without his family.  I agree whole heartedly jaajaja

I can t wait to talk to you soo soon.  I´ll update you about skype next week.

Have a great week and please fast for the cordoba temple and join in with all of Argentina this week in preparation for the dedication! also, a noche de hogar about temples!!

Dad, I have dreamed in Castellano.  Don’t cry for me Argentina

I am sending pictures.  Download them and put them on my blog please.

Heres to another quick update of a crazy week. (I have not read your letters yet, just printing them out)

After working at the temple ( giving the welcome and presenting the prevideo, also answering question in the last tent and filling out comment cards) for half of the week, and then traveling with my new companion, we were pooped.  But you got to keep on working and show your loyalty to the Lord.

My new companion is brand new in the mission, so I am showing her the ways.  However she is teaching me a lot more than I am teaching her.  

Hermana Alizon Solar from Tebuco Chile (algo asi – [something like that]).  She is a convert and was baptized 5 years ago.  I love to hear her bear her testimony.  She has studied a lot and knows so much about the gospel.  She is 19 and has 3 girls and 1 borhter in her family too.  she is excited to meet you all and speak with you for mothers day.  She speaks 300 miles a minute, and is just as lost here because a lot of the different words here.  It is funny becuase sometimes I have to translate for her for the people here in Argentina. She is teaching me Spanish, how to cook, and how to dance and move my hips like a latina. hhahahahahahaha.  all good things.

When we finally got back to Rio Tercero, our cleaning guy was so happy to see us.  Right before my last companion left, we went to say goodbye to him and we gave him a book of mormon.  As I entered in with my companion, he looked at me and said "You have filled me with so much joy.  and the night that you and Hna Mcarthur left, I dreamed of you two.  So the next morning, my mujer (women) moved out, and I started reading this book you gave me."   

We were jumping up and down for joy once we entered into our apartment.  He also has desires to go to the temple this week and to get a blessing of health.

We are excited.  Now his pareja (partner) has gone, and he is one step closer to getting baptized.  Our plan is to start teaching him the second we get back to Rio III on thursday.  #PRAYFORRAUL (he is the one in the blue striped shirt next to hna mcArthur in the picture of 2 men and us- hes in the middle)

We are still working a lot in the temple, and it is so cool.  My favorite part was seeing my companions face after she contacted someone all by herself, and got their direction (direccion in Spanish means address)  after the tour.  She was so happy and proud.  Also, because we can feel the spirit in every moment as we basically live at the temple for days at at time.  We are there from 9am-10 pm every day.  It is so great.

That is all for now.
Keep being you. Faithful and diligent.

The time is going by too fast.

Love you. Te amo!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Dear President!

So much!  I love being a trainger.  My companion is fantastic, so it is easy to love and server her.  She has a great history to share with everyone, and is not timid to talk with everyone.   Her conversion helps me be strong and firm too.  I am very happy with her.  We are working awesomely and have many goals to be successful.   We are teaching a family.  At the beginning they did not want it much, but when Sister Solar shared her experience of the first time she went to church, our investigator accepted our invitation to come to church.

Now we are studying the restoration our her training and I am amazed that each time I study, I can learn something new and receive revelation for our investigators.  The lesson practices help a lot.

The week went by so fast, and we are ready for more busy weeks.

With Love,
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente!

Que cosas!  Me encanta ser entrenadora.  Mi compañera es de diez, entonces es fácil amarla y servirla.  Ella tiene una historia muy buena para compartir con todos, y no es tímida para hablar con los demás.  Su conversión me ayuda ser fiel y firme también.  Estoy muy feliz con ella.  Estamos trabajando a ful y tenemos muchas metas para tener éxito.  Estamos enseñado a una familia.  Al principio no querían mucho, pero cuando Hna Solar compartió su experiencia de su primera asistencia a la iglesia, nuestra investigadora aceptó la invitación a asistir a la iglesia.

Ahora estamos estudiando de La Restauración en su entrenamiento, y me asombra que cada vez que estudio, puedo aprender algo nuevo y recibir revelación por nuestros investigadores.  Las practicas ayudan mucho!

La semana pasó muy rápido, y estamos listas por más semanas ocupadas.

Gracias por todo!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 5 - Rio Tercero - April 14, 2015

please dont worry. WE just keep laughing at all that is happening..... jaajajajajajjajajaja

I will come back in the tarde (afternoon) to write the update. 
All you need to know is that after 8 months, I finally was able to walk through a temple of the Lord.

 I was bawling the whole time as I walked through with a general authority,. Also, they announced that uctdorf is coming to dedicate the temple. What a blessing. I am on cloud 9 right now. We will have assigned days to work the temple, so i will be the second week of the open house.  we will see how all works out with transfers on monday..... 
ok bueno. Update on parasites.  
When the sis training leaders came to Rio Tercero, they slept with our blankets and were with the bed bugs.  She was super itchy the next day.  She is serving in Cordoba, so she went to the mission home, then later to the hopsital/clinic with Hna Alliaud to get a diagnosis.  It was a parasite due to the chinches.  So, Hna Alliaud called us and told us that we must have the same parasite, and she gave us a medication that we only have to take twice.  I dont remember what it is called, pero ya paso.  Estoy bien. (It is over and I am fine)  Por favor. Dont freak out. And dont let grandpa call Salt Lake. 
yeah I guess so.  Not really sure.  I never had crazy bites like my comp or the leader.  I often slept in her bed because they did not bite me like they bit her.  Sour blood I guess? jaja.
en realidad, no se si yo tenia un parasito, pero, por sea causo, tome la medicacion. (I actually don't even know if I ever had parasites, but to be sure, I took the medicine)  I never had any of the side effects but my compi did.

Love you,
Ill write more later.

Afternoon letter below:

Bueno, quick run down and funny story from the Fast snday meeting. A drunk guy bore his solid and firm testimony and told everyone to come to church, becasue it gives us strength to attack the temptations that will come in the week.  He said it with so much power and sincerity, although it was clear that he was intoxicated. haha.  all was well, and then he did teh ultimate classic.  Ended in Christs name. and then it happened.  He screamed SHOUT OUT TO MY FRIEND PAULO IN THE BACK! YOU NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE HERE, BUT HERE I AM!  His finger pointed so strong to the back of the tiny chapel of 30 people.  The bishop quickly escorted him to his seat.  My companion and I could not stop laughing and now we always give shout outs to each other every one and a while in the streets. I am loving every minute here in loco Argentina.

now on to the best part of the week. 
Its official.  I have entered the hallowed halls of the Cordoba Temple.  What a joy it brought to all of the sister missionaries of the mission.  We were guided through by Elder Richards of the Seventy (some top temple guy).  What a neat experience.  

We had the training yesterday with a lot of the area 70s, and Elder Richards.  It was super cool and we all grew a lot.  We started out by handing out thousands of contacting cards and invitaciones for the Open House.  All of the 38 sister missionaries, the authorities, and President and His Wife.  We had a mini splash and invited every house and person we could come in contact with within a 5 block radius of the temple in 45 minutes.  We were like an explosion that rippled out with power.  It was super great and the gente (people) were really ecxited that the time has finally come.  The neighbors of the temple have waited a long time for this too.

We watched a training video in English of how to welcome people to the temple and LO AND BEHOLD!!!!! My idols were the main stars. HNA ALBRETCHSEN AND HNA VOLMER!! (please get in contact with them somehow and let them know of my excitement in watching them in the mission home in Cordoba Argentina!) I was so proud to know them, and let everyone know that I went out with them to do the work. haha  It was filmed as part of their capacitacion (training) for the open house of some temple too I guess.  I was so honored to watch them and feel as I truly am following in their footsteps as I now have the same opportunity to help in this great work, along side a beautiful and new temple. (this is when I had teh opportunity to translate for some of teh Native latin sister missionaries. I was scared out of my brains. But at the end, they told me they understood and that it makes sense so PHEW!)

We did some practices of our speeches. We will be welcoming in the visitors and showing them a video, and also answering questions in the Tent after the walk through! I am excited.  Each companionship has assigned days, but since transfers are coming, I am not sure when I will have my shifts.  Probably in the next week. I am so excited.

As we walked through the temple, all united as the sis missionaries on this special pre VIP tour, there was complete silence. We all understood the holiness. We all entered wanting a spiritual upliftment.  It was so cool to pass through with all of my beloved companions and embrace and share the tears of joy.  Elder Richards let us sit down in each room and ponder while remembering everything we felt the first time we went to the temple.  He explained some very cool things and even mentioned symbloic designs inside (including teh carpet change at the veil  (the entrance into the celestial room) from a designed beige to clean white carpet. This is because at the veil, we enter into the Lords presence.  It is clean. It is simple. It is pure. It is perfect.  We rounded one another in each room and were just filled with so much joy in the reality that it is finished. 

 The temple is a monument of the Atonement of Christ.  And now we are going to have one more dedicated monument of that infinite act in just one short month.

The whole temple is spotless and perfectly perfect.  Only the best for the lord.  It has a color scheme of soft ivy and rose and gold inside.  The doors are all glass inside and it is truly breathtaking. Do I need to even mention the chandeliers? (ingles es dificil, perdon - english is hard - sorry)  I am already praying for another time to enter its doors.  Good news, president says that after the dedication, we will have opportunities to do some temple work inside.  I cried at the peace and joy of this great and unique opportunity.

As we were in the sealing room, President gave us some marriage advice. Trunky? jaja  It is huge and so gorgeous. Grandpa Brucie, wanna come down to Argentina with me and my love so that I can get sealed here in this beaut of a temple at the appropriate time?  k thanks.  Elder Richards also told us of an experience he had in the temple with Elder Russel M. Nelson and the family of Elder Nelson- As they all stood around the alter during a temple open house, Elder Nelson spoke to his posterity and told them that everything we do in life is so that we can llegar ahi (get there).  around the alter with our families and loved ones.  I thought of our family circled around, grandpa at the head, and crucial preisthood blessings being pronounced on our heads.  It was such a moment of pure happiness.  I cant even describe it.  The mission truly is preparing me for my propia familia (own family).  I am so happy in the knowledge that families are eternal. Lo se. (I know it)

What a week.  We are well, and we are happy. 
The work here in Rio Tercero is a little bit slow, but we´re getting there.
Keep praying for us.  
I love you with all of my heart.
Enjoy your week!

Con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Hello President!

The training yesterday was very good.  I learned a lot and gained more confidence in myself and in the language with the opportunity to translate the video for Ss Perez and Carasco. jaja.  I was nervous, but everything went fine.  We really can grow here in the mission.
i love the temple.  So, I had many tears in my eyes.   It made me remember the covenants, feelings and eternal perspective.  I felt total peace.  It is so perfect and beautiful.   It gave me the desire to invite every person to see the temple so they can come to know the Savior.
This wee we had the best attendance so far.  39.   Also, many members shared their testimoines, including 4 of the less actives that we are visiting (families of focus - assigned by the bishop). The meeting was very sweet.   One family that has already gone to the temple as VIP's that are going to be sealed as soon as possible.  The mother bore here testiony and counseled everyone in the ward to be worthy of a temple recommend and have it in there possession always.   It was very good.  Also, a less active testified of the importance of attending church.  They said it has an impact on the week.  We felt the powerful spirit and now we are going to their house next Sunday.   I am excited to share the temple with them and motivate them to come to Christ in this way.

Thank you for everything you do.
With love,
Sister Woolley 

Hola Presidente!

La capacitación ayer fue muy buena.  Aprendí mucho, y gané confianza en mi misma y el idioma con la oportunidad de traducir el video por la Hna Perez y Carasco.  jaja.  Tenía nervios, pero todo salió bien.
Realmente podemos crecer mucho aquí en la misión.

Me encanto el templo.  Por eso tenía tantas lagrimas en mis ojos.  Me recordó de los convenios, los sentimientos, y la perspectiva eterna.  Sentí en total paz.  Es tan bello y perfecto.  Me dio muchas ganas de invitar a todas personas a conocer el templo para que conozcan al Señor.  

Esta semana tuvimos la mejor asistencia aún!  39!  También, muchos miembros dieron sus testimonios, incluyo 4 de los menos activos que estamos visitando (familia enfoques-asignaciones del Obispo).  Pasamos la reunión muy linda.  Una familia ya fue al templo por VIP, y se van a sellar lo más antes posible.  La mama dio su testimonio y aconsejó a todo el barrio por ser digno de una recomendación del templo y tenerlo en mano.  Fue muy bueno.  También, un menos activo testificó de la importancia de asistencia. Dijo que tiene impacto en la semana.  Sentimos el Espíritu muy fuerte, y ahora nos toca discursar el Domingo que viene.  Estoy animada por compartir del templo con ellos y animarlos a venir a Cristo en esta manera.  

Gracias por todo lo que hace.
Con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Week 4 - Rio Tercero - April 6, 2015

This email is from last week.  Somehow it did not make it through when she sent it.   She resent it this morning.  We will have this weeks email tomorrow as you will read in this email.

(letter from last week.  No se que paso [I don’t know what happened in sending it])
I am quickly just going to pass through the crazy things of the week and let you in a little into the life of an overwhelmed missionary in Rio Tercero, Cordoba, Argentina.  

From the words of my wise friend... " My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity andthine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee onhigh; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.
 Bueno. Now me and my companion have parasites, and we have also passed this on to the sis training leaders who came.  It has been a week full without sleeping, and craziness de verdad (in reality).  I dont even know what to tell you. But dont you be worried grandpa. We have been given preisthood blessings, and a medication to kill this parasite. 

Today we had to go and buy new matresses, and pillows. It was an adventure to say the least. Why do these mission leaders expect us to be so grown up and take care of business???? We are just two frail, little, uncelestial gringa souls who can barely get their way around with the language.  Now we have to deal with all the crazy payments and hotels, and arrangements y yeesh. Its a miracle that we are still living.  Dumb ways to die? Sleeping with bed bugs for months and not getting help earlier on.(I saw a t shirt this week with the little bean guy from teh game with fire on his head jajaja)

We also went to Rio IV for Zone conference and may or may not have watched an R rated movie on the bus ride.  once we realized what it was, we sat in torture for the rest of the 3 hour ride! It was a terror movie (in ingles) with bad acting, blood and gore, and no shame in repeatingly screaming teh F bomb.  TO pput it simply, we felt so dirty inside, plugging our ears and praying for it to be over. is called Way of the Wicked. My comp asked teh driver to change it, but,,,, no luck.

We also had our bikes damaged and destroyed while we were inside the church for the sacrament, so we had to ride two people to onebike for a little.  It was torture and we quickly decided walking would be better. Also, There was a CRAZY storm that soaked us in seconds.  we could not believe that the days just kept getting worse in the semana.

But not to fear. Not all was bad.....

I RECIEVED YOUR PACKAGE and have been scarfing down those hi chews.  graciasssssssssss.  

Also, conference. que capo. [Awesome]  I thought of you all as one of them told the story of the sailor with his watch set to utah time. I may be guilty of that as well with my double watch necalace.  

Yes, I could watch all of conference and IN ENGLISH!!! whooo whooo. We did however watch the 2 in spanish in spanish:) I learned a lot, and cried even more.  

Also some more good news, I finished my folleto de mi familia (Family pamphlet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so much love and excitement while filling out this pamphlet. It was a great success. You should all do it too!!

Ive also decided that my only wish for christmas is to go the the motab christmas concert. si o si.    

I forgot to bring my adapter to send fotos. Please forgive me. Hopefully next week.

I love you all!

I have not read your letters yet, only saw the photos and the big news. Cngrats! I will print and read everything later. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Christ lives and he is here. Share it with everyone!

hurrah for isreal
Have a great week!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Im in cordoba for the puertas abiertas (open house) training. I will hopefully write you tomorrow. Love you!!!!

Wow, I know that before we see miracles, we need to receive a trial of our faith.   This week went by very slowly with a lot of stress.  My companion was sick, and the cleaning of our apartment, buying and changing our mattress, without a cell phone and will little sleep.   Frankly, I am overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, I know that I am not the only one that is going through trials in preparation for the great blessing of a temple in Cordoba.   I am ver excited for this opportunity that we have.  Very grateful too.    I have learned from  General Conference, that we always need to continue in faith.    The Lord know us perfectly and knows everything that I and my companion are going through.    He knows about the bed bugs in our beds.  He knows that at times we feel alone.  He knows it, and he felt everything so that he can comfort us.   I learned more about him and I know that “He is here”.

While studying in the morning about the resurrection in the Bible and Jesus the Christ, I read that Mary was sitting crying.   She could only see the bad things that were happening, and only understood the angels message that “He is not here…”.  When Jesus Christ appeared, she continued crying.    Only, when He said her name, did she realize it was him, the Christ.   She had a relationship with him and he knew her.   He only had to say her name with love, caring and a peaceful voice, and she recognized him.

I also am going through difficulty, or worries, in the Conference, I felt as if Jesus was calling my name, saying “Sister Woolley”, and I was filled with peace and love, with desire to press forward.  There is power in a name, and He knows mine.  He knows everyones.  We have reason to rejoice.

I truly love him and I know that he lives.   It is a priviledge to be is representative in every moment.

Thank you for all you do to help us in the work of the Lord.
With love,
Sister Woolley

wow, ya yo sé que antes que podemos ver milagros, tenemos que pasar por una prueba de nuestra fe.
Esta semana pasó muy lento, y con mucho estrés.  Mi compañera estaba enferma, y todo con la limpieza de nuestra pensión, comprar y cambiar colchones, todo sin celular y con poco descanso.  Para decirlo francamente, estoy abrumado.

 No obstante, yo sé que no soy la única quien está pasando por pruebas en preparación por la gran bendición del templo en Córdoba.  Estoy muy animada por esa oportunidad que tenemos. Muy agradecida también.  He aprendido de la conferencia, que siempre tenemos que seguir con la fe.  El señor nos conoce perfectamente y el sabe todo que yo y mi compañera estamos pasando. El sabe que tenemos bichos en nuestras camas.  El sabe que a veces nos sentimos solas. El lo sabe, y el sintió todo para que nos pueda socarrar.  Aprendí mas de el en esta época y se que "Él está aquí."

Mientras estudiando de la mañana de su resurrección en La Biblia y el libro, Jesús el Cristo, leí de como María sentó llorando. Ella solamente pudo ver las cosas malas, y solo entendió el mensaje de los ángeles de "Él no está...". Cuando Jesucristo apareció, ella seguía llorando.  Aun, cuando Él dijo su nombre, le dio cuenta de que era Él, el cristo. Ella tenia una relación con el, y el le conocía a ella. El solo tenia que decir su nombre con amor, cariño y un voz de paz, y ella lo reconoció.

Yo también estoy pasando por pesar, o preocupaciones, aun, en la conferencia, yo sentí fue como Jesús me llamo por mi nombre, diciendo "Hermana Woolley," y me lleno de paz y amor, con ganas de seguir. Hay poder en un nombre, y él lo sabe lo mio. Sabe de todos. Tenemos razón para regocijarnos.

Lo amo de verdad, y yo sé que Él vive. Que privilegio por ser su representante en cada momento.

Gracias por todo que esta haciendo por ayudarnos en la obra del Señor.

con amor,

Hermana Woolley]

Week 3 - Rio Tercero - March 30, 2015


greetings from chilly Argentina.  This week the tempuratures dropped and we were unpacking our suitcases to find tights and sweaters.  The days are always changing, but I am SOOOO excited for fall.  I missed the last fall when I jumped to winter coming here, so I am excited for the chill.  However, it wont be the same without apple dip, Rosanne, and skeletons, BYU games, and BOOing.  Pero, Bueno (oh well). We will just fill it with baptisms and  temples, mate, and conferences, and the spirit, and everything else that is good.

This week the members finally embraced us!  We had the sweet moment of sharing time with the familia Freyre.  The wife has a terminal sickness, and is not able to raise her 2 young boys (7 y 2 yrs). Entonces (So), her husband has to work at home and do everything.  They are not able to asist (attend) the church.  So, we have been focusing on them and passing by every so often to share our love and give them some hope.  Not sure why, but for some reason, we all end up crying by the end of the cita (appointment).  They are such examples to me, and I love them so much.  They like us to pass by, because they say that they have not met such powerful missionaries of love in 10 years.  How do you take an awkward compliment like that?  It was super sweet. They are just so easy to love.  We shared a message of faith (video se llama alto me eleva! [video is called it lifts me higher) y we all cried.  At the end of the lesson, Hno Freyre prayed.  In the prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to his home.  He specifically mentioned us by name 3 times in the prayer.  The second that he said HNA WOOLLEY, the tears rolled good.  I think that I have gotten used to being teh new missionary here, and the members just call me the blond, or really flaca (skinny), whatever thing, but as he mentioned my name, I felt loved too.  I felt appreciated and known.  It was such a rewarding moment, and it gave us ganas (desire) to keep working forward and share this love that we have with todos (everyone)!  

We however, do not like sharing the love with the crickets that live in our apartment that scrape their legs together ALL night trying to find a mate or something, who knows! All I know is that I wanted it dead as it interfered with my sacred sleep!  We also have been sharing our beds, with bed bugs. Yes, they are real things, and yes, another thing to add to my list of hates.  Today, however, we cleaned like mad women to kill every peck of the pension [apartment] and live in peace once more.  Sleep tight, and dont let the bed bugs bite.  Its a pain.

Hna Alvez came to do intercambios conmigo (exchanges with me)! She is a great Hna leader from Uruguay, and she taught me a lot in our exchange.  I still am getting to know the area, so as we left, our plans were to get to know lots of people and truly follow up on their desires to learn more.  We did teh common excercise of Como comenzar a enseñar [how to begin teaching] (10 points in PME perdon [sorry], preach my gospel)  We were using the spirit y finding the concerns of each person.  One would say, "Im worried about my husband being so far away from my kids," other would say "My health is quikly declining" or even, "My pregnant daughter might lose her baby because a druggie hit her last night".  Hna Alvez calmly answered each of these ever so valid preoccupations (preocupacion = worry in spanish) with a smile, and say "Hna, that is why we are here, to teach you the message that can solve these problems with love and joy"  I noticed that no matter the problem of the investigador, she would respond by saying, "That is what our message is all about!"

At first I was confused thinking, "no, you said that to the last person and her needs were sooooo different.. besides, we were here to teach about faith, repentence, baptism, Holy ghost, temple, plan of salvation and modern day revelation, not distress in a famliy or cualquier cosa (whatever other thing)"  

But let me tell you. It hit me in a duh aha moment. No matter what your concern or stress in life might be, Christ is the answer.  WE are here as missionaries and members fieles (faithful or strong) to preach and testify of him, because he can fix any worry.  He can heal any pain.  He is the message and because he lives, So can we. IN happiness, love, and hope.

UNfortunately, none of our investigaodres came to church this week, but we have high hopes for teh coming week with all of the miracles that are going to occur.  Keep praying hard and enjoy this weekend centered in Christ.


This week I husked lots of corn, and spread lots of love.  Do the same and think to thank.

This is all true. I know it.

Hurrah for Israel.

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

J y C.... not sure what is happening but J is so great!  The only problem is that we can never find time with him.  He is one busy guy! However, wew were able to teach his son on wednesday, and j walked in the house, and immediately had huge eyes and said, "hermanas, I am reading all about baptism, it is so great... sorry I got to go right now, but I love the Book of mormon. "  Then, he left the room, only to return 40 seconds later and said, "sorry, i just got to tell you, and Im learning about how we need to do it because it is a mandamiento (commandment) adn it is needed for salvation, not only because it is a normal or popular thing to do!"  THen he left again.  He kept popping back in the room to share what he was reading and learning.  I LOVE HIM! We were so happy and laughing that he is growing.  Now the only desafio (challenge) is that he cancveled our last lesson, and didnt come to church.  We want to have him get baptized ya (already)!  But, he never has been to the church yet.  We´ll get him there.  Dont you worry. Gracias por sus oraciones (thanks for your prayers)! C ignores us, but we see how things are looking next week.  We have plans to invite them to the ward Easter party and general conference.   God is a god of miracles.  I hope it all works out, and have faith that it will!!

good luck tyler with all of your big responsibilites!
Im praying for peyton
Kristen way to go in track! Keep it up!

I love you all,
hasta la vista baby! (in 8 months)

bueno, photos next week! Ojala! (hopefully)

Week 2 - Rio Tercero - March 23, 2015

WHew!  I am going have to do finger excercises from now on every monday morning so that I will be able to write to you of all of the great expereinces that I am having each day out here in the field.  Know that I miss and love you like crazy, and sometimes I tear up when I show my family pics to the members and investigators, but I am soooo happy here.

GUESS WHAT? It has been confirmed that I am going to be a recepionist in the TEMPLE DEDICATION!!!!!! still the details are slim, but that info is enough to bring the tears of joy! That means that I will be able to enter into the Lord house once more! It has been way tooooo long. Keep up your temple attendence because one day you might just miss having the peace and love and revelation so close.

Bueno, a story.
Bikes. Ya, well they are not all that they are talked up to be.  Yes you can get to citas faster and yes you can excercise and feel the breeze but YES they do break! haha. My companions bike broke and her tube came completely out. Which left us in the posistion that her wheel would not even roll. So what did we have to do? LIFT THAT HONKER AND CARRY IT TO THE NEAREST BIKE SHOP 25 blocks away- yes 25!!! My arms were shot.  I truly was wishing for a Dave Grant in the ward to give it a quick fix, or some awesome spence woolley to offer his truck to do the transporting.  Keep on helping the missionaries out over there.  You could save their day, their bikes, and their arms. Go and do.

Also, We ran into a recent convert.  He is a 70 yr old rapper!!!!! We got to his house, and he had a pretty hard fall. In that moment, helping a basically naked man to his feet gave me the appreciation that I am not a hospice nurse.  Dad, give them a shout out for their sacrifices and love haha-  He rapped for us from teh book of mormon and the hymns, and he is just too funny. oh Rogelio.  At the end of every one of his performancces, he says in Engllish, "ya, ya, ya, ok, ok,, ok. the end" and then we give his a BROVO or ENCORE! and he then will sing a Nat King Cole classic with the shouler movement included.  Ansiedad por tenerte en mis brazos, ansiedad por tener tus labios sobre mios  (anxiety to have you in my arms, anxiety to have your lips on mine) ya ya ya okk ok ok the end..... too yucky jajaja.  We sure did get a good laugh.

It was a great week and I am excited for the work we will be doing in the coming days.  Mom, dont worry about emailing me.  In truth, we are not allowed to chat with loved ones from home, but sometimes it just happens.... I love you just as much as dad, and you are not missing out on anything!

I am happy you are well, and I hope that the carpets dont smell bad.  If they do, it looks like you could just give a ring to the Richs, and they would have the funds to replace your carpet needs. jaja

Hasta Lunes, 
Hoorah for Israel!

Con amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps, Juan and clara did not accept the baptismal date for the 11th of april, because they want to get baptized with their entire family ids adn nietos, so they want to wait till everyone has had the lessons.  PRAY FOR THEM! They are the chosen ones.  hahahaha

Thanks for your prayers, They are felt.
pictures next week.
que lastima, one of the pictures o me with my new companion didnt come through last week