Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 21 - Bell Ville - November 23, 2014

Wow folks, 

wow.  thanks you jerks!!! I have just been sitting here bawling for your letters! Today is a holiday so the cybers arnt open.  Now we are in a different one, and we couldnt go twice to print, so the letter today might be a little shorteer,,,,,. But you trunky foolllllssss!!! I was just fine on my 6 month mark, but today Ive missed you more than you may ever understand,

We did it!!! Six months have come and gone, and thank goodness that the time will only get faster from here!!!  I am so well and ready for the challenges God has lined up for the next 12 months.  Ive conquered so much already, and it kind of scares me how much I might change when I come home!  It is good though.  God is refining me in this sacred process and blessing me with countless blessings.

This week has been great with many miracles.  It was better this week for sure with the other hermanas gone.  Hna Vela and I were able to really work on our companionship with out the others interfering.

This week we went to Cordoba for a Joined zone conference! CAN I JUST TELL YOU THAT THE TIME IS SO CLOSE!!! the savior is on his way and the lord is preparing the way right now.  There is a huge porject that the church is putting out this week!!!!!! it is called HE IS THE GIFT!! look it up on tomorrow (I think it will be opening tomorrow the website).  We are going to be given a quota of 10 specific pass along cards each missionary around the world to spread the good news of Christs birth.  10 cards per missionary per week.  We have a billboard lined up in times square, the heading in youtube and so much more.  URGENCY!! we are going to be spreading the word like wildfire! You have no idea how strong I felt the spirit when they presented this worldwide plan to us missionaries.  I know this is the lords work and that it is so much more than knocking doors, or living with a companion, or learning a language.  This is all for Him, and he is the gift.  He is the reason for my joy and happiness.  He is my savior, master, brother, friend, and so much more.  I love him.  

Thanksgiving... uh doesnt exist hahahaha!  I will be with my trainer on thursday though! So it is kind of like my "family" is getting together for the holidays! Since she is the sister leader, we have exchanges this week! I am super excited to work with her again.

Paola came to church again by herself again this week.  Her baptism is planned for this week, but we will see if that happens because of her learning disability..... still some things to work out there.  But, we found her nieces and are now teaching them as well.  

Know I am well, happy and grateful for all you do for me.  The strength I receive from your letters and prayers makes it all possible.  You are the best and te amo hasta infinito y mas alla. 

Hermana Woolley

Hurrah for Isreal!

PS 1 YA! someone said Malcreada (spanish slang for rotten kid or the like) this week, and I couldnt hold back the tears (remember that you said it was my middle name dad?).  I just cried and it triggered so many memories It was pretty funny :)

PS 2 hunger games! How cool! haHA a member here told us all about it and even showed us the song that she sings to get everyone pumped up for the war.  too funny.  Im glad Ive forgotten about all the world y things.

 Six Month Postre (cake/dessert)  in my face yum.


 Hermanas doing my nails.

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