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Week 11 - Bell Ville September 15, 2014

Sorry family... but sometimes having to write all of the week in less than 40 minutes is a bit of a chore, but I hope it all comes out well and you enjoy reading my scrambled thoughts.  First off..... Look in dropbox, I left you a surprise!  I think from now on I will put pictures in there each week because it loads much faster, and it is much more secure.

but... I´M ALMOST NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember when I said that because I was underweight... oh the good days)  No but really.  I can´t believe that this week I finish my training.  In 1 week, I will be a normal regular trained missionary with a normal companion in a normal area.  All normal.  I guess that is the norm after about 4 months in the mish.  I´m excited and anxious to have a new companion and to have all the knowledge of the area, but ready for the new challenge.

It was a bit of a strange week.  Right now I am not with my companion... She is in CHile. Ya, the country!  something happened with the leagal work of many of the missionaries in Argentina so 60 missionaries from all the missions in Argentina went in a 14 hr bus ride to leave the country.  ..  so that left me here alone!!!  I didnt have a companion for about 7 hours yesterday, so I just sat in the house of a member and did nothing.  It was too weird.  I cant imagine being home alone. Im scared.  Tyler, now I understand!  But, because I had permission and a lot of time, I took advantage of an opportunity and slept siesta!!!!!! best thing ever... except for the fact that I felt like a pecadora (sinner) the whole time.  oh well. Now all is well and 2 hermanas are living with me from Leones :)  They are from argentina and Spain, and it is fun to have a little bit of a change for a while. Also, the work is now slower because we spent a few days in cordoba to get all the paperwork worked out for Hna G to leave to Chile.

This week, I had a lot of moments to think of you back home.  Maybe because I literally just sat in a house to think to myself and realize I was basically alone!!! But, I heard More than words on the radio, I heard megan sackett sing a song on the lds website, I saw a pic of sam hill on, I was reading the liahona and saw Mella, AND! I saw a shot of our neighborhood in a movie.  remember when they were filming a disney movie in the smiths home? Ya, some members were watching that when we got there.  It was so weird to see the house that I looked at everyday, but in reality I am half way a round the world..... also, I had some crazy dreams of being in our basement watching movies together, and the micheal jackson earth song. It reminded me of the time when dad was dancing super enthuisiacstically to try to make us laugh and he was on the ground and all. Linds Chandler will remember that.  The whole thing was weird, y bueno.  What can you do?

I want to share with you the same quote that I wrote to my president.  it says  

"Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunites, trials become triumphs and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord" M Russell Ballard

true. dat.  I love this so much.  When we truly give ourselves to the lord, we have the strength to overcome all and to enjoy the journey.  I am loving serving the Lord.  I hope that you are doing all you can to serve him too.  The blessings are immeasurable and there are things available that you had never imagined.  This is the truth and we can live it every day.  

You also keep mentioning football! Do you know what else that means? GENERAL CONFERENCE SEASON! I love conference.  I have a challenge for you back at home.  Please try to listen to the last conference we had last april.  At least the 12 before the next coming conference.  There is so much power in their voices, and I admit it, I have cried listening to it. Every morning I listen to a talk. It really has motivated me to continue working.  Food for thought.
 NOw to explain some of the pictures...

Radio--- WE SPOKE ON THE RADIO!!!!! how cool is that.  I was so terrified. I thought  I was going to mess up.  A convert invited us to go meet with a reference, and it ended up being a radio station, and right then and there he invited us to speak on air with him.  Hna G was so proud of me and she said that I understood the questions we were asked in our 10 minute interview, and that I responded perfectly. What a relief. We invited the whole city to attend church with us on sunday! :) It was so cool.  ThEN; a few days later, in the Kodak shop, the owner said that he recognized our names on our name tags because he heard us on the radio! WE ARE FAMOUS! hahahaha a moment I will never forget!

also, we made tacos 3x this week because the members wanted to taste some mexican food.  They all thought it was so spicy when in reality it wasnt spicy at all.  They wouldnt eat any more.  It was so funny.

Yes, thanks for all the prayers on behalf of c*.  He was baptized and he is so happy. He thanked us so many times, and I have never felt so appreciated or loved in such a tender moment.  It was so powerful.  He is going to stay strong.  I just know it. ...  We need him as a preisthood holder too. 

I am so happy to be here! I hope you know that. I laugh every day and thank God for the blessings and experiences I am having.  Before the mish there were countless things that I hated about the mission life.... dad, I bet you remember--- waking up early, talking to strangers-in another lanuage, having serious conversations, living with someone else, being away from my family, walking all day, being independent, no tv,  or swimming,  or NAPS, weird foods, no friends (joey, and the gang, oh and those from high school too haha) and I am sure there were more.  BUt here I am.  Doing all the things I thought I couldn´t do--- And I AM LOVING IT!  God really is so loving. He is merciful, perfect and kind.  He is a god a miracles.  I know he lives and I love him.  That is why I am serving.  I am so happy, and honoered to be privleged with this sacred opportunity to let my life change, and watch others change with the knowledge, peace, comfort, hope, joy, and security that the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers to all.  

That is all for now.  Next week I´ll give you the deets on my new comp! SO CRAZY! Tell kristen to write me that littel twerp. and I want all the dirty deets from tyler and this ashling girl.  Also, ALLISON! I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE A PEYTON NEPHEW! Love you all.
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Woolley

Also, accept my friends on facebook.... there are converts and members that want to know me a bit more!
also, look again at dropbox.  There should be more.
Spider web with eggs


BK baby
Bidet baby

Spicy mexican food

My temp companions

Training completed - check

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