Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 8, Bell Ville - August 26th 2014


Sorry this is a day late! Yesterday we had a zone play in Leones with a big splash at the end of the day! A splash is when a whole bunch of missionaries divide the area up into sections and we have a specific “manzana” of 4 blocks or so to work with for a couple hours.  It was fun and we saw a lot of miracles! But it is nice to be back here in Bell Ville again with the people we know and with our progressing investigators.  It truly feels like home.

One cool experience that we had this week was with some random guy in the street.  It was siesta, so naturally we were the only human beings in sight in the streets for miles.  But, there was one old man who was walking towards us.  THe second he saw us, he sstarted to cry.  He said “you are missionaries for the Church of Jesús Christ of latter day saints arent you?” Turns out he is a member who hasnt been to church in over 20 years.  That was that and we were on our way.  He thanked us even though we didnt have a conversation no nada.  As we walked away, I was so touched.  In that moment I knew that we represent christ.  It was as if just by saying hello to us missionaries and seeing our smiles, this man was healed because of his faith.  It was so sweet and a moment I will never forget.

There are miracles happening everyday and this past Sunday was such a treat! We had a total of 9 investigators at church which is a zone record! OF the 6 missionaries in our area, we had 9 investigators! 4 of which are our investigators, and 2 of which have bautismal dates for the coming weeks! We were so excited and there was an apparent excitement in the members too to realize that the work is continuing on.  Also, there were a total of 87 people in the Branch for the sacrament which is a crazy high number! Normally we have about 40-50.  It was a hoppin, happenin sabbath! Mom, Sundays are hectic yes, and sometimes we have to teach and give talks, but thankfully, not very often! But I do have a calling in the ward! I am the chorister- director! It is fun and I am strengthening my arm muscles by the minute!

Another story for you folks! We were in a lesson, and the man is having troubles accepting the Book of Mormon.  He worships the bible like mad, but we are working on the flimsy blue book with him right now. In the lesson, he said “I just don´t know, your religión seems to be so different.  I mean, you don´t even believe in the gift of tongues…” OH CONTRAIR! (no idea how to spell that hahaha) In that moment, I bore testimony to him that I am a walking evidence of the miracle of the gift of tongues.  I had complete confidence in telling him my experiences in learning this language and my testimony in the helping hand of God.  He was floored and said he had no idea that I had not been speaking castellano for my whole life.  And because of this, he was one of the investigators who came to the church this past Sunday! I was so humbled in that moment to realize that I truly have God with me in all moments and I am able to speak this language because this is His work and he is letting me be an instrument.  HOLY COW.  So cool.

About the horse from last week, dont you fret, only as we were passing the horse on the street, it had a freak out moment and the man riding it had to pull the reins super hard and control it.  My Heart was racing but we made it out alive J

The other day, I saw a map of the World.  HOLY Cow! I am so far away from you guys.  I don´t think I realized that… with only a difference of 3 hours in timing, I didn´t think much of it.  Well, know I am loving the land of never ending wind down under with all the penguins. 

This week we have done a lot of traveling.  Besides Leones, we also went to Cordoba for a conference with Pres. Alliaud.  There were about 5 or 6 zones there.  We were there all day and we had lots to learn. I love the Alliauds-  the best people ever! They are so full of love and kindness.  In the meeting, we learned a lot about the importance of referencias.  We did a million practices and role plays- tyler, they killed me, sooooo awkward with president watching and grading me!!! Much worse than Misión prep class—But I did it! And my companion and I did a demo in front of everyone! In spanish! I was terrified, bu tmy companion wanted to show me off – su hija!  I was proud of myself after, and many cant believe that I am still in training.  At times I dont feel confident in what I am able to do, but the Lord sure is helping me a ton!! A ton a ton! I now am at the point where I can understand/infer 80-85% of what is said, and I even took notes from the conference in spanish.  Now, I am working on my gringa accent so the people can understand what I am trying tosay!

Bueno, on to what I have been studying. Dad, thanks for your comments about charity.  Read 1 Peter 4:8 with the footnote. I like it. 

This week I studied about repentance.  First though what is repentance? 1. Testimony is to know.  2. Faith is to do.  3. Repentance is to become.  In D&C 15:6 it says that the greatest worth to me in this moment is to declare repentance.  In Helaman 5:11, it says that angels have been called to declare repentance.  And in Moroni 10:32 there is more about repentance.  This step is crucial for all.  We can not enter in to the Celestial Kingdom with out this step! Every day! It is the most important work! What a belssing we have to not only have a knowledge of this process, and the faith that we can change, but we also can become perfect through Christ and his mercy and grace.  I love it all.  I love it.

I am here to do just this. To declare repentance just like all of the prophets of old. We can change and it is a glorious message.  I know it is trae and I thank Heavenly Father each day for his kind and gentle mercy for my mistakes.  I am working hard to be more like him.

Thanks for all of your love and support, I truly can feel it all the way across the World. Its weird, but it is oh so real. Never stop the prayers from coming! 

Sé que soy un siervo de el en este momento y me encanta! también, tuvimos muchos referencias este semana despues la conferencia con usted. hay mas trabajo y vamos a tener mas milagros! Estoy animada!

Gracias por todo, tenga una buena semana!

Love you little, love you big, love you like a chachito!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Woolley

 Helado!! (Ice Cream)
 View from our casa (Pension/Apartment)
 Working on the streets when it was 80 degrees... .not anymore.  It is freezing again
 Attacking the 'stache with "Veet"
 The bathroom in our apartment - JOKE!  The bathrooms in the park
Pic of our zone with presidente y su esposa (wife) at the conference

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 7 - Bell Ville - August 17, 2014

Somos una madad de lobos . . . .   (we are a wolf pack – I think she is referring to all the food she is eating – she said of the attached picture “its because we eat torta (cake) like this at every members house at every appt.  But everyone says that Bell Ville is the best fed, so there is hope for a better and skinnier future”)
Hola familia! How you doing? (Say in a Joey Tribioni voice por favor)
Can you believe that I will complete my first three months in the mission this week! The time really does fly by so fast and I am loving this work with all of my heart!  Quick question... How many pictures did you get last week? I hope that they are coming through so that you can see a little into my life on the other side of the world. I love you all so dearly.  This week I was reading through some of  the things that were mentioned in my blessing from being set apart.  One that really comforted me was that it was mentioned that my family will be blessed through my service.  What a comfort.  I love you so much and I want to be involved in your lives to make sure all is well.  I have felt worried about you lately with all of the changes and additions, but i know that all is well and I thank my Father in Heaven every night for keeping you protected.
About my weight... ni importa (no worries)! haha joke.  But for real, skirts are tighter and I don´t remember skinny jeans feeling so tight.  I feel like I have been on a cruise for the past 8 weeks = I´m done for.  My fat food baby probs is as big as Baby Urquhart.  we can compare with photos later.  Entonces  (so or then) ... send me ab workouts!!!!!!!! We have started running in the mornings now that it is a tiny bit warmer which should work for my benefit.
This week we had some bad days, which strangely enough, gave us such excitement for the future.  We have experienced that just when the hardest times come, a miracle is just around the corner.... and once again the miracles came! We can throw pity parties for ourselves and count all of the bad things, or we can take the advice of good ole bing and count your blessings instead of sheep.  We will be dropping most of our investigators this week which is quite sad.  no me gusta (I don’t like that).  But they have been cancelling our appointments and not progressing.  So, we have come to the conclusion that we must use our time elsewhere.  We have been working hard to find new investigators, and they have been coming!!!  One day, I had a bag full of pamphlets and the standard works and other things, and my shoulder ached.  So I decided to lighten the load.  Instead, I pulled out one of the flimsy blue Book of Mormons and carried it in my hands.  I had no idea of the power this would bring.  I simply did this because I didn´t want my bag to be so heavy.  We literally have someone running after us in the streets.  At first I was nervous, because a man was running after us, yelling  HERMANAS; GRINGA.... something something,.... Veni (come)... something..... But my companion stopped.  He had seen the Book I was holding.  He said, "You are the Mormons with the life changing book right?, I need it in my life, and I want to start all over, can you help me do that?"  uh,,, come again? Did he really say what I think he did?  We now have a new investigator and will be placing a date for his baptism tomorrow.  PLease pray for Javier.  We also found 3 others that day just from me simply holding the book in my hands.  Milagros a full (miraceles everywhere)! We were humbled, excited, and motivated to always do the work.
The other day I had a really special experience.  In a FHE, we watched a video about the temple, and then after everyone shared their testimony.  Everyone was crying.  So powerful! I love the spirit!  EVen though there were investigators, less actives, missionaries and presidents, the different stages of the gospel didnt matter.  The spirit was there and we could feel it.  In my studies, and with the help of my leaders, I have come to know that there are 3 reasons why we do things. First, we can obey and do the right things because we are afraid of the consequences of not fulfilling the task.  THis is the telestial law.  Second, we can obey because we know that it is what we should do.  This is livig the terrestial law.  However, we want to be more than that.  We want to live the celestial law like Christ, and do things out of LOVE.  This is my goal.  RIght now, I think that it depends on the day, but I have experienced every one of these.  Sometimes I have fear of failure.  Other days, I continue on because I know that I should.  Also, there have been days where I work fully because I love it all.  Everyday should be like this.  ALL FOR LOVE! ¨"The most effective missionaries always act out of love." - Dallin H Oaks.  These days are the best.  Not only is all completed, but all involved are changed.  I want the Celestial Kingdon, thereforr, I must live the Celeestial Law. (Sorry, this gamer keyboard in this cber [a cyber is an internet café where they email) is freaking out)  Therefgore, I mnust pray for the strength and ability to always work out of love.  Laying in bed one evening, I really thought about this.  Why am I here?  And which reason is it for- fear, deber (responsibility), or love? and I was pleased withthe comforting response I recieved.   I am here, in a tiny cyber (internet café) with tons of teenage boys playing killing games-- And me the gringa in a skirt, in Bell Ville Cordoba Argentina because, 1. I love this gospel.  I know it is true.  2.  I love my Savior and my FAther in Heaven.  I only want to follow them.  and 3. I am here because I love the Book of Mormon.  I truly comsider it to be one of my greatest treasures.  4.  I love the temple.  I have felt the power in its walls and I want all to feel this joy.  I AM HERE OUT OF LOVE!!!  I am here because I am willing, and I am able, and I love it all.  Christ truly always acted out of love, whether it was for a sinner, leper or gurad about to take him to his death on the cross.  I can work with love for the drunk, the old man who doesnt understnad and all thouse on the streets.  Christ had difficult days too, and even his own best friend betrayed him, but the love never ceased.  WE can learn from him always and strive to be celestial and perfect even as he is.
I am here.  I live it.  I love it.  I know it.
Hermana Woolley

ps  also, I ran into a tree, and watched a little of spongebob in spanish.  Life ain't too bad :)


I´m Singing in a choir forr a conference coming up... I HATE IT! Who would have guessed,.
Also, next week I want to buy something so make sure I have $ on my card.
Some people might have asked to be my friends on FB this week. 
Also, look in my katelyn.woolley email for a talk about a 25 word testimony or something like that- or kristen ask sis Dimmick in seinary about it.  She talked about it at my seminary graduation, and let me know how to find the talk thanks!
Also, dad I want your talk about the atonement with the three stories of donuts, and the coat and billy
ALSO!!! THE ANGEL MORONI HAS BEEN PLACED ON THE CORDOBA TEMPLE! We are getting closer! It is so crazy! Remember the video we watched before I came about when they broke the ground? Half of my rama is in the video! They are basically famous!
ps.  almost killed by a horse this week.  All the animals, peros and horses are out to get us! Keep the prayers coming!

 ya... the fat is real.  I'm gaining weight like honey boo boo!!!
 its because we eat torta (cake) like this at every members house at every appt.  But everyone says that Bell Ville is the best fed, so there is hope for a better and skinnier future
 and rich alfajores like this!
 the streets of Bell Ville
 some say that "vida no es todo rosa", (life is not a bed of roses),,,but mine is!!!!! I'm loving it here! I cant' imagine coming home!,
Pday in the park with the mission leader (ex branch pres) and his fam.  Today is a holiday so everything is closed!  I swear there is a holiday like this at lease every month.  No one works.   loco! (crazy)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 6 - Bell Ville, August 12, 2014

It has been a crazy week with a lot of miracles.  But most importantly I want to tell you about my first baptism baby!!!  M* was so happy and he had packed his extra underwear and towel for the baptism 3 days in advance because he was so excited for his "communion".  We quickly corrected him and explained once more that it is baptism and confirmation!!! hahaha  Also, on the day of his service, he had a smile about him that I had never seen before.  When he entered the water, the elder baptizing him said READY? M* then crouched down and was about to sit in the water and baptize himself or something? We had no clue what his intentions were, but he was just so excited to get in the cleansing waters of baptism I guess.  Elder Mayne quickly stopped him, and did it the right way.  We were laughing so hard but trying to hold it in.  The spirit was definitely there despite our giggles.  We had to excuse ourselves though so that we could just laugh and laugh and laugh while he was changing back into his normal clothes.  We love him so much and we are so excited for him.  We were takign pictures and he said, Hermana, I want to see it again- like 6 times.  He saids, !look I am all in white!"  We are going to print him the picture so he can always have it.  It is a chosen child of God and I feel so privledged to be able to work with him.  Now he is a confirmed member of the church, who also holds the aaronic preisthood.  What a blessing to be a part of the work of the Lord.
We also had a "JW" preaching activity with many from teh ward.  We split up in companionships and went to knock doors as a big unified group.  I was terrified, because I was forced to be the "senior companion" with a young recent convert of 17 years and 3 children.  But, we did it and it was a huge success.  I gained confidence in myself, and I know it can only get better from here.
Also, big news of the week, Our branch president changed and our mission leader too.  
Im so sorry, this week is an awful letter, I have been tryin gto write some others and the week was short because of writing you a later day! I hope all is well amidst the struggles.  Know I love you and worry about you constantly.  Send my congradulations to all the happy couples... especaially KRISTEE my friend.  How crazy. ahahahah. 
I love you all more than you know and cry every week "skimmin" your letters 3 or 4 times.  You are God´s greatest and I wish you the best with the festivities this week!
Encontrar, Enseñar y bautizar por Cristo Rey Jesus!
Hermana Woolley

What a great week this has been! I was honored to have had my very first baptism in the mission field.  It was such a great experience and I look forward to many more in the coming months.  M* is a sweet old man who only wants to do the will of the Lord.  He is very innocent and wants to do things perfectly for the Lord.  He had a smile on his face that I will never be able to forget.  He was different on the day of his baptism and you could see the excitement in his eyes.  After we took pictures, he leaned over to me and said, "Can I see that photo again?" "Look, I am all in white!"  It was so tender and he was touched at the service.  I am so excited to see him at church, and he asked us where he could buy a tie.  El es de diez Presidente!  He has felt the love of the Savior and is working his hardest to earn his place in the heavens.
Some other news from the week, here in Bell Ville, our leaders are changing.  It is quite the blessing.  When we had interviews with you, we expressed our concern with the current leaders.  Now we have a new Branch President, and a new Mission Leader.  At first, we missionaries were really sad with the change because we had become comfortable with the way that things had been.  We love working with these great men of God.  However, we now realize that for quite some time now, we have been praying for a miracle in Bell Ville.  The Lord´s work is changing, miracles are happening, and we in Bell Ville are experiencing it.  It is tough to have change, but it is how we progress.  If this is what God wants, we will willingly follow and continue to give our best.  At first, it was hard to accept the miracle God has given us, but we quickly repented, and are grateful and excited to get back to work.  We look forward to letting you know all that is happening!
Thank you for another tranfer with Hermana González!  I am learning a lot from her, and we were nervous that we would be split because of the large amount of time she has here in Bell Ville.  I am grateful to her for her patience and faith in me.  We are enjoying my training and working hard to do the Lord´s work.  The calling is great, but we have the faith, and hope, desire and motivation to continue the work of salvation.
Thanks for your support and faith in us. We wish you the best this week with the incoming missionaries.  I remember that first day so well.  It is crazy how fast the days go, but I will always be grateful for your instant love that touched my heart.  It is a privledge and an honor to work by your side in this great work.
Until next week,
Hermana Woolley

 1st Baptism

 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.  I was thinking of you.
 Mom your popcorn is famous in Argentina now.
Argentine BBQ

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 5 Bell Ville - August 5, 2014

El pato bebe cerveza – no es un chiste.. solomente me presidente de distrito!

¡Hola Familia!

Wow, this week has been too crazy to tell it all, so I hope that my little fingers are prepared to type and type and type!

Sorry that Lake Powell was a bust.  I at least hope that you stood at the top of a cliff and thought about jumping, but never did.  In my honor- classic me.  But, I am glad you are safe and all is well through all the horror! 

Yes dad, I understand your letter in spanish.  My comp is rather impressed with contruction of sentences and todo! so pat yourself on the back! Keep it up.  And I like when you write me in spanish.  I feel super connected and am always up for the challenge! :)

First of all, in case you did not know, I want to make sure you know that I AM HAPPY!!! Just like the song...
After me second week here, one day, my district leader asked me, Why the freak are you so happy? I remember the awful first transfer, and here you are just killing it and smiling and laughing and adding to every conversation! How the heck?  --- But it is true.  I am  loving it here and embracing every moment.  I am so happy and there just is no other way to describe it! HAPPINESS! Of course there are hard days, but I have gotten really good at gratitude prayers.  After we recognize all the good that we have, suddenly the tiny annoyances or frustrations don´t seem to matter.  All is well and I have a smile on my face!

Food- look up lomo! and pizza especial. y fideos.  The normal meals here.  Plus there is coke, and some granola bars that taste just like fiber one bars but better! Imma be swolll - or fat.  haha come what may!

On to the crazy week! 
Well, I first will just say that I am so happy to be back in Bell Ville.  In Córdoba, the offices lost one of my papers, so I had to stay for two and a half days rather than just 1/2 day.  Talk about frustrating.  We just sat around and waited doing nothing a lot of the time.  It feels so good to be back, and to be able to take care of our investigators again!  I love Córdoba, but it is a crazy big city.  It is so much nicer to be in this cute little town where everyone knows everyone and where I feel at home.  Hermana González has been here for 6 months already, so with the transfers this week, we are not sure what will happen.  We really love each other, and I want her to stay, yet she is ready to leave.  Kind of like the situation with Sister Alrecthsen.  We will see!

THIS WEEK I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M*. A*., the cutie old man who can barely pray and always accepts commitments with "si, ¿como no?".  The one who bought church pants, not only for him, but the recent convert that refered us to him too! The Miguel Angel who the first lesson said, I don´t need to pray about this, I already know it is true because I feel so good right now.  That M* A*!  We are so excited for him, and for all of our investigators who will be able to attend the service.  Many we are teaching right now have fears of how it all works out, so will this service on saturday, the miracles will start flowing!

ok, not much time left because of the craziness of our "vacation" in córdoba.  A little story about H* and C*.  We met these two (mom and son of 30 yrs) while we were searching for a menos activo.  they are the neighbors.  We clapped at their door, and out comes C*, fat beer belly with no shirt and all!!!  We entered his house hesitantly, he put on a shirt and we taught them both! He knows so much about our church and even knows about the mountain in utah with all the records! They are so kind and giving, and they want to learn more.  They are protective of us and drive us home at night, but we lied and told them the wrong address so that they don´t know where we truly live!  haa.  Also, on sunday they had us over for lunch.  I HAVE NEVER EATEN SO MUCH IN MY LIFE! It literally hurt.  My stomach bulged and all.  EVEN more than the tin foil dinner in lake powell if tammy can believe it.  But we had 6 plates each of spaghetti that she had freshly made that morning for us because she is from italy and it was. so. good.  holy cow! But she wouldn´t let us leave till we ate it all.  

Not much time left! Things are crazy here and we are working hard! it is weird to think that this coming week, and I won´t be the babies of the mission anymore! We are getting over 30 more missionaries this week in our mission! When I came there were only 6 of us! trabaja a full!  stats of the mish- about 250 missionaries, and only 30 sisters! girl power! haha joke!

Know I love you so dearly and you each are in every one of my prayers.  Also, any thing on the gender of alli´s baby????? Tell me it all! 

I am loving life here.  Soy argentino, es un sentimiento! - haha that is a song that we sing here.  Also, look upaxel, afinidad.  My favorite song here!, besides when we sing behold a royal army every week.  Instead of saying victory, we sing BAUTISAR, buatisar .......bautisar bautisr por cristo rey jesus, encontrar, enseñar y bautisar por cristo rey Jesus... jesus :=)

Working hard and loving life! Keep smiling and enjoy the sun while you have it.

also, glad you spoke with gaston.  He is the greatest he is just like one of us.  he has 27 years and is our best friend.  glad yuo liked the video.  it was sooooooo funny we loved it too.  we have seen it over 20 times EASY! every one has crazy funny characters here I lvoe it!
Here is the link to the video of the missionaries at a talent show 

(Letter to the Mission President)
¡Hola Presidente!

This week was crazy being in Córdoba, but we finished the visa work that we had to do and all is well now! This is why we are writing today, rather than yesterday.
Things are going so great.  Hermana González and I have our first baptism together this Saturday and we have been working so hard.  We love the work and are doing all that we can to bring the gospel to those who need it! I love her so much, and we both are a bit nervous about this transfer to see her fate! She continues to teach me so much and we are learning from eachother.

Something that I studied this week really stood out to me.  As I was reading in Helaman 15, I was suprised to read that God chastens people -- but it is all because of his love for us.  At first it didn´t quite make sense to me.  Then as I applied it to my week, I learned something very valuable with the help of the spirit.  This week had been kind of rough for me because it seemed that every flaw I have was being testing, and all my imperfections were coming to the surface.  There were even some weaknesses that I learned of that I didn´t know I had.  It had been tough on me but I could not really pin point was it was that was bothering me.  However, today I feel comforted and motivated to do Christ´s work.  Even though there were moments of corrections, and many mistakes, the frustration and offendings turned into learning opportunites.  At first, I was selfish and defensive, yet after reading this scripture, I can see with a clearer heart.  

God chastens because he loves us.  He does not want us to suffer.  It is why we have the Atonement.  For the opportunity to change and become more like Christ with each day.  It has all already been suffered, why would we bring more pain and suffering on ourselves?  It isn´t fair, and the love is so real.  Through this love, we don´t have to suffer.  We suffer when we choose to sin or ignore the spirit.  Yet, again and again, God call us to repentance in remembrance of His son.  He rebukes us in hopes of us quickly changing and escaping the suffereings we bring upon ourselves with the temptations of the devil.  Again, Christ suffered all things.  The price has been paid.  He doesn´t want us to pay for it too.

When we come unto Christ, it is not easy.  As we study more about him, and his perfection, we realize the things we can change and recognize the weakness of our mortality.  When life is tough and we see what to change in our lives, it is because we are coming closer to Christ and relying on Him.  We are humbling ourselves, changing and using his power.  Through him we are strengthened.  Yet, it takes faith and humility.  This is true repentance and as Alma said, It is so joyous and full of love.  

I love being able to share this message with the people every hour of every day and live my testimony! Thank you for this great opportunity.  All is well and we are loving the tasks thrown at us here in Bell Ville!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

 Please NO!
 The coke is better here.
 At the mexican embassy.  Sombreros are mandatory :)
 Mission office
 Buying frienship necklaces in case she gets transferred.
 Great to see Hermana Romeril again.
 The Temple

Week 4 - Bell Ville July 28th 2014

Hola family! 

(Letter to president)
What a wonderful week! It was such a blessing to have had an interview with you and to recieve your guidance and direction.  I love the people here and I Lord my Master Christ.  Now I just want to see them doing all they can to strengthen their relationships with Him as well.  Thanks for your advice and confidence for us missionaries.  We can feel your power and we are working hard to do the work.  

This week I have been studying in the Book of Mormon.  I love that inspired book! I am studying in Helaman, and I am getting excited because the time for Christ to come is just around the corner.  I love to imagine that right now is only 30 years before the next coming of Christ and relate their stories to our lives today.  One of my favorite verses in Helaman 5 is 6 and 7.  I love that Nephi and Lehi have been named after their valient forefathers.  I too, am named after my grandmothers- both great women.  I love to think of them and continue their honor and legacy.  But what I love most is that we each have taken upon us the name of Christ at baptism.  We have his name with us always to remember him, his works, and his love.  Right now we missionaries have the privledge to constantly wear his name for others to see.  We represent him and He is always with us.  It is the best feeling in the world! 

Things are so great with the area.  After working a day with Hermana Perez, I can see her example and realize how blessed we are.  We witness miracles every single day.  I know this is the work!

Man, I love President Alliaud (alli-o)  Like people say.  Some are called to a mission, other to a people, and some to a mission president.  I believe I am lucky enough to have been called to all three! I am loving it here and the power of the work is so motivating!  

I was able to go on exchanges with on of the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Perez-from Buenos Aires-  She finishes her mission at this next transfer August 11th.  She is the perfect role model! Seriously.  I was so nervous before she came because I felt like we would not be able to communicate well together, and that I would be tested for my report to the president.  However, It was a day of MIRACLES! We ran into someone on the street and started talking with her.  This contact named Alicia said, "I know who you are, you are missionaries for that wonderful church with the sweet old man! I love your prophet President Monson, and I watch every General Conference...."....... Did you read that??? This lady, not only knows who we are, but konws the name of our latter day prophet, loves him, and looks forward to hearing his counsel every six months! We were floored.  She works a lot, so we need to find a time where we can teach her and get her in the water for eternity!!!  There are people who are prepared.  This last week, we had 16 new investigadors (4x the week before) and we have 6 baptismal dates, and teaching two families.  We are busy and there is a lot to do!

We run into the Jehovah Witnesses all the time.  They tell us of the success they are having, so we decided to give it a try.  We are currently working on projecto testigos.  Each sunday, we combine for sunday school hour and we are training the members on how to be missionaries.  We taught them the plan of salvation, next week we will teach them how to teach it, then we will practice, Then THEY WILL TEACH- to less actives, to their friends and all of Argentina!  Because we have so many who have left, we hope that as the members enter their homes, they can build relationships over spiritual messages and testimony.  Hopefully by us teaching in a mass, like the JWs, we can have success and bring many back to the preisthood ordinances available only through church attendance, such as the sacrament, the temple, tithing, and so much more.

I love to teach people about the temple.  It is my favorite place in the world.  I wish I could live there! In fact, my favorite part of every day is when I get out of that awful shower, I put on my sacred garments and remember it all.  I soak it in.  Even though I am often lost with what is going on around me, and I feel like I don´t fit in, I always remember each morning.  I BELONG to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.  I know who I am.  I know God´s plan.  I´ll follow him in faith.  I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ I´ll honor His name.  I´ll do what is right, I´ll follow His light, His truth I will proclaim!--- This gospel is for all and they can feel this comfort in knowing that they belong.  They belong with God and they have countless blessings to claim.  

One of my favorite investigators right now is a sweet 75 yr old angel named Miguel Angel.  He wants it all.  He hardly talks, but he is doing what he can to get to his baptismal date.  He waits outside his house, 40 minutes before church so that we can accompany him.  He BOUGHT church clothes! NO ONE does that.  He is so sweet.  However, bless his heart, his first prayer was rough and he didn´t quite understand.  He wants to do everything perfect so he said exactly the steps we had written for him on the paper.  "pasos por oracion.  numero uno, Padre celestial, numero dos, te doy gracias por, numero tres, te pido por, numero cuatro, en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen"  It was so sincere even though he didn´t say anything from his heart, yet you could feel the spirit and his desire to do what is right! I hope he truly understands all that we have to offer!

The pictures- with my comp (my trainer) and her Trainer- entonces, Abuela, hija and yo!  It was fun to get to konw my family!

Also, the other is a sweet recent convert.  The younger one is not a member, but her daughter.  They are moving this week, so we had to get a pic! I love M*a and S*e so much! In our last lesson with M*, we asked her to bear her testimony of Christ.  It was crazy spiritual.  At the end she grabbed my hand and said, Mi amor, gracias!  she went on and expressed her thanks for all that we had done for her in her life.  She said, through the tears, that she waits for the day when we can hug in the celestial Kingdom and she can say thanks for reals. My heart! It is moments like this that it is all worth it.  It is when the gratitude is expressed.  we missionaries work our butts off everyday!! To be thanked was such a blessing in my life.  Even though I was not the one to teach her or baptize her, she is my dear friend and I love her so much.  This is the goal.  To let others see their divine potential and live a worthy life.  ah. I love it.

When Hermana Perez was with me, she said, pointing to her torn up boots, "I want to return with honor to my family Hermana Woolley.  Do you want to know how you can? Return to your pension each night with honor, and you will return home with honor too!"  Think of that.  Each night, come home and pray to God with honor in the way you lived your day.  It is the same for a missionary as it is for the world.  We want to return to God in honor, so everyday we should end with him and achieve his honor.

I don´t have much time left.  Mr downs would probably be so embarrassed by reading my letters because they are so scatter brained and awful organization, but ni importa.  I love it here and all is well!

Tell Brother Bawden thank you for sharing his talent with me.  Every morning I listen to his CD and feel the spirit.  He is an angel doing God´s work here in Argentina. Let him know that.  

Have a blast in Lake Powell, Be safe, and only do things that are honorable to God.  Praying for you.  Love you!

Hermana Woolley

PS: next week for Pday we are going to Cordoba for my companions visa work.  Not sure if we will have time to write a letter, so don´t think I died if you don´t hear from me.  Also, tell grandpa L that there is not a mcdonalds, we have supermarkets, and 1 liter of milk is about 9 pesos (just over one dollar at this moment) I can´t remember what else he asked.  I love you! Keep up the work. Be missionaries.  Read the Book of Mormon, and Preach my Gospel, you ward missionary parents of mine- and Pray.  And the temple.  Go 3,000 times for me. also, tyler, do the names I left you. I looked it up and saw that you haven´t done them yet.  COME ON! They want salvation!-- oh and tradition, I love the food :), so much pasta, pizza, and bread my stomach will explode.  Luckily no crazy dog stories to report.  

I dream of the day we will hug again! My eternal family!   
Recent Convert
Trainee, Trainer, Trainers trainer  (granddaughter, daughter, grandma)