Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfer - Week 24 - Bell Ville (Dec 15, 2014)

Wow, family, I barely have any time left, I am so sorry that I have to cut this email short, y justo cuando (just when) I have so much to say!!!!!

Yes, its true. Ive been transferred. Now I am in Carlos Paz.... TRAINING!!!! Im still a baby in the mission! All the other trainers have over 11 months in the mission and Im like. uh,. hi.... I have less than 7 and still can get so lost! It is crazy because I am lost here in Carlos Paz, and now I have the responsibility to show my companion around and be a responsible leader.  When we got the transfers call on saturday, the ZL said, "Bueno, Hermana Woolley se va a entrenar en Sion!" I thought it was a joke.  Hermana Woolley is going to train in Zion? that sounds like a joke right???? haha. But the ward here in Carlos Paz is called Sion,so it reall wasnt a joke.... But I am excited. Nervous, but excited.  My companion is Hermana Perry from West Virginia.  She has 4 months in the mission, 6 weeks in Argentina, and is 19 yrs old.  She still knows minimal spanish,  This puts a little pressure on me, because I am just as new and lost, but all will work out well. We also are living with 2 other sister leaders.  Thank Goodness. I love Hna Mathews and Hna Cornejo.  It will be a great transfer. I amhappy to be here in Carlos Paz. It is the most touristy city in Cordoba (about 30 mins from Cordoba) and has a lot of iniquity.  Lots like Vegas in some ways. THERE ARE MOUNTAINS! hallelujah.  Everything is so green, and the people walk around without clothes. For that reason, there are only sisters here... woopde doo. Hna Gonzalez served here, so I have heard so much about this vacation get away fro teh summer. 

I was sad to leave Bell Ville. I cried. its true.  Please send an email to G* think he sent you the link of the talkent show last time) and thankhim for taking care of me in every way.  Also, we had another talent show. It was the bomb.  Maybe he has a video of what we did this time.  We are so funny I cant get over it. 

 Hna Vela is staying in Bell Ville with a mini missionary. I wish the best for her.  We became really close and I know I am going to miss her tons.

This week I am amazed at the confidence of the our FAther in HEaven.  Ya, maybe Im a bit nervous about this new assignment, since it will be my first time as comp mayor, let alone as trainer!!!.  Yet God is a God of love and trust.  He sent us his son with a nearly impossible mission, yet he humbly came to the earth in his stable and completed his purpose.  I am very humbled to have this chance right now to grow even more in new ways and to be challenged.  I am so excited about the temple, and It only makes me more excited.  The time goes so fast! It will be completed in no time! and I will have had all my skypings with you by the time it is finished! The timejust keeps going faster.

I wish I could write more, and send pohotos, but it will have to be the next week.
I Love You

con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps Jordyn stratton and jennie martin are engaged????? why are you not keeping me updated on these things!!!!!
Ps. Heaven is playng right now by Bryan Adams... thinking of you at home.

Wow another crazy week!  I can’t believe that I am here in a new area and training!  Yes, it scares me a little, but like you told me, God has a lot of confidence in me, so I am motivated to give my best effort always.
I was sad to leave Bell Ville after 6 months, but, it is because I came to love the people so much.  This time is very distinct and unique and I am VERY excited and Very happy.  Especially with the temple dedication!!!
I am sorry but I don’t have a lot of time because of travel and all.  But, I want you to know that I am going to work hard with everything that I have to satisfy my God and train my companion, I am excited to be here and humbled by the opportunity.  Like I said, I know that God trusts me and it is something very special to realize.   Thank you too for your revelation and confidence in me.  It is a privilege to work with you and your family.
I love you all,
Sister Woolley

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