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Week 4 - Bell Ville July 28th 2014

Hola family! 

(Letter to president)
What a wonderful week! It was such a blessing to have had an interview with you and to recieve your guidance and direction.  I love the people here and I Lord my Master Christ.  Now I just want to see them doing all they can to strengthen their relationships with Him as well.  Thanks for your advice and confidence for us missionaries.  We can feel your power and we are working hard to do the work.  

This week I have been studying in the Book of Mormon.  I love that inspired book! I am studying in Helaman, and I am getting excited because the time for Christ to come is just around the corner.  I love to imagine that right now is only 30 years before the next coming of Christ and relate their stories to our lives today.  One of my favorite verses in Helaman 5 is 6 and 7.  I love that Nephi and Lehi have been named after their valient forefathers.  I too, am named after my grandmothers- both great women.  I love to think of them and continue their honor and legacy.  But what I love most is that we each have taken upon us the name of Christ at baptism.  We have his name with us always to remember him, his works, and his love.  Right now we missionaries have the privledge to constantly wear his name for others to see.  We represent him and He is always with us.  It is the best feeling in the world! 

Things are so great with the area.  After working a day with Hermana Perez, I can see her example and realize how blessed we are.  We witness miracles every single day.  I know this is the work!

Man, I love President Alliaud (alli-o)  Like people say.  Some are called to a mission, other to a people, and some to a mission president.  I believe I am lucky enough to have been called to all three! I am loving it here and the power of the work is so motivating!  

I was able to go on exchanges with on of the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Perez-from Buenos Aires-  She finishes her mission at this next transfer August 11th.  She is the perfect role model! Seriously.  I was so nervous before she came because I felt like we would not be able to communicate well together, and that I would be tested for my report to the president.  However, It was a day of MIRACLES! We ran into someone on the street and started talking with her.  This contact named Alicia said, "I know who you are, you are missionaries for that wonderful church with the sweet old man! I love your prophet President Monson, and I watch every General Conference...."....... Did you read that??? This lady, not only knows who we are, but konws the name of our latter day prophet, loves him, and looks forward to hearing his counsel every six months! We were floored.  She works a lot, so we need to find a time where we can teach her and get her in the water for eternity!!!  There are people who are prepared.  This last week, we had 16 new investigadors (4x the week before) and we have 6 baptismal dates, and teaching two families.  We are busy and there is a lot to do!

We run into the Jehovah Witnesses all the time.  They tell us of the success they are having, so we decided to give it a try.  We are currently working on projecto testigos.  Each sunday, we combine for sunday school hour and we are training the members on how to be missionaries.  We taught them the plan of salvation, next week we will teach them how to teach it, then we will practice, Then THEY WILL TEACH- to less actives, to their friends and all of Argentina!  Because we have so many who have left, we hope that as the members enter their homes, they can build relationships over spiritual messages and testimony.  Hopefully by us teaching in a mass, like the JWs, we can have success and bring many back to the preisthood ordinances available only through church attendance, such as the sacrament, the temple, tithing, and so much more.

I love to teach people about the temple.  It is my favorite place in the world.  I wish I could live there! In fact, my favorite part of every day is when I get out of that awful shower, I put on my sacred garments and remember it all.  I soak it in.  Even though I am often lost with what is going on around me, and I feel like I don´t fit in, I always remember each morning.  I BELONG to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.  I know who I am.  I know God´s plan.  I´ll follow him in faith.  I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ I´ll honor His name.  I´ll do what is right, I´ll follow His light, His truth I will proclaim!--- This gospel is for all and they can feel this comfort in knowing that they belong.  They belong with God and they have countless blessings to claim.  

One of my favorite investigators right now is a sweet 75 yr old angel named Miguel Angel.  He wants it all.  He hardly talks, but he is doing what he can to get to his baptismal date.  He waits outside his house, 40 minutes before church so that we can accompany him.  He BOUGHT church clothes! NO ONE does that.  He is so sweet.  However, bless his heart, his first prayer was rough and he didn´t quite understand.  He wants to do everything perfect so he said exactly the steps we had written for him on the paper.  "pasos por oracion.  numero uno, Padre celestial, numero dos, te doy gracias por, numero tres, te pido por, numero cuatro, en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen"  It was so sincere even though he didn´t say anything from his heart, yet you could feel the spirit and his desire to do what is right! I hope he truly understands all that we have to offer!

The pictures- with my comp (my trainer) and her Trainer- entonces, Abuela, hija and yo!  It was fun to get to konw my family!

Also, the other is a sweet recent convert.  The younger one is not a member, but her daughter.  They are moving this week, so we had to get a pic! I love M*a and S*e so much! In our last lesson with M*, we asked her to bear her testimony of Christ.  It was crazy spiritual.  At the end she grabbed my hand and said, Mi amor, gracias!  she went on and expressed her thanks for all that we had done for her in her life.  She said, through the tears, that she waits for the day when we can hug in the celestial Kingdom and she can say thanks for reals. My heart! It is moments like this that it is all worth it.  It is when the gratitude is expressed.  we missionaries work our butts off everyday!! To be thanked was such a blessing in my life.  Even though I was not the one to teach her or baptize her, she is my dear friend and I love her so much.  This is the goal.  To let others see their divine potential and live a worthy life.  ah. I love it.

When Hermana Perez was with me, she said, pointing to her torn up boots, "I want to return with honor to my family Hermana Woolley.  Do you want to know how you can? Return to your pension each night with honor, and you will return home with honor too!"  Think of that.  Each night, come home and pray to God with honor in the way you lived your day.  It is the same for a missionary as it is for the world.  We want to return to God in honor, so everyday we should end with him and achieve his honor.

I don´t have much time left.  Mr downs would probably be so embarrassed by reading my letters because they are so scatter brained and awful organization, but ni importa.  I love it here and all is well!

Tell Brother Bawden thank you for sharing his talent with me.  Every morning I listen to his CD and feel the spirit.  He is an angel doing God´s work here in Argentina. Let him know that.  

Have a blast in Lake Powell, Be safe, and only do things that are honorable to God.  Praying for you.  Love you!

Hermana Woolley

PS: next week for Pday we are going to Cordoba for my companions visa work.  Not sure if we will have time to write a letter, so don´t think I died if you don´t hear from me.  Also, tell grandpa L that there is not a mcdonalds, we have supermarkets, and 1 liter of milk is about 9 pesos (just over one dollar at this moment) I can´t remember what else he asked.  I love you! Keep up the work. Be missionaries.  Read the Book of Mormon, and Preach my Gospel, you ward missionary parents of mine- and Pray.  And the temple.  Go 3,000 times for me. also, tyler, do the names I left you. I looked it up and saw that you haven´t done them yet.  COME ON! They want salvation!-- oh and tradition, I love the food :), so much pasta, pizza, and bread my stomach will explode.  Luckily no crazy dog stories to report.  

I dream of the day we will hug again! My eternal family!   
Recent Convert
Trainee, Trainer, Trainers trainer  (granddaughter, daughter, grandma)

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