Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 10 Bell Ville - September 8, 2014

Basically... don´t fear! FAMILY! I AM THE PERFECT CHILD AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Not only do I read your letters entirely each week (better than skimming...), I probably read each one about 3 times each week.... and I always cry too.  Gosh I love you so much and my favorite is when I can read letters from you and imagine you saying what you wrote.  It just brings the tears right our of me gosh dang it!  NO pero en seirio... gracias a ful por cada correo! Te amo mucho mi familia! (But seriously...thanks for every letter! I love you so much my family)

This week was, as always, another week of miracles.  I am thinking that I will stop calling this my mission, but rather my 18 month long miracle.  God is so real and it is so humbling to watch his hand in the details of the life of a 19 yr old gringa in the middle of nowhere teaching handfuls of people without teeth in broken castellano....  Wow. Me conoce Dios. Yo lo sé.  Un milagro. (Heavenly Father knows me.  I know it.  A miracle.)

First off, C* was baptized!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! She was so excited and it was so exciting because she invited many of her friends, and some of them even cried during the services.  I love baptism days because the spirit is bound to be there and testify to all in attendence.  Right after C* was baptized, she just stared at the wall and said "wow..." then started to hug Bro Franco in the font.  Hermana González and I were crying, and so were they.  It was such a tender moment. I really love C* with all my heart even though she calls me her little baby who drinks milk and sounds like I speak Russian! haha (apes, I need your help on that one!)  I am so proud of her, and yesterday in the testimony meeting, she bore her testimony with a pow!!! I was crying once again.  She is one I will always stay in contact with after the 18 month miracle is up...

Saturday truly was such a great day.  It was like Christmas! We woke up super early (like usual... haha), it was super bright outside, yet freezing cold, and we had an AMAZING almuerzo with sweet L+ (a sweet old lady who reminds me of Rozz from Monsters Inc.) To add the the Christmas spirit of the day, when we arrived for lunch, the weather channel was on, and it was playing "All I want for Christmas is you" by Miriah herself!  It was so funny because she had no idea it was a Christmas song, and apparently the news station didn´t know either.  It is September from crying out loud! We ate a delicious mushroom chicken which tasted just like a meal from home.  I was stuffed after eating so much, just like the holidays.  To finish the special day, we had a baptism.  It was like the perfect last gift under the tree.  I truly was so happy all the day long, and like that one day at college, the littlest things can make me so happy (even if it is free hot chocolate in a Y mug screaming and reeking FRESHMAN!).  A great day, holiday for the season haha.

Also this week, I ate,......... drumrollll.............. cow stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The weird thing is that it was SOOO tasty and I had no idea.  I had 2 or 3 servings even I think. As we were leaving the house, Hna G said to me, "Do you want to know what we just ate or not?"  Mondongo.  hahahaha.  First challenge complete! and my stomach is doing just fine! Let the 18 month miracle continue!

C+ will be baptized this week!!! We are so excited for him.  He has not smoked in 5 days, and I know he has the strength to continue on for the rest of forever!  Tonight he has his interview.  Please pray for him, tonight, and the rest of the week so that the baptism plans will work out as planned for this saturday.  He is so excited, and I am too. He was touched to know that he was an example to me of true faith in following the commandments, and he is working hard to become a worthy sacerdote (what is it called in English... I already forgot... so embarrassing!)  Anyway, all is well with him! One night as we were teaching him, the rain was LOCOOOOOO.   We did not want to run home in the rain so I said a little prayer in my heart.  As we finished the lesson, I no longer heard the rain on his tin roof.  We were able to walk home with out one drop of rain.  I may have even hummed "there is sunshine in my soul today"  Right when we got to our pension, the storm ragged again.  The little things really make the difference to me.  We are so protected as missionaries it is unreal.

It is really difficult to be my height here in argentina.  Everything is much shorter and every day I truly become like Luigi (our sister photo) and dodge all the bricks and trees.  Hna G laughs everytime that I whistle the Mario theme song as I sway my head back and forth to avoid getting a girly bow in my head like Tyler.  Also, this week, I fell while I was walking.  SO embarrassing.  I was looking at a sign (which naturally said torta [cake]... My favorite).  It distracted me, I didnt see the curb, and fell straight on my face. I was trying to act cool so I quickly did a push up to get off the ground.  Later that  night we laughed so hard because Hna G said it was all in slow motion, and I acted like all was fine.  Later when I told her it was because of a Torta sign, she hasnt stopped teasing me.  too funny for my bunny.

Also, we had intercambios (interchanges) this week.  Sorry,,,, I was supposed to work with Karina Hill, and I was so excited to send you a surprise photo, but things changed around.  But yes, she is my sister training leader so I should be working with her next transfer.  Looks like I will be stayign here another transfer at least, but we still dont know for sure.  Transfers are the22 of sept.  The 21 is when the presidency will come to our rama to see if we qualify to become a stake in october.  Keep your fingers crossed, and pray for continued miracles.  we had 82 in the chapel this last week.  We are excited for the continual growth.

I love you all too much to describe.  It was a great week and I cant wait to hear from you again in just 6 short days!
con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

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