Monday, July 13, 2015

Transfer Week 18 - Rio Tercero - July 13, 2015

Hola Fam!  

Bueno, Im sure dad has already called and informed the whole ward , and extended family member, maybe even the prophet himself that I have been transferred!!!(since I sent him a quick email this morning telling him I may not be able to write today due to the transfer and he then researched everything about my area and figured out my comp's name etc before I could write now and tell you about it) I am now serving as a Sister Training Leader in Nueva Cordoba with Hermana Humacata (de Rio Negro Argentina).

It is capital. Captial. Centro of Cordoba.   It should be a different experience.  I am exicted but a little nervous as well.  There are so many tall building and noise and movement.  How in the world?  It is situated right next to the univeristy so our ward is full of YSA students.  The average attendance is 90. That should be nice to see.

Surprise... Hna Solar was also transferred!!! They put elders in Rio Tercero and kicked us out! We were super sad to leave everything behind.  The members, P*o, the bikes, the tranquilidad, the super nice pension.  the companionship.  We were a happy two together.  

But I have quickly learned that changes are necessary.  And they often come right when the best things are happening.  Thank goodness we are good missionaries and we had the Area book updated! jaja :)  Now we just hope that the elders follow our plans that we drew out on the calendar, and that they enjoy the kilo of ice ceram we accidentally left them in the freezer.  bummer dude.  

TEMPLE TUESDAY!!!  You will never believe it.  Tomorrow I will take part in moms weekly temple tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bueno.  One pro of being here in Cordoba is that we can attend the temple! Once a transfer, so obviously we are going to go tomorrow, the first day possible!  Hna Dennis is in a trio with us until wednesday because she is waiting for her companion to arrive from the MTC.  Hna dennis will be training.  SO, she is in La rioja.  Really far.  So she asked speacil permission to go to the temple while she is here in the city. And obvio her 2 comps have to go with her.  SO TOMORROW WE WILL ENTER THE NEWLY DEDICATED TEMPLE!!!   This means that the next pday we will have shortened time, but I should still be able to get a quick email in.  If not, you will know why.  

As a leader here, I will be able to visit Bell Ville for exchanges!!! Unless some things change around! But I guess you could say I am excited!  

This week I was reading from Jesus the Christ.  One quick spiritaul note that stuck out to me was the fact when it explains that Jesus literally CHOSE to give his life.  Christ loves us so much and we have such a great message to share.  Christ lives and loves us.  It is wonderful to me. (when Hna Solar and I couldnt sleep at night, we sang together "the wonderful song" [a title for I Stand All Amazed that my little cousin Jackson gave it] in the dark until we dozed off.  Two nights ago, the spirit yet again testified to me that it is real.  My tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt his love and protection in that moment.  Luckliy it was in the dark so nobody saw my ugly cry, but it filled me to the fullest.
"What other man has lived with power to withstand death, over whom death could not prevail except through his own submission? Yet Jesus Christ could not be slain until His “hour had come,” and that, the hour in which He voluntarily surrendered His life, and permitted His own decease through an act of will. Born of a mortal mother He inherited the capacity to die;begotten by an immortal Sire He possessed as a heritage the power to withstand death indefinitely. He literally gave up His life; to this effect is His own affirmation: “Therefore doth my Father love me,because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.”q And further: “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.”r Only such a One could conquer death; in none but Jesus the Christ was realized this requisite condition of a Redeemer of the world."

I love you all and wish you the greatest of weeks!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

 Hurrah for Israel!

Hello President,

Well.  Wow.   Transfers again.  It is crazy how fast time passes.  I am very happy to be in Nueva Cordoba with Sister Humacata.

I enjoyed my time with Sister Solar, and learned a lot from her training.  I am grateful for all of the opportunities to grow and progress in this life.  The truth is that I am humbled by your confidence.  Thank you.  I really try to be my best and develop and I see that I am doing it.  Obviously I still have a lot to do, but our Savior is so merciful in giving us challenges, assignements and an elevated dedication.

Often it is normal to think that when things are difficult, we can rest because God understands.  However, He expects our best always.   I recently heard that Sister Romeril and her going home.  I was sad because she helped me a lot and is a great support.  Nevertheless, it makes me think a lot about the preparation that we do every day.  It would be terrible to go home unprepared.  Same with the mission area plan.  It would be horrible if it was not done and all of the sudden two new missionaries are transferred into an area.  Like Alma explained, what horror to arrive at the feet of the Lord without making any change or progress in this life.  In conclusion, we need the atonement in order to avoid that feeling of guilt and pain.   We need to change and strengthen ourselved every day in order to arrive with all of the peace in the moment he calls us.  And the great Atonement makes it possible.

I hope that in this capacity that I can help the Sisters make those changes and that they want to see in their missions.    Be better teachers, companions, students and so on.   I am going to work my best to be obedient and diligent so that I can give all to the Lord and return to his presence with honor and emotion.

Thanks for everything.  Know that I will give my best effort to support and help in this work.

Sister Woolley

the goodbyes, the comps, and the wounded knees from praying so long jaja joke.  Really it was becuase I chased after a soccer ball in my skirt, and fell on the ground.  The ward at the activity got a pretty good laugh. Its ok. I did too. But now it does hurt a little to kneel and pray. jaja.  

 New companion Hna. Humacata and Hna Dennis

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