Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 2 - Carlos Paz - Dec 29, 2014

HOla Feliz Fiestas! 

It was so good to talk to you all this week!  It really was a lift up to see you all.  Its true that its a bit awkward... but hey, by the end I was explaining my bowel movements just like the good ole days.  (Tyler, I cried in the street reading your farting story) My companion on the other hand did not think it was funny.... eh.  Oh well.  I enjoyed it.  

Thank you AVERYS AND MEYERS for the videos. I cried.  Yep.  You are all just too sweet!

Im not really sure what to tell you this week since we literally just chatted away the other day, but I thought I would explain to you a little more about the area that I am in.  Paradis.. oh whoops I spelled that wrong, Carlos Paz.  LIterally this place is GORGEOUS!!! It is basically like Park City.  It is the Summer Getaway.  With windy confusing roads, and yep, you guessed it... killer hills.  My calves EXIST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!  There is nothing quite like walking up a killer hill and literally having your face touching the street in front of you.  My first days here, I would wake up in the night with cramps in my calves that would birth a child.  Now, they are just full of muscle... so clearly the extra poundage is from that, not the food!!!! Phew!  If you do decide to come to pick me up, this would definitely be a place to visit.  They are always people playing in the beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and I just get so jealous.  I am soaking wet from the heat and humidity and sweat anyway, what would it hurt to jump in and swim a little?? jaja.  Look up pictures you will die.  

Its true, the cabins are too cool too!!! Yet, this brings about a problem.  There are always people coming and going.  And the people that we were teaching this week, all dropped us.  Talk about bummer.  Now we are starting over back a zero.  All the people we had now are into their huge working months.  They never have free time.  They are running the hotels, they are driving taxis, they are making bread for all the holidays... its frustrating!!!  Yet, we have faith, and plan to attack all the tourists to give references to the other areas.  

The members here are a little... strange too.  NOBODY WANTS US! haha.  But really.  We didnt find a willing member to skype with you guys until thr morning of Christmas.  So funny story.  There we were in Relief Society with the weekly announcements right.  And then the president says, "SIsters, do you have a place to pass the new year?" we kindly reponded no... Then she said, Sisters, the missionaries dont have a place to pass the holidays, who would like to invite them to their homes?....." cricket en serio.  We sat in silence for a good 3 minutes, just watching the sisters uncomfortablly move in their seats avoiding eye contact.  Finally the President of SOC SOC saved us and cut the silence.  Yep, so long story one offered to take us in. haha.  It was SOOOOO awkward.  pero, ya paso.  

We are teaching someone named Gaston.  Last night he told us he knew the Book of Mormon is true. I was so excited!!!! Now he just needs to accept the invitation to be baptized, and work something out with his boss so that he can come to church!

I am well!
Thank you for your support and prayers... keep them coming! 
I love you!
Happy Holidays!
Hurrah for Israel!
Also, if you are ever having a bad day, read Eter 12. (wise counsel from my dad that paid off this week)

Hurrah for Israel and Keep the Faith!

Con amor, 
Hermana  Woolley

PS. I had a dream about Niall from my BOM class, and Peter too uh weird right? Dont tell anyone hahahaha

also, I want hi chews.

also, did Jose pass by the house yet? I am going to wring his neck! I want you to get your christmas presents

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