Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 22 - Bell Ville - Dec. 1, 2014

Wow, How quick the time can go! I have a lot of things to write this week and only 22 mins left! I hope I can get all the miracles in.  

FIRST THINGS FIRST! LAURA I LOVE YOU AND I HAVE A LOVE SLASH HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! I am so proud of you for choosing to serve.  It is the best of times really! But now I have to wait more time to see you! Its ok, its for the Lord :) Love you! EMAIL ME THE SECOND YOU OPEN YOUR little WHITE ENVELOPE WITH YOUR FUTURE INSIDE!!!!!

Next, Sorry I told you the wrong website last week. It is He is the Gift. Discover it and Share it.

I am very excited for Christmas and the new initiative.  I know we will have success.  This is the work of God and no one can stop it.  Hurrah for Israel.

Also, packages update! Call Hna Morris (from MTC) mom, she has sent various packages

Also, Hna Karina Hill comes home in 2 weeks. Set up an FHE with her please! She wants to meet you and I want you to meet her! She is so great!.....She probs will go to Colorado for teh holidays then she is coming to BYU for winter.  take good care of her.

What a good week!  Even though we were in the apartment for some time due to my companions health, we saw miracles, found more people, extended date challenges and spoke with everyone.
This transfer has been difficult at times with Sister Vela and me, but I can now say that I have learned more than I though possible.  We did not teach much during her surgery/recovery, and I was a little discouraged.  But now I can see that there is always something to do in God’s work.  I can be care for, love, and serve your companion.  We don’t need millions of people to teach to fulfill our purpose. 

OKKKKKK Now the good stuff.  Thanksgiving day was such a great day!  We ate an asado (BBQ argentina style) and we were literally ¨stuffed¨.  Also, I. ate. blood. sausage.  yuck.  I just pretended like it was stuffing with cranberry sauce.  It actually was not that bad until you think about what you are eating.  Blood oozing around your plate.  delicious..... We also ate a kilo of ice cream so can´t complain!

One quick story, we were talking with some of our investigators M* y S*.  As we taught about Joseph Smith, she was in awe.  Then we whipped out the BOM.  Bad idea? She flipped.  haha we didn´t know what to do (I was on exchanges with Hna Gonzalez) We kept trying to wxplain the logistics of the book and how she can know for herself that it is true.  But she said time and time again that she had her Bible.  I was so frustrated and I felt a little uncomfortable so out of desparation, I bore my testimony to wrap things up. I spoke with boldness and power and testified that it would change her life. I treasure that book so dearly.  We read her a scripture, 2 Nefi 22:2.  Her attitude completely changed and she immediately asked if she could borrow a copy of the book. When we gave her own copy as a gift, she was thrilled. She promised to read it.  I can´t explain how cool of an experience it was.  Yes, we can know that this is the truth by thinking logically, but the more important part is the testimony.  The Spirit is the power behind this work.  

Also big news of thw week! C*r went to the TEMPLE!!!!! He went to Buenos Aires!  It was such a rewarding feeling to see his happiness and excitement for the gospel.  Not only was he baptized.  Not only does he have a calling. NOt only is he paying tithing.  Not only did he buy a suit and cut his hair.  He also made the sacrifice to travel across the country to do baptisms for many he doesn´t know.  On sunday he showed us the things he bought at the distribution center and told us of when he fell in the font after doing so many baptisms.  I am so full of joy.  This is our purpose.  Hna Albretchesen told me the phrase of their mission is to TEACH TO THE TEMPLE! I love it.  C* went to the temple, and is now talking all about the next step of his own endowment.  I can´t explain how full my heart is. This is why Im here.  This is why.  You all know of my testimony of the temple.  To see others experience it, and hear of others bear testimony after their personal endowments this weekend in the Branch, I am reminded of the grander plan.  You are all so lucky.  Dont take advantage of the temple.  Oh what I would do to be able to enter its sacred walls even just to sit in the gardens or waiting room.  It is the house of the Lord and we are fulfilling sacred responsibilites inside.  Unfortunately we still have no news or update on the temple in Cordoba.  We are thinking around April or may, but there is no offical date.  Ill keep you posted, believe me.  

I am on the Lords errand.  Dont you worry about me.  Keep decorating and preparing for Christmas. Yes its true. Its so hot here that luckily Christmas will pass by and I wont even blink or realize what is happening in my life.  I love you all!  

Time to sign off. Over and Out.  Ive been changed for good. (today we watched the wizard of oz with james franco for p day and now Ive been singing wicked all the day long.)

con mucho amor,
Hna Woolley 

PS ask kristen and alec who my team should be. Boca or river. (argentina soccer teams but i have no idea who is better!)

PSS – To answer your question - Next transfers are Dec. 15

bueno. te amo ciao!

Hermanas Hill, Vela, Sanchez and Woolley in transfers with the Sister Missionary Leaders

Hermana Hill.  Her dad and Hermana Woolley's dad have been friends since Elementary School

Lomo Saltado.  A DELICIOUS Peruvian meal.  Hermana Woolley's family at home loves it.

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