Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 2 - Carlos Paz - Dec 29, 2014

HOla Feliz Fiestas! 

It was so good to talk to you all this week!  It really was a lift up to see you all.  Its true that its a bit awkward... but hey, by the end I was explaining my bowel movements just like the good ole days.  (Tyler, I cried in the street reading your farting story) My companion on the other hand did not think it was funny.... eh.  Oh well.  I enjoyed it.  

Thank you AVERYS AND MEYERS for the videos. I cried.  Yep.  You are all just too sweet!

Im not really sure what to tell you this week since we literally just chatted away the other day, but I thought I would explain to you a little more about the area that I am in.  Paradis.. oh whoops I spelled that wrong, Carlos Paz.  LIterally this place is GORGEOUS!!! It is basically like Park City.  It is the Summer Getaway.  With windy confusing roads, and yep, you guessed it... killer hills.  My calves EXIST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!  There is nothing quite like walking up a killer hill and literally having your face touching the street in front of you.  My first days here, I would wake up in the night with cramps in my calves that would birth a child.  Now, they are just full of muscle... so clearly the extra poundage is from that, not the food!!!! Phew!  If you do decide to come to pick me up, this would definitely be a place to visit.  They are always people playing in the beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and I just get so jealous.  I am soaking wet from the heat and humidity and sweat anyway, what would it hurt to jump in and swim a little?? jaja.  Look up pictures you will die.  

Its true, the cabins are too cool too!!! Yet, this brings about a problem.  There are always people coming and going.  And the people that we were teaching this week, all dropped us.  Talk about bummer.  Now we are starting over back a zero.  All the people we had now are into their huge working months.  They never have free time.  They are running the hotels, they are driving taxis, they are making bread for all the holidays... its frustrating!!!  Yet, we have faith, and plan to attack all the tourists to give references to the other areas.  

The members here are a little... strange too.  NOBODY WANTS US! haha.  But really.  We didnt find a willing member to skype with you guys until thr morning of Christmas.  So funny story.  There we were in Relief Society with the weekly announcements right.  And then the president says, "SIsters, do you have a place to pass the new year?" we kindly reponded no... Then she said, Sisters, the missionaries dont have a place to pass the holidays, who would like to invite them to their homes?....." cricket en serio.  We sat in silence for a good 3 minutes, just watching the sisters uncomfortablly move in their seats avoiding eye contact.  Finally the President of SOC SOC saved us and cut the silence.  Yep, so long story one offered to take us in. haha.  It was SOOOOO awkward.  pero, ya paso.  

We are teaching someone named Gaston.  Last night he told us he knew the Book of Mormon is true. I was so excited!!!! Now he just needs to accept the invitation to be baptized, and work something out with his boss so that he can come to church!

I am well!
Thank you for your support and prayers... keep them coming! 
I love you!
Happy Holidays!
Hurrah for Israel!
Also, if you are ever having a bad day, read Eter 12. (wise counsel from my dad that paid off this week)

Hurrah for Israel and Keep the Faith!

Con amor, 
Hermana  Woolley

PS. I had a dream about Niall from my BOM class, and Peter too uh weird right? Dont tell anyone hahahaha

also, I want hi chews.

also, did Jose pass by the house yet? I am going to wring his neck! I want you to get your christmas presents

Week 1 - Carlos Paz - Dec 23, 2014

(sorry we were in cordoba for the conferencia de navidad (Christmas conference) all day yesterday.  and.... you’re gonna hate me but I do not know what hour I will be skyping just quite yet... its super hard to find a member who is willing, and because the church doesn’t have internet, we are still searching a place that will be open.  I will let you know before then.  Don’t you fret.)

Familia. Te amo de verdad.  (I really love you)  No puedo creer que en T ( I can’t believe that in)- 2 days I will be able to speak with you face to face! Woo Hoo!!! Like I said in my other letter, We are not sure on the Skyping time just yet, but I will let you know in time.  There is a 4 hour difference between us, and I am guessing that it would be close to around 3 o clock here, so about 11 am there.... but I will let you know for sure.  I am excited to talk to you and just hear your voices again! I hope that it all works out ok.  But, have no fear, dad sent me with a camera and a microphone, so all the other hermanas are jealous that I should be able to call si o si (one way or another)!!!!!

bueno, I wish I could send you the wonderful fotos I took this week, but I think that there is a virus on my sd card, because it wont let me open it on the computer.  Im sorry.  I will see what I can do, so that I can send you the pics when I can of this beautiful place, and the fun we had together in Cordoba yesterday!!!

Carlos Paz.  So pretty.  There are MOUNTAINS! and LAKES!!! and I just love it.  The only downfall is that it is such a big city that we have to take public transportation everywhere which is expensive, and confusing and we are ALWAYS lost, or on the wrong collective (microbus), or something.  At first I was a bit frustrated because of all of the time and money that we are losing, but now we are just trying to enjoy the hard times too.  

Hna Perry is my comp.  She is shy.   She plays the flute, and LOVES slash worships David Archuleta.  She is 19 and from West Virginia.   He told me that God trusts in me enough to help her.  If I cant trust in myself to train her, I should trust in God.  It was so simple what he said, but it really hit me.  Also, he said that I was called as a missionary, and as a trainer in this moment for a reason.  I dont have to be extrodinary.  I just have to be myself.  These words really encouraged me.  It is like my farewell talk all over again.  Whatever I have to offer, is enough, and with the Atonement of Christ, we are able to do things that we did not know was possible.  Christ lives.  Lo se.  I am so honored to be part of his work and I am learning so much.  e mission.  Also, my new DL told me that my biggest convert in the mission should be my companions.  I am nervous, but excited for the challenges that are up ahead in this time that Hna Perry and I have together.  We cry alot together, and we talk about her feelings, but things are improving each day.  Please pray extra hard for her.

This week I also read a talk called Becoming a Consecrated Missionary by Tadd R Callister if I am not mistaken.  It talks about the orgin of "Hurrah for Isreal" phrase.  Read it!! I dont have time to explain it.  One quote that he says is "I do not think the Lord expectse immediate perfection of us, but I do believe that he expects immediate progress and with that progress comes consecration."

Do all you can in this week to progress closer to the Savior and DISCOVER THE GIFT of Christ in your lives.  I still cry everytime I see that He is the Gift Video, for different reasons.  But, the greatest gift you could give me in this time would be to "seek this Jesus" aun mas en sus vidas.  

I know He lives.  He is my Savior.  He is the Gift.  Let us be changed through Him.  Conocimiento no lleva a la arrepentimiento... es la fe.  (knowledge does not lead to repentance … it is faith)  Have faith in Him, and trust in his Atonement.  

I love you all, and I cant wait to update you more on the stories of Carlos PAz THURSDAY!!!!!

Feliz Navidad y un buen prospero ano!   (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

Hurrah For Isreal!

con amor, 
Hermana Woolley

Hello President!  Merry Christmas!

Thanks for everything yesterday.  It was REALLY fun and spiritual.  I know that I will never forgt this Christmas in the mission field.

I am doing great.   I am still getting to know this area.   It is a little difficult, because Sis Perry doesn’t know the area very well either, so we are always getting lost and asking for help.  But, because of this, we are getting to know more people, and speaking with more people too.   This week I have felt a little weird.  Probably because I am in a new area with 3 new sisters and a big change.   But like I told you last week, I am humbled and excited for the challenges and opportunities that Carlos Pas has for me and my personal growth.   I miss Bell Ville but I love Carlos Paz!

Well, we have some investigators and they are well.  K* is afraid to accept a goal, but she knows the book of Mormon is true.   We have a French  Book of Mormon to F*, our investigator from Africa.   There are not coincidences in the mission field.  Someone gave me a French Book of Mormon in my last area as a joke, when I got here, it was perfect.  Miracles in Carlos Paz.   Now he can read the book in his native language and feel its power.   We are excited for the progress the we see in the people.

Merry Christmas.  I love you and pray to Heavenly Father for your safety, health and protection of your family every day.  Thanks for the gift and for everything you do for me.

Happy Holidays,
With Love,
Hermana Woolley

Hola Presidente! Feliz Navidad!

Gracias por todo ayer.  Era TAN divertido, y espiritual. Yo se que nunca voy a olvidar esta Navidad en la misión.  
Yo estoy de diez.  Todavía estoy conociendo la área.  Es un poco difícil, porque Hna Perry no conoce la área muy bien tampoco, entonces siempre estamos perdidas y preguntando por ayuda.  Pero, por eso, conocimos mas personas, y hablábamos con mas personas también.  En esta semana, he sentido un poco rara.  Probablemente porque estoy en un nueva área con 3 nueva hermanas y es un cambio muy grande.  Pero como dije la ultima semana, estoy humilde y animada por las desafíos y oportunidades que Carlos Paz tiene por mi y mi crecimiento.   Extraño a Bell Ville, pero me gusta Carlos Paz!

Bueno, tenemos algunos investigadores que están muy bien.  K* tiene miedo de aceptar un compromiso, pero sabe que El Libro de Mormón es verdadero.  Dimos un Libro de Mormón en Francais a F*, nuestro investigador de África.  No hay casualidades en la obra misional.  Alguien me dio el libro en francais en mi ultima área como una broma, y cuando llegue, era perfecto.  Milagros en Carlos Paz.  Ahora el puede leerlo en su primero idioma y sentir del poder.  Estamos animadas por el progreso que vemos en todas las personas.  

Feliz Navidad.  Le quiero mucho y ruego a mi Padre Celestial por la seguridad, salud, y protección de su familia cada día. Gracias por el regalo y por todo que hace por mi.

Feliz Fiestas.
Con amor,
Hermana Woolley 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfer - Week 24 - Bell Ville (Dec 15, 2014)

Wow, family, I barely have any time left, I am so sorry that I have to cut this email short, y justo cuando (just when) I have so much to say!!!!!

Yes, its true. Ive been transferred. Now I am in Carlos Paz.... TRAINING!!!! Im still a baby in the mission! All the other trainers have over 11 months in the mission and Im like. uh,. hi.... I have less than 7 and still can get so lost! It is crazy because I am lost here in Carlos Paz, and now I have the responsibility to show my companion around and be a responsible leader.  When we got the transfers call on saturday, the ZL said, "Bueno, Hermana Woolley se va a entrenar en Sion!" I thought it was a joke.  Hermana Woolley is going to train in Zion? that sounds like a joke right???? haha. But the ward here in Carlos Paz is called Sion,so it reall wasnt a joke.... But I am excited. Nervous, but excited.  My companion is Hermana Perry from West Virginia.  She has 4 months in the mission, 6 weeks in Argentina, and is 19 yrs old.  She still knows minimal spanish,  This puts a little pressure on me, because I am just as new and lost, but all will work out well. We also are living with 2 other sister leaders.  Thank Goodness. I love Hna Mathews and Hna Cornejo.  It will be a great transfer. I amhappy to be here in Carlos Paz. It is the most touristy city in Cordoba (about 30 mins from Cordoba) and has a lot of iniquity.  Lots like Vegas in some ways. THERE ARE MOUNTAINS! hallelujah.  Everything is so green, and the people walk around without clothes. For that reason, there are only sisters here... woopde doo. Hna Gonzalez served here, so I have heard so much about this vacation get away fro teh summer. 

I was sad to leave Bell Ville. I cried. its true.  Please send an email to G* think he sent you the link of the talkent show last time) and thankhim for taking care of me in every way.  Also, we had another talent show. It was the bomb.  Maybe he has a video of what we did this time.  We are so funny I cant get over it. 

 Hna Vela is staying in Bell Ville with a mini missionary. I wish the best for her.  We became really close and I know I am going to miss her tons.

This week I am amazed at the confidence of the our FAther in HEaven.  Ya, maybe Im a bit nervous about this new assignment, since it will be my first time as comp mayor, let alone as trainer!!!.  Yet God is a God of love and trust.  He sent us his son with a nearly impossible mission, yet he humbly came to the earth in his stable and completed his purpose.  I am very humbled to have this chance right now to grow even more in new ways and to be challenged.  I am so excited about the temple, and It only makes me more excited.  The time goes so fast! It will be completed in no time! and I will have had all my skypings with you by the time it is finished! The timejust keeps going faster.

I wish I could write more, and send pohotos, but it will have to be the next week.
I Love You

con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps Jordyn stratton and jennie martin are engaged????? why are you not keeping me updated on these things!!!!!
Ps. Heaven is playng right now by Bryan Adams... thinking of you at home.

Wow another crazy week!  I can’t believe that I am here in a new area and training!  Yes, it scares me a little, but like you told me, God has a lot of confidence in me, so I am motivated to give my best effort always.
I was sad to leave Bell Ville after 6 months, but, it is because I came to love the people so much.  This time is very distinct and unique and I am VERY excited and Very happy.  Especially with the temple dedication!!!
I am sorry but I don’t have a lot of time because of travel and all.  But, I want you to know that I am going to work hard with everything that I have to satisfy my God and train my companion, I am excited to be here and humbled by the opportunity.  Like I said, I know that God trusts me and it is something very special to realize.   Thank you too for your revelation and confidence in me.  It is a privilege to work with you and your family.
I love you all,
Sister Woolley

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 23 - Bell Ville - Dec 8, 2014

Where to begin? Sorry Im not ging to have a lot of time to write toda.  Today is the day of the virgin so everyhthing has shorter hours, and we are at the sucky cyber.   The culture here is muy distincta (very unique)

I love you all! I cant believe we will be skying so soon.  I am having panic attacks of what I will say.  Write out quiestions or something.  I probs will have a lot to say about a new area y comp.... I am guessing I will be transferred this monday.  I guess I am ready for a change, but nervous of the unknown and having to pack up all my bags.  And travel with my bags... WHAT A PAIN!  I find out on Sat. and will move on Monday if anything happens.   Hna Hill goes home this Wed.

KACI HOME! I can´t believe how fast the time flies.  Next week my zone leader comes home to SLC.  He has been with me in Bell Ville for the past 12 weeks making contact every day. Look him up. Jose Valdez.  

Bueno, this week has been one of my favorite weeks in the mission.  It was the FIRST full week of working with Hna Vela.  Due to a sickness or some other reason, we have always been cut short on time or she has been unable to lift herself from the bed.  In this time we were sure to work our hardest, and it paid off.  The Lord always ALWAYS fulfills his promises when we do our part.
Ok, you can read the verdict of P* in the letter to the president.(below) But this new family we are teaching is so great! We found them in the beginning of the week, and have taught them many times since.  The very first lesson we gave was THE WORST LESSON OF MY LIFE! I literally could not speak Spanish.  I forgot all the words, conjegations, and even the docrtinal points.  My companion too was really frazzled.  After butchering the spirit, we finally escaped from the lesson, and talked it out.  We realized that there are things that we needed to change between us, between the Lord, and how we were working in the obra (work).  The miracles flew from there!
We recovered after the awful lesson, and they invited us back again. We invited them to church, and when we passed by Sunday morning, let me tell you.... there was a storm a brewing!!! We were praying the whole way walking to their house that they would be ready, and willing to come to the church still.  When we arrived, they weren´´t ready.-. classic argentines.  But they wanted us to wait for them to get ready.  Justo when we about to leave, it started pouring.  You fools in the states dont know pouring.  The mom started freaking out because they are so poor, and didn´t want the house to flood, and came to the conclusion that she would go alone and leave the kids behind.  They started crying and said "but we want to go to church!!!"  So, we offered to call and pay for remis (taxis), we piled in 2 hnas, 1mom and 6 kids (2 blonde twins) and we went to church! They loved it and we were so happy they were there.  Because of the storm, it cut the luz in the chapel and the town.  Well, at least we know that there first experience at the church will be unforgettable.  WE have high hopes for them,
WE are also teaching a girl who just entered into the church and asked to be study with us.  There are miracles happening!
Today for pday we had a water ballon fight with the zone, white elephant girts, and secret santa! It was a blast. I cant believe the holidays are here.
Well my times up!
I love you all!
Until next week!
Hurrah for Israel
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

Wow! A week goes by so fast!  Well, this week it was hot!  It was the first time in my mission (an my life) that I showered in cold water … on purpose?  I am excited to be here for Christmas and summer!  Ha-

Our investigators are good.  The investigator that I talked to you about in the phone call, really does not have the ability and capacity of an 8 year old.  We have come to this conclusion after her interview with the DL.  We have also spoken with the local leaders.   If she continues, and comes to church for a significant amount of time, we can continue and if she still wants, we can baptize her later according to her desires.  We have not stopped working with her, it is just not our priority now.

We are also working with a family!!!  Some of them came to church this Sunday (1 mother and 6 children) even though it was raining pretty bad!  We are excited to see how it goes with them and set a date!  

Our converts have callings and almost all of the new member lessons.
And one less active 20 year old member “had desire to come to church”.  We are motivated because we can see miracles in each phase of the work of the Lord!

I don’t know why, but I am always a little nervous with every new contact.  I don’t want it to be my fault that anyone thinks bad things about the church or the missionaries.  Nevertheless, Sister Vela and I have practiced contacting a lot so that we can see the miracles that are awaiting us.  Especially in this very special month and with the new  “He is the Gift” initiative!  With every real and practical goal we are getting stronger each day.

We are well.  Thank you for everything.  I have seen the changes in myself and I am progressing each day with the help of the Lord and my companion.
With Love,
Sister Woolley

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 22 - Bell Ville - Dec. 1, 2014

Wow, How quick the time can go! I have a lot of things to write this week and only 22 mins left! I hope I can get all the miracles in.  

FIRST THINGS FIRST! LAURA I LOVE YOU AND I HAVE A LOVE SLASH HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! I am so proud of you for choosing to serve.  It is the best of times really! But now I have to wait more time to see you! Its ok, its for the Lord :) Love you! EMAIL ME THE SECOND YOU OPEN YOUR little WHITE ENVELOPE WITH YOUR FUTURE INSIDE!!!!!

Next, Sorry I told you the wrong website last week. It is He is the Gift. Discover it and Share it.

I am very excited for Christmas and the new initiative.  I know we will have success.  This is the work of God and no one can stop it.  Hurrah for Israel.

Also, packages update! Call Hna Morris (from MTC) mom, she has sent various packages

Also, Hna Karina Hill comes home in 2 weeks. Set up an FHE with her please! She wants to meet you and I want you to meet her! She is so great!.....She probs will go to Colorado for teh holidays then she is coming to BYU for winter.  take good care of her.

What a good week!  Even though we were in the apartment for some time due to my companions health, we saw miracles, found more people, extended date challenges and spoke with everyone.
This transfer has been difficult at times with Sister Vela and me, but I can now say that I have learned more than I though possible.  We did not teach much during her surgery/recovery, and I was a little discouraged.  But now I can see that there is always something to do in God’s work.  I can be care for, love, and serve your companion.  We don’t need millions of people to teach to fulfill our purpose. 

OKKKKKK Now the good stuff.  Thanksgiving day was such a great day!  We ate an asado (BBQ argentina style) and we were literally ¨stuffed¨.  Also, I. ate. blood. sausage.  yuck.  I just pretended like it was stuffing with cranberry sauce.  It actually was not that bad until you think about what you are eating.  Blood oozing around your plate.  delicious..... We also ate a kilo of ice cream so can´t complain!

One quick story, we were talking with some of our investigators M* y S*.  As we taught about Joseph Smith, she was in awe.  Then we whipped out the BOM.  Bad idea? She flipped.  haha we didn´t know what to do (I was on exchanges with Hna Gonzalez) We kept trying to wxplain the logistics of the book and how she can know for herself that it is true.  But she said time and time again that she had her Bible.  I was so frustrated and I felt a little uncomfortable so out of desparation, I bore my testimony to wrap things up. I spoke with boldness and power and testified that it would change her life. I treasure that book so dearly.  We read her a scripture, 2 Nefi 22:2.  Her attitude completely changed and she immediately asked if she could borrow a copy of the book. When we gave her own copy as a gift, she was thrilled. She promised to read it.  I can´t explain how cool of an experience it was.  Yes, we can know that this is the truth by thinking logically, but the more important part is the testimony.  The Spirit is the power behind this work.  

Also big news of thw week! C*r went to the TEMPLE!!!!! He went to Buenos Aires!  It was such a rewarding feeling to see his happiness and excitement for the gospel.  Not only was he baptized.  Not only does he have a calling. NOt only is he paying tithing.  Not only did he buy a suit and cut his hair.  He also made the sacrifice to travel across the country to do baptisms for many he doesn´t know.  On sunday he showed us the things he bought at the distribution center and told us of when he fell in the font after doing so many baptisms.  I am so full of joy.  This is our purpose.  Hna Albretchesen told me the phrase of their mission is to TEACH TO THE TEMPLE! I love it.  C* went to the temple, and is now talking all about the next step of his own endowment.  I can´t explain how full my heart is. This is why Im here.  This is why.  You all know of my testimony of the temple.  To see others experience it, and hear of others bear testimony after their personal endowments this weekend in the Branch, I am reminded of the grander plan.  You are all so lucky.  Dont take advantage of the temple.  Oh what I would do to be able to enter its sacred walls even just to sit in the gardens or waiting room.  It is the house of the Lord and we are fulfilling sacred responsibilites inside.  Unfortunately we still have no news or update on the temple in Cordoba.  We are thinking around April or may, but there is no offical date.  Ill keep you posted, believe me.  

I am on the Lords errand.  Dont you worry about me.  Keep decorating and preparing for Christmas. Yes its true. Its so hot here that luckily Christmas will pass by and I wont even blink or realize what is happening in my life.  I love you all!  

Time to sign off. Over and Out.  Ive been changed for good. (today we watched the wizard of oz with james franco for p day and now Ive been singing wicked all the day long.)

con mucho amor,
Hna Woolley 

PS ask kristen and alec who my team should be. Boca or river. (argentina soccer teams but i have no idea who is better!)

PSS – To answer your question - Next transfers are Dec. 15

bueno. te amo ciao!

Hermanas Hill, Vela, Sanchez and Woolley in transfers with the Sister Missionary Leaders

Hermana Hill.  Her dad and Hermana Woolley's dad have been friends since Elementary School

Lomo Saltado.  A DELICIOUS Peruvian meal.  Hermana Woolley's family at home loves it.