Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 14 - Bell Ville October 6, 2014

Semana 20, can you believe it!
Sorry, otra vez esta carta será un poco loca por tiempo! (because of time this letter will be a little crazy)  I had a lot to write to my president and fill out a survey for the mission offices which took up a lot of time.  Know I love you all and thank you for your personal letters.  Know that I wont be able to write personal letters today.  Kristen,... get over it. haha Too far? No, know I love you more than words (like the uke song)

Nicolle Thaxton- This is a shout out for you! I love your guts and always will.  Thanks for the letter, it brightened my spirits :)

Hola world!
 Read 2 Corinthians 12:9 y 10.  Wow, what a humbling experience it is to witness our mistakes and constantly change! 

 Like they said many times in Conference, Parents are the ultimate gospel teachers, and I am blessed enough to call you mine.  Thank you for being parents of righteousnes.  I understand exactly how Pte. Eyring feels when he said, "I have tired to go and do as she hoped I would"  I am doing this work for the Lord right now because I vividly remember the moment I knew he had called me, but I also am doing this to thank you for raising me in righteousness.  I only hope that as I have tried to do as you hoped I would, that you are proud of who I am am, but more importantly, who I am becoming.  You will always be my heros.  Now, go swim with sharks, and don´t tell me about all the fun I missed out on.  The sun, no, we´ve got plenty here, but of course only below the knees haah

This week we found a new investigator who had a dream of Christ holding out his hands to her and said, "Venid a mi!"  The next morning, her husband abandoned her, and we showed up at her door.  As we gave her the pass along card of Christ in the red robe, she began to cry.  She explained that it was the exact same Christ she had seen the night before.  Another miracle.  I pray that with this escojido, we can see her progress and recognize the blessings that can be hers.

Also, FUNNY STORY!!!  As we were standing in the street, talking on the phone with our leaders, a lady came out of her house, simply said, "permiso," and as we took one step to the side, she began to pour salt where we had just been standing.... uh awkward.  I wish there would have been a camera on my face as she went back inside her house.  Our eyebrows expressed pure confusion. I can´t believe that happened! what are we... Witches????? haha Happy Halloween... little witch! (in the voice, sista listas should get this joke)

We also have had some crazy rain storms.  I was completely DRENCHED!  Almost more wet then getting out of the shower.  At first I was so annoyed, but it was really fun as every single appt fell through so we just stood in the street with our mouths open wide. ah aha ah aha ah ahahah.  I was freezing for the rest of the night with soaking garments, but what a blessing haha :) I love the feeling of sloshing shoes.  Dont you? :)

Also, a quote for the week, "You can count the seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the apples in a seed"  These weeks have been hard because we have not been blessed with the rapid success like I was when I was with Hna Gonzalez.  This is the perfect reminder that every good deed we do counts for something good :)

I was able to attend all 4 sessions of conference.  I sat in a tiny room with 4 elders and we watched it in English.  I love conference.  To tell you the truth, I am sad that it is over.  It is like Christmas and always passes too quickly.  César attended all four and the members used his laptop even to project it in the chapel.  He will be a great dedicated member.  I believe he is one of the people you accepted on facebook.  He is also called Choyo or something like that.

I lvoed conference and can´t wwrite all the spiritual revelation I recieved, but I loved the talk by Jorg on Spiritual Confidence.  We can alwasy improve and prepare for the day with God.  

Look to the Prophet.  Look to Christ.  I am well.  I am happy.  I love you all.  

Over and out,
Hurrah for Israel! :)
con mucho amor,
hermana Woolley

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