Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 9, Bell Ville - Sept 1,2014

Hola querido familia!
Another week comes and goes so quickly. 
First I think you should know that there are miracles happening here in Bell Ville! We have two baptisms lined up for the coming two weeks and we are finding the chosen ones!
First, please keep C* y C*s in your prayers as they are preparing for their days of covenants. 
C* is so so so great.  For real.  She is a mother of three and has such a strong testimony.  She is an old investigator from 3 years ago, but was never baptized because her boyfriend did not want to get married.  Now, they are separated, and she is able to do what she has been dreaming of for the past three years--- get baptized!!  I almost feel guilty how easy it has been to teach her.  After we heard the news of her separation, we went over to give her comfort, and then and there she accepted a fecha (baptismal date)!  She has already been to the BA temple with the Branch and is so excited to continue on with her family´s work in the sacred walls of the temple.  She had her interview this past Saturday and after, E. Mayne (DL) said that is was the most spiritual interview he has ever conducted.  She is so ready and it is such a privledge to watch people change their lives completely for Christ.  It is also a comfort because it reminds me of all I am doing to show my love for Christ as well.  It is an honor and I am grateful every day.
Next, we have C*s.
He is the one who in the Noche de Hogar [family home evening] last week did not have a referral for us, but her said that he would love to be taught!  We have had many lessons with him, and everytime he talks, we can feel that this is really what he wants.  He has a family- gf and daughter.  He had plans to get married.  Right now they are not living together.  We explained the law of chastity and he agreed to call her after our lesson to ask if he should get baptized first, or married.  She lives about 3 hours away.  The next day, he came to the baptism we had last saturday for the other elders.  He was so excited to tell us the news.  He will be getting babtized first, and has plans to be married by the end of the year.  He wants to raise his family in happiness and he feels somethign else with the spirit.  He is living with his sister and her family (RS President) and they are a huge help too.  It is so cute to see how excited his neice is about his upcoming baptism.  At the baptism, he told us "mañana, voy a la iglesia, y me bautizaré el 13 de septiembre" [tomorrow I am going to church and I will be baptized on Sept 13] All of this was before we shook hands or said hola no nada!!! He is so excited and we are too. 
Some other good news.  Bell Ville is being made into a stake!!  It will be in Oct.  I am not quite sure if it is a secret or not, but that is why I am singing in the choir right now.  To prepare for that day with the mission pres and other authorities.  Also, the Bell Ville Coro has been invited to sing at the temple dedication.  I am not sure if I can sing with them because I doubt I will still be here at that point.  We will see how things will work out.  But, the District President was talking with Pres. Alliaud and asked for the best missionaries in the mission while Bell Ville is preparing to be a stake.  President A said that we are his pearls and that he has stocked BV with the best he has.  What a blessing.  I know I am here in BV for a reason, but it feels comforting to know that my leader recognizes all the hard work I am giving and the devotion I have to the work as well.  I am humbled to be apart of this explosive mass of miracles as the work continues 10 fold.  It is blessing my life and increasing my testimony.
Follow up on Javier (flimsy LdM [BofM])  He is a drunk man, and he lives in a dangerous part of town, so we cant visit him.  We are sad, but he will have his chance again to hear the gospel.  When we went to visit him, he was not home.
Follow up on Alicia (love pres monson) She works ALL the time and is impossible to set up an appointment.  We are still trying to get things worked out, but like mom said, we need to contact almost 7 times before we have success.  Right now we cant see the fruits, but they will have their time I know it.
I love it here.  I am being changed everyday and it is not a scary thing.  Before the mission I was scared of becoming someone new, but this is who I want to be.  I love you all and dad, to love another person is to see the face of god.  Tomorrow comes! 
con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley
bueno,  I want a pic of my baptism. recipe of banana bread and spaghetti and cheese.
look up the mormon message sunday will come by wirthlin (not sure the name, i watched it in spanish - El domingo llegará)
I want an update on rachel stratton. I had a super sad dream about her and now am worried.  send my love!

Tyler, sorry for being rude and saying your mission was boring. Now i understand why you loved to talk about it soooo much.  it is the love you, please forgive me and feel free to listen to my lectures for hours when i return home.

 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL!!!!! in argentina freak ya... saving lives and bringing salvation one piece of trash at a time
from a noche de hogar (family home evening) . yo oro cuando..... (I pray when . . . .)
this is n#.  she has 19 yrs and has two children.  she is a recent convert and I love her with all my might even though she speaks 300 million miles a minute and mumbles her words.  I know we would be great friends in the real world, because mumbling is my favorite hobby.  I love all the people here!  (Picture says "I pray when I need to repent")

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