Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 23 - Bell Ville - Dec 8, 2014

Where to begin? Sorry Im not ging to have a lot of time to write toda.  Today is the day of the virgin so everyhthing has shorter hours, and we are at the sucky cyber.   The culture here is muy distincta (very unique)

I love you all! I cant believe we will be skying so soon.  I am having panic attacks of what I will say.  Write out quiestions or something.  I probs will have a lot to say about a new area y comp.... I am guessing I will be transferred this monday.  I guess I am ready for a change, but nervous of the unknown and having to pack up all my bags.  And travel with my bags... WHAT A PAIN!  I find out on Sat. and will move on Monday if anything happens.   Hna Hill goes home this Wed.

KACI HOME! I can´t believe how fast the time flies.  Next week my zone leader comes home to SLC.  He has been with me in Bell Ville for the past 12 weeks making contact every day. Look him up. Jose Valdez.  

Bueno, this week has been one of my favorite weeks in the mission.  It was the FIRST full week of working with Hna Vela.  Due to a sickness or some other reason, we have always been cut short on time or she has been unable to lift herself from the bed.  In this time we were sure to work our hardest, and it paid off.  The Lord always ALWAYS fulfills his promises when we do our part.
Ok, you can read the verdict of P* in the letter to the president.(below) But this new family we are teaching is so great! We found them in the beginning of the week, and have taught them many times since.  The very first lesson we gave was THE WORST LESSON OF MY LIFE! I literally could not speak Spanish.  I forgot all the words, conjegations, and even the docrtinal points.  My companion too was really frazzled.  After butchering the spirit, we finally escaped from the lesson, and talked it out.  We realized that there are things that we needed to change between us, between the Lord, and how we were working in the obra (work).  The miracles flew from there!
We recovered after the awful lesson, and they invited us back again. We invited them to church, and when we passed by Sunday morning, let me tell you.... there was a storm a brewing!!! We were praying the whole way walking to their house that they would be ready, and willing to come to the church still.  When we arrived, they weren´´t ready.-. classic argentines.  But they wanted us to wait for them to get ready.  Justo when we about to leave, it started pouring.  You fools in the states dont know pouring.  The mom started freaking out because they are so poor, and didn´t want the house to flood, and came to the conclusion that she would go alone and leave the kids behind.  They started crying and said "but we want to go to church!!!"  So, we offered to call and pay for remis (taxis), we piled in 2 hnas, 1mom and 6 kids (2 blonde twins) and we went to church! They loved it and we were so happy they were there.  Because of the storm, it cut the luz in the chapel and the town.  Well, at least we know that there first experience at the church will be unforgettable.  WE have high hopes for them,
WE are also teaching a girl who just entered into the church and asked to be study with us.  There are miracles happening!
Today for pday we had a water ballon fight with the zone, white elephant girts, and secret santa! It was a blast. I cant believe the holidays are here.
Well my times up!
I love you all!
Until next week!
Hurrah for Israel
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

Wow! A week goes by so fast!  Well, this week it was hot!  It was the first time in my mission (an my life) that I showered in cold water … on purpose?  I am excited to be here for Christmas and summer!  Ha-

Our investigators are good.  The investigator that I talked to you about in the phone call, really does not have the ability and capacity of an 8 year old.  We have come to this conclusion after her interview with the DL.  We have also spoken with the local leaders.   If she continues, and comes to church for a significant amount of time, we can continue and if she still wants, we can baptize her later according to her desires.  We have not stopped working with her, it is just not our priority now.

We are also working with a family!!!  Some of them came to church this Sunday (1 mother and 6 children) even though it was raining pretty bad!  We are excited to see how it goes with them and set a date!  

Our converts have callings and almost all of the new member lessons.
And one less active 20 year old member “had desire to come to church”.  We are motivated because we can see miracles in each phase of the work of the Lord!

I don’t know why, but I am always a little nervous with every new contact.  I don’t want it to be my fault that anyone thinks bad things about the church or the missionaries.  Nevertheless, Sister Vela and I have practiced contacting a lot so that we can see the miracles that are awaiting us.  Especially in this very special month and with the new  “He is the Gift” initiative!  With every real and practical goal we are getting stronger each day.

We are well.  Thank you for everything.  I have seen the changes in myself and I am progressing each day with the help of the Lord and my companion.
With Love,
Sister Woolley

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