Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 13 - Bell Ville- Sept 29 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT PACKER!!!! I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life in the Singles Ward.  Also I hope you are making a lot of half court shots at FHE!  I am grateful for your example in the Church and for your testimony.  Keep it up! I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that you were in my mind this past week for your birthday.  What did you do to celebrate 24 years?

Have a great week Matt, 
Hermana Silly Katelyn the Cutie Girl Woolley :)

ps, I think their might be one picture in Dropbox for this week.  I tried to send videos, but they are creazy big so I cant send them.

Si, as if you couldnt tell from my last letter, this week was a bit of a struggle.  I have never been one for change and with this change, it kind of threw me for a loop.  But I am so grateful for Hermana Vela.  She truly trusts so much in me.  At first I was a little bit stressed because she works differently than Hna Gonzalez.  She later expressed to me her feelings for me and her appreciation and love.  She told me that she had forgotten that I was a brand new missionary and for this had been a little tough on me in demading a lot. Later she congratulated me for how I am working.  She said she had forgotten I was still a newbie because of the dedication I have for the work.  This really solidified our relationship and now I feel a lot more confident in our power of working together.  Things were slow at first, but I am sure the miracles will come.  I am excited to see all that we can do together.

This week I dont have a lot of stories to tell because we had a lot of lessons fall through and a lot of time simply walking in the streets. But not to fear, we sang as we walked and walked and walked and walked..... and walked.  She is trying to learn english so we sing Called to Serve in English in the streets.  Sorry, but I think that I will never be able to sing that song again in English. IT IS SOOOOOOO Much better in Spanish.  Im telling you.  Lo Mejor!..  Pero ni importa.  

Hermana Vela is 22 yrs old.  She is from Peru.  She just finished training my friend from the MTC Sister Julia Morris.  She has almost one yr in the mission.  We are having a lot of fun together, and we eat alot!!! ITS THE BEST!  There is not a lot more to tell about her.... Her parents are converts.  She is the oldest of 2 girls, and her younger sister is starting her mission papers right now.  

Are you listening to the conference talks like I challenged you?

Lo siento, this letter is poopey! But I want to share a spiritual message too, por supuesto!  This week we have been working with Virginia, but her daughter was really sick.  Every single day this week has been a different climate with crazy rains, and wicked heat, entonces, many people are getting sick.  anyways, we have been working with some teenage girls in helping them feel the love of the Lord.  They are investigators named A* and L*.  Pray for them.  They need all the help that they can get!  They literally are not doing anything with their lives right now, (15 and 16 yrs old).  NO school. No jobs.  and they never leave their house.  They really are waht you call "wild child".  They cant feel the love of God in their lives, so this week I was working hard to study for them.

I was overwhelmed with God love as I read John 17:23, D&C 93:1-3, and Alma 34:32.  We can gain a unshakable testimony of Jesus, and God (by actually seeing them), if we do the things in the Scrpitcuee in D&C. Keep the Faith and know god loves us in all things.  

I love you all, those in ut county, and San Jose too :) and all across the country.

You rock my socks off and I let them dangle and shake- fross tyler.

Love you, 
Hermana Woolley 

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