Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 14 - Rio Tercero - June 15, 2015


You have no idea what a great day it was yesterday.  

In this week we have had Zone reunions and Interviews with the President and his assistents (One of which is my long distint cousins!!! Elder Caten.  His 3rd abuelo is Edwin Dilworth Woolley... it was super funny in the interview becuase he randomly just says, Hermana Woolley.. I think we are family.  I have a grandpa named Edwin Dilwayne Woolley.  I said Dilworth???? haha we laughed and looked it up.  Sure enough we are family! His line follows the daughter who married a Rust.  He said that in his family history it tells the story that out of the 240 decendents of his Rust Woolley grandmother- 220 are completely active and worthy members of the church.  It was even weirder becuase when I asked where he lives, he lives about 20 minuets outside of nashville.  we were dying as I told him that my parents were all in nashville that very week.  Small world.)

Sorry I dont have much time... this week I was writing a lot of my friends.  Forgive me?  

Bueno. Back to A*!  We invited him to church about 7 times in the week.  Saturday night we told him to not go to the bar, but to go to sleep so that he could go to church.  The next 13 hours, I said more prayers than ever.  Each one specifically asking for a miracle in A*.  

The next morning as I was leading the opening song in Gospel principals, he walked in.  We were so stunned adn excited that we had the nervous giggles.  He came for the last two hours, because the member that was going to accompany him slept in, but he was ready at 9.  Frustrating... but hey-- HE CAME!  We talked about agency and choosing to follow and accept the lord in our lives.  He kept looking at us and saying, "I´m content here!"

Then we went to sacrament meeting and he began to cry as we sang the sacrament hymn!!!!!  He sat there and read un monton de himnos during the whole meeting.  I also loved it because it woke up the members to have an investigator at church.  He was greeted by the whole ward!!!!  Each one asked how he felt, and the speakers gave their testimonies of the simple truths of the gospel and the restoration.  

At one point in the meeting, as I sat behind the always... I saw that he was looking up at the ceiling.  I thought, "oh great, he is thinking `how much longer^`, but no, his sight was fixed in something.  At the end of the meeting, while he was thanking a speaker, he told her that he has never felt so much peace and tranquilidad in his life.  He didn´t feel like leaving when the meetings ended.  The sister invited him to read the Book of MOrmon, and he accepted.  Also turns out that he knows the Elders quorum President.  MIRACLE!!!!  

Although his friend (Recent Convert) introduced us to A*, he is not acted the way he should.  So thank goodness now he knows other members and that he has so much more potential to progress. 

Sorry I am writing so fast!!!

Later we ate lunch with him and his family.

As we were planning later in the day, the zone leaders called us and congratulated us!  They said that as they had their interviews with the assistentes, The elders commented that Rio III has not had a baptizm in over 6 months, but that they feel and know that Hna Solar and I will have the next baptism.  We will be the companionship to change the area for the better.  They were so exstatic and truly helped us.

I guess you could say we are more than excited too.

A* has a lot of changes to make, but we feel that he can prepare and be baptized the 27 of June.  Pray and fast for him!!!

In the week we also painted a house for service!!!!

All in all, we are happy and we are well.

Love you all.

Con amor, 
Hurrah for Israel
Hermana Woolley

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