Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 3 - Nueva Cordoba - August 3, 2015

Happy anniversary Parentals!!!

well, if I thought I was tired last week, I didnt know what was coming. 

We went on more exchanges this week, but this time to Leones.  It was a great day, but we spent 2 nights in a bus.  Not quality sleeping hours para nada.  Also, we drove through a crazy storm with lightning and rain drops the sizes of my big toe.  Then about 2 hours into the trip, the bus broke down at 2 in the morning.  So we sat and waited on the side of the road for 2 more hours until another came.  Then we had to take a detour, and so all in all-- a long trip.
We drank mate together, and I learned a new way how to make a good mate.  I am so excited to show you all back at home! You will learn to love mate as well! I just know it! la mate celestial!

My favorite part of the trip was when we drove through Bell Ville.  What strange emotions.  As we drove through, it all became so real.  The time is passing by sooooo fast.  I felt like I was in Bell Ville just 2 weeks ago, but the truth is that I was there more than a year ago.  Now Ive moved on, and surely the members have too!

This week, after the many conferences, a missionary was teasing my companion because she is about to go home.  I never knew how much it would hurt for someone to ask me how much time i have in the mission.  Apparently it hurt her as well.  When someone brought up the topic that she only had 9 weeks to go- 9 p days, 9 weekly planning, 9 sundays-  She began to cry.  It also hit me.  As I put on my Argentina flag neckalce this sunday, I would be lying if I said that I didnt shed a few tears.I will only be able to wear it for 3 more fast sundays.   Later in the day we were eating with some members and as we were leaving, Vani offered the closing prayer.  She prayed a good chunk of time- elaborating for the missionaries.  It again hit me that this will all come to an end.  The dream I am living of constant stress.  Constant prayer.  Constant  learning.  y bueno.  Fight until you make it.

I forgot my paper that has the things I wanted ot write you guys. Some highlights of the week and investigator updates.  Sorry.  I remember before my mission, I hated hearing about investigaroes.  I wanted to read about food, and companions, and jokes.  But, the truth is that the investigadores are our lives now.  and they help and lift us as well.

V*-  Bien.  Now her baptism is just around the corner.  During the week, her phone broke... and we just about had a heart attack.  We thought that she had dropped us by never answering when we passed by or sent messages or called.  Also, with 2 days of viaje, we got nervous that she had changed her mind about baptism.  On saturday, FINALLY we were able to get a hold f her.  When we showed up to at her house she was so glad.  She filled us in on the details.  She bought white fabric, and sent it to her friend to make her a dress!!!  She invited all  her friends from he YSA group, her sister and her boyfriend to go to her bapstism.  They all said they would attend, and so now it is full speed ahead.  She even put herself in charge of asking a member to baptize her before we could even help her organize everything.  It is such a tender mercy that our investigators are progressing, when we barely have time to take care of them and help them along the way.  It is a great privledge to see the changes and exitement in her.  This sunday, after many trials, she came to church with her 2 daughters for the first time. WAHOO!  To be continued...

Ver* really shocked me this week!!  We were paying so much attention in V* and other innvestigaroes, that she slid under our radar.  She is not married, so is not able to be baptized right away.  For this reason, we had not made her a main priority.  However, without us even passing by her house in the week, nor inviting her to come to church, she showed up once agian with her 3 kids!!! Bathed and in ties and sweaters.  What really got me was when I was keeping the children entertained during testimony meeting, Ver* looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "is it a requirement to be a baptized member to bear testimony?"  I said "Of course not!" and she shot herslef up there to the pulpit.  She gave a perfect testimony of the spirit she has felt, and her testimony of knowing that this is the only true church on the earth.  The members were blown away at her maturity and confidence, a pesar de las lagrimas.  It is crazy because now a ton of members have offered to help us and to accompany us to go and teach her and her family.  She was my example that day and reminded me of what is truly important.  Testimony and eternal families sealed in the temple.  I was super proud of her, and she, as an investigator had more courgae and confidence in giving her testimony than me. An experienced missionary with 14 months in the mission.  We truly need to bear testimony in every moment that we can because it brings the spirit so strong.  

Sorry for the boring update.  The thing is that we are flying from one thing to another, and I dont have time to write out every story of what I eat, or where I sleep, or the jokes we tell.

I hope you have a great week and that you know I will be thinking of you lots.  Thanks for your trunky emails!!! haha Mom I cant belive you are dreaming of having me there!  Just you wait!

mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps. no fotos this week because the USB in this comp doesnt work.

Hurrah for Isreal

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