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Week 15 - Rio Tercero - June 22, 2015

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD, AND GPA LAMBERT (you made me laugh pretty hard about your sonic comment)  AND GPA WOOLLEY (dont be worried about the sealing this week- youll do great!)!!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!! I WAS THINKING OF YOU!

Wow, this week I think I have learned a whole load of things.  Just when things seem to be going good, somehow there is always one more bump in the road.  It is as if God is testing us to see if a baptism is truly what we want, and just how bad we will fight for it.  

This week A* did not come to church for some little reasons.  When we talked about baptism, he felt a little pressured, and backed off.  It can be frustrating to be a missionary.  As we taught with the spirit, all signs were pointing to good results.  However, there are always doubts and concerns furthur down.  All in all, A* will not be baptized this week, and now we are working with him to see if it truly is his desire.  Thanks for all of your prayers and love.  We need to keep in mind that one of the greatest gifts that God gave us is agency.

I have analized a lot in this past week about my progress as a missionary.  The sister training leaders came, and I was with Hna Wade agian!!!!! She leaves this transfer so it was good to spend a day together as companions again.  We spoke of our goals and what we want to accomplish before we are in that plane.  Will I be able to say, "Argentina, I gave my best,"?  We witnessed many miracles, and for the first time in months, someone let us inside after the first contact.  We basically did a typical door approach, and Romina said she was searching for more happiness in her life.  She is very lonely and her parents died recently.  We taught the Plan of Salvation, and she truly lit up to have us there.  In fact, I even think I noticed that her house seemed to be a little brighter as we left.  It truly was a missionary miracle.

I have been here in Argentina for almost a full year now, and I guess you can say its pretty natural to be here.  Its natural to buy milk in bags, its normal to use Argentine Pesos, and Ive now learned that Im not living in ¨"safe-nothing ever happens here" Orem.  I now always remember to lock up my bike as I enter houses or supermarkets.  It reminds me of the Philip Philips song.  I think Ive made this place my home. Im happy and I am learning each day.  

We also taught Family Escobar this week.  They are so sweet! We have to travel 20 minutes in a bus to get to their house, so we aren´t able to visit them very often.  However, this week, when we called to see if we could pass by, they were so excited.  They received us with 4 types of desserts, and even payed for our travel in the bus.  As we were teaching the Restoration, It hit me.  We truly needed a restoration.  We needed the authority back on the earth.  We needed prophets.  We needed a constant guide.  We needed temples and the sealing authority.  I bore my testimony of this to the family.  Suddenly I realized that Romina was crying.  When we asked her how she felt, she said "I feel like it is true.  I feel like you are telling the truth.  It is something I have never felt before!"  We were all touched super deeply.  Even though there was a distracting soccer game going on the background, (and argentina was winning), We were able to invite the spirit and watch it work in this young mother.  What a miracle.

I also gave a talk this week on the Atonement and Love.  It reminded me of the time when I sang with the choir at Food and Care.  As we sang Carol of Joy, there was a specific moment when I saw a man without clothes, nor bags and a bowl of soup in front of him.  As we sang, "oh friendless world, oh fallen world, oh fearful world, to you a savior is born".  I felt that Christ came specifically for that man with so much pain and trouble in his life.  Then I realized that he came for me.  He came for all of us.  It is our duty to make it known to others that there is a source of peace, love, and comfort right here among us.  Christ is very real, and he has changed my life.  Let him change yours.  Buscar, Aceptar, Descubrir y compartir. 

Love charity and hope are the most important things we can develop here on the earth.  Letus be more like the savior each day by applying his perfect and unfailing love through his atonement.  Want something to study this week?--- study this(1 Cor. 13:13, D&C 4:5, Moroni 10:20, Alma 7:24, Ether 12:28) 

I am well, and I love you loads, Have a great week!

con mucho amor,
Hurrah for Isreal,
Hermana Woolley 

When you say you love me do you know how much I love you?
Have youtalked with Jameon or Katelyn or Jacob W?

I want photos of the wedding, and from my farewell too, and the mission map we have on the wall at home!
Mom, thanks for the recipe of life, Now we want a recipe for baptism too!!!
Do the ranch packets expire?

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