Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 1 - Rio Tercero - March 16, 2015

This week has truly been one of the greatest weeks of my mission! I finally am remembering what it is like to teach with the spirit, and have people let you in, and place baptismal dates!!! Woo HOO!!!!!! I dont think that I will have enough time though to tell you about all the miracles. Just know that I am happy to be working here at this sacred time.

In the first 2 days here, we found 5 new investigators, 2 of which now have agreed to be baptized!!!!  The are called Juan and Carla.  Pray for them so that they can be sure with the answers they have recieved. They are from Peru, so we always just talk about Arroz Chaufa, papaya, Lomo Saltado, y Machu Piccu teh uzsh (first syllable of usual).  

We are constantly moving and my companion does not mess around!!! My thighs are slowly recovering, but very slowly.  I have now gotten used to rubbing a tennis ball on them throughout my studies in the mornings. 

This week was full of fun surprises.  We had interviews with the president, and then we travelled to a Stake Conference in Rio IV, (about 3 hours away) to hear him, his wife, a seventy and wife, and the Cordoba temple president and wife tambien, and stake presidency!  IT was THE COOLEST!!!   What really got me though was listening to the temple  choir (I SAW THE FRANCOS FROM BELL VILLE AND I CRIED I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM AND JEALOUS OF THEM TOO)

This week, I finally felt like I was in a foreign serving mission! I had to deal with cold showers for a FULL week! Finally today I couldnt handle it more so today we talked to the guy and fixed it all Success!!!  

I am a littel stressed... I am losing hair like crazy! QUICK find me some pinterest advice, or grandpa wisdom!

Also, have you heard from Alec Sorensen about the package I sent with him?

Bueno, there goes my hour,
sorry it is brief.
I love you all
Until next week
Also, look on pogioplog for algunos fotos. I dont think all uploaded

Hermana Woolley

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TRANSFER Week 12 - Carlos Paz - March 9, 2015

Yep, you read that right!  My area was closed and Hna Dennis and I have been separated, going our own ways.  She went to La Rioja to open a new area for sisters there.  The last sisters in La Rioja was 20 years ago.  It is exciting that the mission is expanding.

I am now in Rio Tercero with Hna Mcarthur.  She is from Wyoming, and says that she knows Scott Lambert.  He served where she lives supposedly.  I am really excited to work with her.  A little bit, I am sad because I wanted a latina to work more on my spanish, but now is the time to help her I guess.  I am sure she will be a huge help to me too.  She has about 4 months in the mission and just finished her training so I am the 'trainer breaker' spliting her apart from her trainer.  We are now here... with Bikes!! and just driving over here to the cyber for the 5 block ride, my thighs are a little sore and shaky. Que verguenza.  I had worked so hard on my calves walking up the slaving hills in Carlos Paz, and apparently had ignored my thighs... This could be a change! The pension is SUPER NICE! I dont know how I keep getting all the luck with the nice pensions.... phew.  That must mean the worst is yet to come.

I am torn about leaving Carlos Paz.  It was a hard area with a lot of rejection and not a lot of success.  There were multiple weeks where we reported a week of zeros to our leaders.  Zero baptisms and confirmations.  Zero new investigators.  ugh,  It was hard on me.  For that reason I am excited to start over with a companion who wants to work hard and who knows how to work hard as well.  I dolove the members of Carlos Paz, and it was sad saying goodbye.  Hna Dennis and I cried in the collectivo as we left last night.  I am sad to leave it all behind.  Funny story real quick. This week I was alking up the stiars of our apartment behind hna Dennis, and what did I do_ i naturally just started punching her butt like I always did with mom and Kris.  It was super funny and I felt soooo bad after.  I dont knwo what came over me! jaja Also, I am sad because I did not buy anything in the super tourist area because I had at least another transfer there to do some trunky shopping. I left with nothing cool and original from there.  oh well......

We got rejected hard by S* this week.  We had miraculously *literally* this week after she had suddenly moved again without telling anyone.  We once again happened upon her, which means God wants to talk with her. This is her 3 or 4th opportunity that we have found her out of the nowhere, just following the spirit I guess.  Anyways, she now is living with the padre of her hijo, and he does not want to get married, nor for us to pass by more.  She testified to us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that is what hurts the most. She also had promised us so many times to come to church, but ended up going to church with the JWs the first time they invited her.  She then said she would not lie, and that she will not asist the church.  We walked away super sad.  We bought some alfajores to make us feel better.  Sometimes its crazy to think that we truly willingly signed up for this to happen to us on the daily.  Hay que seguir no mas.  As we kept on our way, we started singing together "I wanna dance with somebody" BUt replacing the words to say "I wanna teach somebody, I wanna go to church with somebody. I wanna teach somebody, with somebody to baptize."  We were down, but hopefull with these unexpected changes, the future truly will be as bright as our faith.

I am super tired after traveling and packing these last few days. I think I have had a total of 6 hours of sleep in the past 2 days.  completely spent. Perfect, the elevator decides to break. Today.  we had to carry the pounds and my body is now paying the price. My biceps hurt from hauling all my porquería around Cordoba by myself.  Hna Dennis had her bags to worry about, so I needed to carry my load alone.  I have decided that I will now throw out a TON before going to my next transfer.  I have way too many clothes, yet I find myself begging for more variation.  The small sacrifices of a missionary.  

Today, I said goodbye to Hna Gonzalez.  I watched her pack up her suitcases to go home. It was a wierd feeling.  I was sitting there, without my companion Hna Dennis who had already left to La rioja, and i was in Cordoba Capital, without a bed.  So I just drankj some mate out of the mug cup things, and let it all sit in.  Im not gonna lie, for a slipt second, I wished to be in her place, coming home and seeing you guys.  but dont get trunky! It quickly left and I thought of all teh souls I have to save before I can let that happen.  Sometimes, when we are down or sad, we are quick to want the temporal things.  However, the gospel is way more important and will last a lot longer if we truly apply it and continue to learn with each day.  

I love being here and I had a panic attack even just thinking about coming home.

Which leads me to the package that will be coming your way.... There is an elder who is going to his house in california for a few days, and then going to provo.  so he said he will get in contact with you to do the pass off ahnd off.  He is the nephew of the winegar family in the stake.  

Thanks for all of the letters.  I dont have much time with all the changes, but I truly love each and every one of you.  I cant send pictures here in this cyber, but I hope we can find another so that you can get the full update on my week with visuals.

Tyler! So cool about armeninan.  We sometimes eat armenian things here... no se porque.... also Hna Dennis; brother in law served in armenia and might have been your treacher.  I dont know his name though,.

I love you all,

Hermana Woolley