Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 16, Rio Tercero - June 29, 2015

Hey family!!!! (Including Ashling!!!)

I am glad to hear that all went well with the wedding.  Like mom said, she was worried about me being homesick or weepy.  Its true.  I am part of the family, and it made me a little sad as I started my day with a prayer and praying for the family at home.  Then, I forgot about it pretty quickly as went to work as usual.  It is what the Lord wanted me to do.  haha.  Then we went to lunch with a member.  she asked about my family, and I teared up and said... In fact they are all happy and well right now- for my brothers wedding!  We did the time difference, and yup.  You should have been inside right at that time.  So I felt apart of you too!    Then just last night as we were together visiting a less active family for FHE, the same member suddenly started looking up my family on facebook, found tyler, and showed me a few photos.  Thats when it all became real.  BUt on friday, it was a great and productive day.  We found 6 new investigators after seraching for antiguo investigadores and references!! We were happy thats for sure!  Also, I was rejected the hardest that I ever have been on the mission.  so all in all it was a memorable day.  haha

I hope you enjoyed my recording.  I felt so awkward doing it, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I hope it made everyone cry. jaja. Joke. That would be cruel.

Ashling- Thanks for choosing my brother, and now there is just one thing I need to let you know.  He likes to hang his sock on the edge of his foot.  Its gross.  But now you are sealed and you cant go back.  hahahaha.  

What is the update on Jamie Beal? (is that bad to ask?)

Bueno, on to this week!

I love the mission becuase we are contantly learning at every second.  
I was reminded of a common Mr Keyes quote.  That we are to inspire not to impress.  It is the same here in the mission.  As we are truly focused on the people, and helping them be inspired by the Holy Ghost, they leave each lesson more impacted.  This week we had 2 investigators at church! R* and R*.  R* liked it a lot and said he will go next week too with his family.  And turns out, he knows a member.  R* lives about 30 minutes away in bus (nearby town) so we thought it would be hard to create friendshpis with the members.  But right then and there, he invited the member to eat lunch with him and his family.  Next week he invited us to eat with him as well.  He also promised us that we will play a few rounds of Bocci Ball!!! Its a rave here.  All the old men go to big feilds and play and bet.  We are excited.

We also had an interesting lesson with some druggies in the church.  hahah.  We had a recent RM from Brazil come with us to help us.  He was in the mission mode and asking so many questions!! At one point he said, "What do you think..." Right then the investigator butted in and said, "Thats it che... we dont think."  I about lost it.  The drunks always give me a good laugh.

Also, I learned a few more things this week.  First of all, a good sailor does not learn in the harbor.  He learns in the storm.  Here in life, we are never able to learn and be the best we can be with out the storms and waves.  It is hard, and often we may think that we can not get out of the mess safely, but with the Atonement of Christ, we can correct our course over and over again until we sail away into the sunset of Celestial Glory.  Keep working hard amidst the trails of life, because they will soon pass and you will walk away triumphant and a better person with the grace of Christ.

Also, as I was studying about covenants, a member told me this analogy. We are always inviting the people to come to church, to pray, to read the Book of Mormon and to better their lives.  And what is it that we expect from them? That they keep their commitments, fully, completely, and honestly.  It is the same with God and the covenants we make with Him.  He wants us to complete our part fully, completely and honestly.  

What happens when we buy a kilo of tomatoes and 1/2 a kilo is rotten and unusable?  We get upset, or we never return to buy from that market again.  We  want honesty and  we want what we ordered.  

However, we never will be able to give the full kilo of perfect round and shiny tomaters to God.  Yet, what we have to give to him will somehow be enough.  He is perfect, he is loving and he is kind.  He is our father.  May we strive each and every day to give him our all.  To give him our best selfs, striving to keep and make sacred covenants with our maker.  

I love you all and I know that the power of the Atonement is real.

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon yet again in Spanish this week!  Keep reading at home too in all languages!

hasta lunes, gracias por los fotos! Les quiero!

Hermana Woolley

This is what it looks like everyday all day right now.  Foggy.

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