Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 8, Bell Ville - August 26th 2014


Sorry this is a day late! Yesterday we had a zone play in Leones with a big splash at the end of the day! A splash is when a whole bunch of missionaries divide the area up into sections and we have a specific “manzana” of 4 blocks or so to work with for a couple hours.  It was fun and we saw a lot of miracles! But it is nice to be back here in Bell Ville again with the people we know and with our progressing investigators.  It truly feels like home.

One cool experience that we had this week was with some random guy in the street.  It was siesta, so naturally we were the only human beings in sight in the streets for miles.  But, there was one old man who was walking towards us.  THe second he saw us, he sstarted to cry.  He said “you are missionaries for the Church of Jesús Christ of latter day saints arent you?” Turns out he is a member who hasnt been to church in over 20 years.  That was that and we were on our way.  He thanked us even though we didnt have a conversation no nada.  As we walked away, I was so touched.  In that moment I knew that we represent christ.  It was as if just by saying hello to us missionaries and seeing our smiles, this man was healed because of his faith.  It was so sweet and a moment I will never forget.

There are miracles happening everyday and this past Sunday was such a treat! We had a total of 9 investigators at church which is a zone record! OF the 6 missionaries in our area, we had 9 investigators! 4 of which are our investigators, and 2 of which have bautismal dates for the coming weeks! We were so excited and there was an apparent excitement in the members too to realize that the work is continuing on.  Also, there were a total of 87 people in the Branch for the sacrament which is a crazy high number! Normally we have about 40-50.  It was a hoppin, happenin sabbath! Mom, Sundays are hectic yes, and sometimes we have to teach and give talks, but thankfully, not very often! But I do have a calling in the ward! I am the chorister- director! It is fun and I am strengthening my arm muscles by the minute!

Another story for you folks! We were in a lesson, and the man is having troubles accepting the Book of Mormon.  He worships the bible like mad, but we are working on the flimsy blue book with him right now. In the lesson, he said “I just don´t know, your religión seems to be so different.  I mean, you don´t even believe in the gift of tongues…” OH CONTRAIR! (no idea how to spell that hahaha) In that moment, I bore testimony to him that I am a walking evidence of the miracle of the gift of tongues.  I had complete confidence in telling him my experiences in learning this language and my testimony in the helping hand of God.  He was floored and said he had no idea that I had not been speaking castellano for my whole life.  And because of this, he was one of the investigators who came to the church this past Sunday! I was so humbled in that moment to realize that I truly have God with me in all moments and I am able to speak this language because this is His work and he is letting me be an instrument.  HOLY COW.  So cool.

About the horse from last week, dont you fret, only as we were passing the horse on the street, it had a freak out moment and the man riding it had to pull the reins super hard and control it.  My Heart was racing but we made it out alive J

The other day, I saw a map of the World.  HOLY Cow! I am so far away from you guys.  I don´t think I realized that… with only a difference of 3 hours in timing, I didn´t think much of it.  Well, know I am loving the land of never ending wind down under with all the penguins. 

This week we have done a lot of traveling.  Besides Leones, we also went to Cordoba for a conference with Pres. Alliaud.  There were about 5 or 6 zones there.  We were there all day and we had lots to learn. I love the Alliauds-  the best people ever! They are so full of love and kindness.  In the meeting, we learned a lot about the importance of referencias.  We did a million practices and role plays- tyler, they killed me, sooooo awkward with president watching and grading me!!! Much worse than Misión prep class—But I did it! And my companion and I did a demo in front of everyone! In spanish! I was terrified, bu tmy companion wanted to show me off – su hija!  I was proud of myself after, and many cant believe that I am still in training.  At times I dont feel confident in what I am able to do, but the Lord sure is helping me a ton!! A ton a ton! I now am at the point where I can understand/infer 80-85% of what is said, and I even took notes from the conference in spanish.  Now, I am working on my gringa accent so the people can understand what I am trying tosay!

Bueno, on to what I have been studying. Dad, thanks for your comments about charity.  Read 1 Peter 4:8 with the footnote. I like it. 

This week I studied about repentance.  First though what is repentance? 1. Testimony is to know.  2. Faith is to do.  3. Repentance is to become.  In D&C 15:6 it says that the greatest worth to me in this moment is to declare repentance.  In Helaman 5:11, it says that angels have been called to declare repentance.  And in Moroni 10:32 there is more about repentance.  This step is crucial for all.  We can not enter in to the Celestial Kingdom with out this step! Every day! It is the most important work! What a belssing we have to not only have a knowledge of this process, and the faith that we can change, but we also can become perfect through Christ and his mercy and grace.  I love it all.  I love it.

I am here to do just this. To declare repentance just like all of the prophets of old. We can change and it is a glorious message.  I know it is trae and I thank Heavenly Father each day for his kind and gentle mercy for my mistakes.  I am working hard to be more like him.

Thanks for all of your love and support, I truly can feel it all the way across the World. Its weird, but it is oh so real. Never stop the prayers from coming! 

Sé que soy un siervo de el en este momento y me encanta! también, tuvimos muchos referencias este semana despues la conferencia con usted. hay mas trabajo y vamos a tener mas milagros! Estoy animada!

Gracias por todo, tenga una buena semana!

Love you little, love you big, love you like a chachito!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Woolley

 Helado!! (Ice Cream)
 View from our casa (Pension/Apartment)
 Working on the streets when it was 80 degrees... .not anymore.  It is freezing again
 Attacking the 'stache with "Veet"
 The bathroom in our apartment - JOKE!  The bathrooms in the park
Pic of our zone with presidente y su esposa (wife) at the conference

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