Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 3 - Carlos Paz - January 5, 2015

WOW! sorry i havent read your email yet, so i hope the baby wasnt born and i didnt write anything about it. When is peyton due?

I only have 9 minutes to write about a full week of fun! Here goes nothing! Sorry for being scatter brained!

I am loving the mission.  Its hard, dont get me wrong, but I love to see all the tender mercies that God is placing in my path. for example...

1. It is peach season here. peaches and cream for breakfast or peach cobbler. delish.
2- I am now a pro bug squasher.
3. fruit salad and ice cream are the common dessert after lunches with the members. yummy yummy. 

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SPANISH!!  it was exciting. I finished it just in time for the new ano [year], and I loved being able to start it again right away! The book has so much power, and it is full of testimonies of others.  I love being able to add mine vocally each time I teach!

New years. What a blast. Fireworks. Beer without alcohal. gross.  way tired after. and a great asado!  I had exchanges so I was able to just talk with the sister leader in all of my worries and troubles, and she was so kind and listening.  It can be hard, but everyone has told me to rely on my own personal revelation in helping my companion feel more comfortable in the mission.  Sometimes I would just like a thundering answer of what I can do from them, but at the same time, I am learning so much in trusting in my relationship with heavenly Father.  I wrote this to President, but this week I was studying a lot about the covenants I have made.  I was to cumplir [comply] with them in every aspect, and right now I realized that I was not doing that, so now I am working harder on lovin gmy companion and working with her in her difficulties like MOsiah advises.

My companion is like this in 10 words. dog lover, marching band legacy and DAvid Archuleta fanatic. haha I love her, even though we are always listening to David in the pension, or she is a block behind petter a dirty dog... haha

sorry I wish I could write more, but my  time is up!
Sad thing happened today.  I went to put my jeans on and they wont button. yikes.  
Also, this week I accidentally contacted a member, and a JW! I just had so mucho ganas [desire] to do the work. It was funny!
we also went go karting today with the elders and i was the fastest sister! I lapped the other three! WOo hoo! 

I am loving it here and I am happy!
con amor, 
Hermana Woolley

HOw is rachel stratton?

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