Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 12 - Bell Ville - September 22, 2014

dear fam

I am pretty sad because I think I just deleted some of my pictures on accident, but I will look for them again later..... not to worry!

Anyways, I wanted to ask you if it is better to have my camera take pictures in hd, or size small 4:3.... let me know

No, I dont receive letters from any of my friends.  And I havent heard from cameron.  

Also Thanks for all the photos! I would be lying if I said I didnt cry a little while looking at them :)  

I ate the most disgusting thing yet so far, and it literally made hna gonzalez throw up.  Im a champ.  I know.  I am not excited for the 14 more months of mondongo.  the smell could kill anything that has nose hairs.  disgusting.  

Dad, I am right with you.. sometimes this mission thing just flies by, but for some reason today it feels like I have been gone forever and it is going really slow.  Maybe it is because this past week has been hard for some reason.  I cant really pin point what it is, but I have felt weird inside all week.  

It stated with traveling and leaving my area while my compi was in Chile. Then we had one good day of missionary work, then she was off again for transfers.  If you didn´t understand the word awkward before now, let me explain it to you = transfers as a missionary.  HAHAHa but seriously. Suddenly, a new person you have never met is thrown at you and then you are forced to live together and spend everysecond together after.  It is so strange and I just feel awkward all over! hahah

My new companion is Hermana Vela.  She is from Lima Peru! Go figure!  She has 11 months in the mission and her first area was Bell Ville.  It is really weird that she has been called back to the exact same area again. y bueno.  This morning I woke up super early to go to Cordoba to pick her up, and drop off Gonzalez as the new sister trainer leader in Cordoba.  We left at 3 am, drove 4 hours in a bus.  Got there, picked up my comp, to drive back 5 hours on a bus again.  It has been a long day and I don´t really feel like myself so sorry if this letter is lame.  I am embarrassed for myself that my thoughts are so jumbled! 

But not to fear! I did have one good day of work that I would love to tell you about! Funny enough, we had an experience that reminded me of Tyler on his mission.  

In the morning during our studies, we watched the district to finish up my training.  As we were watching it, I was filled with the spirit and I remembered all the moments I had before the mission when I watched the journey of these missionaries. I remember watching them with tyler before he left.  I remember watching them in bed before recieving my call.  I remember watching them at night while you were in peru when I couldnt sleep from the fear of leaving you all at home.  It all came flooding back.  Even though I had a crumby week, Watching those videos again, I was reminded of why I am here.   I want to serve Christ and to give all I can.  When I do this, I know the time will fly by, and I will experience all the blessings of this gospel.

That was tender mercy #1. #2.  we went out to find people to teach becasue right now we don´t have a great big pool of investigators.  We came across a single mother (daughter 3 yrs old) who we had contacted before and pushed us away.  But, this time, something was diffferent.  She invited us in.  As we sat with her in her house and helped her clean up spilled sugar on the floor, she told us how she had prayed to God in the Church that morning for a sign.  Earlier in the week she had contemplated suicide.  Her life is an awful story.  That morning she prayed for an answer from God, and us, his missionaries had the prompting to knock her door again.  She cried as she felt the personal love from God.  That is why she let us in.  Next, we read to her a scripture.  D and C 6 33.  As she was reading the scripture, she began to cry again.  The words she read, she later told us, was the words she had put on her facebook status the night before.  In that moment, I was so humbled to be led by the spirit to Gods chosen who was in desperate need of help and love and kindness.  We have another meeting with her tomorrow.  Her name is Virginia.  Please pray for her.  As we walked away from the appt, I felt like I was living in a movie. I felt like I was living inside the District.  

I dont have much more to say.  Thanks for all the letters! I love to read your words and personality each week.  You are the greatest family in the whole wide world and I thank my Father in Heaven every night to have been blessed with the most elect, funny, kind, accepting, loving, and righteous family in Utah County :) haha joke.  But really.  I love you guys.  True. Dat.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

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