Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 10 - Nueva Cordoba - September 21, 2015

Here I am again at the computer and I can not believe how fast the time is flying.  Today I hit my 16 month mark.  Dont cry for me Argentina.  Oh wait,  I already did.
However, we have to just keep working and praying and studying as the Lord would have us do. 
This week I was able to go back once again to my beloved home- BELL VILLE!  I saw Cesar, Caro, la familia Franco, Gaston y nicolle.  I was so happy.  Man I miss that place.  These names of people will mean nothing to you, but they sure have a sacred place in my heart.
Also this week we had the world day of service on saturday!  We painted and prepared a homeless shelter.  It made me think and remember of when we went to Puerto Peñasco (?).  There were a ton of people and not enough jobs.  So I painted a little, and motivated a lot.  I told my companion about me selling oragnes to be able to go to mexico and she just laughed and laughed.  HEY. (said in the voice of Si from duck dynasty)  She doesnt know how good they were.
You asked me about the earthquake in Chile.  Did I feel it.  HECK YES!!!!!!!  The first shake was right as we were getting home from bell ville.  So we were getting out of the taxi.  As we got to our building in NVA CBA, the other hermanas came out running with scared look on their faces.  They said, DID YOU FEEL THAT??... "I felt it...(the commercial jajajajajajajajaja)"  no.  But We had no idea that there had been an earthquake.  Next thing you know, everyone started coming outside in the entire city.  They ran down the stairs and the sidewalks were full of people.  I was upset because I didnt feel anything.  Then we went back to our apartment on the 5th floor and about 10 minnutes late, there came the aftershocks.  My comp was in the bathroom and we heard her squeal.  The ground shook and it felt ewxactly like the simulators at the science museums.  I was so excited to experience an earthquake that I was laughing and giggling as we once again joined the stampede of people running dowm multiple flights of stairs.  In reality, it wasnt very strong, but since we are in a tall building, we were able to feel it more and see the building sway. 
We spoke with our liders and a few members to let them know we were ok.  We prepared an emergency backpack, and then we all slept together in the main room.  We slept with our plaques on that night.  (the fotos are of us in terror!)  Many told us that there would be a larger after shock in the middle of the night.  We had everything prepared, and when it came, none of us woke up so it wasnt too frightening. 
It made me think a lot about the second coming.  Are we truly prepared.  We are not going to have 3 hours to gather our things and quickly repent.  Mas, tenemos que tener un plan de emergencia y bienestar.  Are we built upon a rock, or upon a sandy shore like the Cordoba capital?  I wanted so badly to be in Orem High School. AKA the safest building in utah.  jaja.  But I am well, and now I have another story to tell ever so dramatically when I arrive home.
The savior should be our rock.  As I packed my bag in case of an emergency, I was frazzled as to what I should pack. This is what I included.
-extra Book of Mormon to give away
-contacting cards
-articles of faith in contacting cards
-my partriarchal blessing
-picture of my family
-my hymn book
-a little bit of money
After I closed the zipper, it suddenly became so real to me of what is most important. 
Keep things simple and keep being righteous.
Also I read Mosiah 12:5 to comfort me.  Look it up.
It was a week of laughter and a week of fun.
I love you all

Vale thanks you for your love and your message.  It really touched her.
I love you all and wish you the greatest of weeks.
con amor,
Hermana Woolley
We gotta live like we´re dying (sing it in your heads)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 9 - Nueva Cordoba - Sept 14, 2015


Can I just start out by saying that it has been a wonderful week????

I was able to go on exchanges and meet new sisters.  I was able to feel the sprit as they taught and contacted.   It truly is so humbling to be where I am right now.  It can be hectic, but I wouldnt want it any other way.

Also, V* was baptized!!!
It was a beautiful service.  Even though NOBODY showed up besides the 6 missionaries, the bishop, the baptizer and her mom.  But we made it intimate and beautiful.  We were expecting a TON of people to come to the baptism.  But that is something that I have learned in the mission, that we can do all that we can, yet the people have their agency to act in the ways they want.  

V* told us that she didnt sleep at all the night before because she was so anxious.  She had dreams of slipping in the fount, so she got up and packed white socks to take with her.  Then she thought that the dress would be see through, so she called a friend to lend her a white shirt.  All in all, she couldnt keep her mind off of the baptism. 

Saturday was a crazy day.  We did service in the morning cleaning out a house that could be on the TLC show "Hoarding:Buried Alive".  She is a member and needed help.  So we offered her our morning.  It took WAY longer than we thought, and we had the heebie jeebies the whole time.  Broken dusty dolls, and iron rods, or machetes hidden in dark corners just dont give the best of jives.  So, since we were there for so long, we got backed up on preparing everything for the baptism!

We ran to the church, and started filling the font--- and the hot water didnt work.  We wanted to kill somebody!  What were we to do?  However, like we always say, Dios proveerá (God will provide).   And he did.  Finally the water came out super hot, and we kept on going with our day.  When we checked the font once again, the water was basically boiling.  We were going to cook our investigador!  I thought the baptism of fire was the holy ghost..... awkward.  hahah Joke.  So we quickly turned the cold water on FULL BLAST trying to cool down the font.  

We were waiting for everyone to arrive, and no one came.  So we started the service.  Not even the people giving talks showed up, so my comp and I were to the rescue!  

V* entered the font, and the spirit brought a silence tan lindo!! I had tears in my eyes as she was submerged in the water.  It was a good feeling that I have not experienced in 11 months.  She had to be dunked 2x because the words were said wrong.  Its ok, now she is going to be an expert with baptisms for the dead!  Her daughter screamed and cried as V* went under the water and it was super adorable.  

It is impossible to describe the smile that was on her face as she came out of the water.  Im sure we looked like jokers with the smiles that we had on our faces as well.

Just as we all went back to the room to continue with the service, about 15 people showed up.  investigodares included.  what a bummer that they missed the ordinance, but they were there to hear a few good messages.  

I am running out of time, but I hope that I have explained it well enough so that you can imagine being there with me.  It was beautiful, and V* is now a confirmed member :)

She added me on facebook, and so you should take a foto of you guys, accept her, and congradulate her as well.  Tell her of all of the prayers you offered and I know she will feel loved.

I love you all and I know that this is the only way to our father in heaven.  By making covenants with him, surrounded by those we love, and done through the proper authority. 

It is a joy to know. 

I love you all and wish you a better week!

Hoorah for Israel.
Hermana Woolley

Here are a lot of fotos  from the baptism and my apartment etc.