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Week 1 - Carlos Paz - Dec 23, 2014

(sorry we were in cordoba for the conferencia de navidad (Christmas conference) all day yesterday.  and.... you’re gonna hate me but I do not know what hour I will be skyping just quite yet... its super hard to find a member who is willing, and because the church doesn’t have internet, we are still searching a place that will be open.  I will let you know before then.  Don’t you fret.)

Familia. Te amo de verdad.  (I really love you)  No puedo creer que en T ( I can’t believe that in)- 2 days I will be able to speak with you face to face! Woo Hoo!!! Like I said in my other letter, We are not sure on the Skyping time just yet, but I will let you know in time.  There is a 4 hour difference between us, and I am guessing that it would be close to around 3 o clock here, so about 11 am there.... but I will let you know for sure.  I am excited to talk to you and just hear your voices again! I hope that it all works out ok.  But, have no fear, dad sent me with a camera and a microphone, so all the other hermanas are jealous that I should be able to call si o si (one way or another)!!!!!

bueno, I wish I could send you the wonderful fotos I took this week, but I think that there is a virus on my sd card, because it wont let me open it on the computer.  Im sorry.  I will see what I can do, so that I can send you the pics when I can of this beautiful place, and the fun we had together in Cordoba yesterday!!!

Carlos Paz.  So pretty.  There are MOUNTAINS! and LAKES!!! and I just love it.  The only downfall is that it is such a big city that we have to take public transportation everywhere which is expensive, and confusing and we are ALWAYS lost, or on the wrong collective (microbus), or something.  At first I was a bit frustrated because of all of the time and money that we are losing, but now we are just trying to enjoy the hard times too.  

Hna Perry is my comp.  She is shy.   She plays the flute, and LOVES slash worships David Archuleta.  She is 19 and from West Virginia.   He told me that God trusts in me enough to help her.  If I cant trust in myself to train her, I should trust in God.  It was so simple what he said, but it really hit me.  Also, he said that I was called as a missionary, and as a trainer in this moment for a reason.  I dont have to be extrodinary.  I just have to be myself.  These words really encouraged me.  It is like my farewell talk all over again.  Whatever I have to offer, is enough, and with the Atonement of Christ, we are able to do things that we did not know was possible.  Christ lives.  Lo se.  I am so honored to be part of his work and I am learning so much.  e mission.  Also, my new DL told me that my biggest convert in the mission should be my companions.  I am nervous, but excited for the challenges that are up ahead in this time that Hna Perry and I have together.  We cry alot together, and we talk about her feelings, but things are improving each day.  Please pray extra hard for her.

This week I also read a talk called Becoming a Consecrated Missionary by Tadd R Callister if I am not mistaken.  It talks about the orgin of "Hurrah for Isreal" phrase.  Read it!! I dont have time to explain it.  One quote that he says is "I do not think the Lord expectse immediate perfection of us, but I do believe that he expects immediate progress and with that progress comes consecration."

Do all you can in this week to progress closer to the Savior and DISCOVER THE GIFT of Christ in your lives.  I still cry everytime I see that He is the Gift Video, for different reasons.  But, the greatest gift you could give me in this time would be to "seek this Jesus" aun mas en sus vidas.  

I know He lives.  He is my Savior.  He is the Gift.  Let us be changed through Him.  Conocimiento no lleva a la arrepentimiento... es la fe.  (knowledge does not lead to repentance … it is faith)  Have faith in Him, and trust in his Atonement.  

I love you all, and I cant wait to update you more on the stories of Carlos PAz THURSDAY!!!!!

Feliz Navidad y un buen prospero ano!   (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

Hurrah For Isreal!

con amor, 
Hermana Woolley

Hello President!  Merry Christmas!

Thanks for everything yesterday.  It was REALLY fun and spiritual.  I know that I will never forgt this Christmas in the mission field.

I am doing great.   I am still getting to know this area.   It is a little difficult, because Sis Perry doesn’t know the area very well either, so we are always getting lost and asking for help.  But, because of this, we are getting to know more people, and speaking with more people too.   This week I have felt a little weird.  Probably because I am in a new area with 3 new sisters and a big change.   But like I told you last week, I am humbled and excited for the challenges and opportunities that Carlos Pas has for me and my personal growth.   I miss Bell Ville but I love Carlos Paz!

Well, we have some investigators and they are well.  K* is afraid to accept a goal, but she knows the book of Mormon is true.   We have a French  Book of Mormon to F*, our investigator from Africa.   There are not coincidences in the mission field.  Someone gave me a French Book of Mormon in my last area as a joke, when I got here, it was perfect.  Miracles in Carlos Paz.   Now he can read the book in his native language and feel its power.   We are excited for the progress the we see in the people.

Merry Christmas.  I love you and pray to Heavenly Father for your safety, health and protection of your family every day.  Thanks for the gift and for everything you do for me.

Happy Holidays,
With Love,
Hermana Woolley

Hola Presidente! Feliz Navidad!

Gracias por todo ayer.  Era TAN divertido, y espiritual. Yo se que nunca voy a olvidar esta Navidad en la misión.  
Yo estoy de diez.  Todavía estoy conociendo la área.  Es un poco difícil, porque Hna Perry no conoce la área muy bien tampoco, entonces siempre estamos perdidas y preguntando por ayuda.  Pero, por eso, conocimos mas personas, y hablábamos con mas personas también.  En esta semana, he sentido un poco rara.  Probablemente porque estoy en un nueva área con 3 nueva hermanas y es un cambio muy grande.  Pero como dije la ultima semana, estoy humilde y animada por las desafíos y oportunidades que Carlos Paz tiene por mi y mi crecimiento.   Extraño a Bell Ville, pero me gusta Carlos Paz!

Bueno, tenemos algunos investigadores que están muy bien.  K* tiene miedo de aceptar un compromiso, pero sabe que El Libro de Mormón es verdadero.  Dimos un Libro de Mormón en Francais a F*, nuestro investigador de África.  No hay casualidades en la obra misional.  Alguien me dio el libro en francais en mi ultima área como una broma, y cuando llegue, era perfecto.  Milagros en Carlos Paz.  Ahora el puede leerlo en su primero idioma y sentir del poder.  Estamos animadas por el progreso que vemos en todas las personas.  

Feliz Navidad.  Le quiero mucho y ruego a mi Padre Celestial por la seguridad, salud, y protección de su familia cada día. Gracias por el regalo y por todo que hace por mi.

Feliz Fiestas.
Con amor,
Hermana Woolley 

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