Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 17 - Rio Tercero - July 5, 2015

hey fam!  This week I am sending you some pictures on Dropbox.  They are pictures form Zone conference, a good shoe shine after nearly 14 months in the mission (can you tell teh differnece), Your birthday cards finally came, Our mirror broke and now we are living blind!, also doing service, selfies in teh elevator,a huge avacado pit, and playing around like girls do best. (there should be about 14 or 17)

bueno, I dont know why it took so long for the letters to llegar.  maybe you can try to send letters and packages to this dirrecction:

Sister Katelyn Woolley
Gay Lussac 5270
Apartado Postal 49-x5009ZAA
5009 Villa Belgrano, Córdoba
C.C 17 Suc. 9
Córdoba, Argentina

Bueno,  I dont have a lot of time because I was writing a letter to President Young, but now that it is done and over with, I will speedily update you on the most important things.

WE FOUND THE CHOSEN ONE!!  P* now has a baptismal date and accepted to be baptized before I could even finish the official invitacion to be baptized.  He was a reference from an old investigator and we have now taught him 3 times in the last week.  FULL SPEED AHEAD!  It makes me nervous and sad because transfers are this coming monday, and it is very probable that I will be leaving, which means I will not be in the area to see his baptism.  But all is in the hands of the Lord.  

Argentina took second int eh America cup, but my comp was excited becaue Chile won.  We watched the overtimes and penalty kicks.  Bummer dude.  

Something that someone told us this week wis that our only enemy es our own error.  It is so true.  How many times do we push the snooze button, and as a consequence, we dont wake up on time.  Later we blame it on the stupid clock that didnt sound for the snooze.  However, whos fault is it that we pushed the button in the first place?  If we had just obeyed the first time, there would not be error.  We must afront and repeat until the correction comes and we are able to conquer our own error, walking away better.

In this way, we can avoid much sorrow and receive the immediate blessings.  I have seen too many people get discouraged for imperfecion, or for falling back into their addictions.  We doint have to make this life harder than it already is.  We have a savior and he will always be there to help and support us in our imperfecciones.  Use his power.  He loves us and we are his friends.  I urge you to set goals, and write down your plans to better obey our Lord and savior.  It is the only way to true and lasting happiness.

I hope that you have a great week.  Thanks for your letters and pictures.

Note: I am on the other side of the world, and had no idea about the world cup, nor President Perry.   

Hurrah for Isreal.
(I hope I can write more next week, but I gotta go save the world!!!! )

Im a busy girl.


Hermana Woolley

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