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Week 5 Bell Ville - August 5, 2014

El pato bebe cerveza – no es un chiste.. solomente me presidente de distrito!

¡Hola Familia!

Wow, this week has been too crazy to tell it all, so I hope that my little fingers are prepared to type and type and type!

Sorry that Lake Powell was a bust.  I at least hope that you stood at the top of a cliff and thought about jumping, but never did.  In my honor- classic me.  But, I am glad you are safe and all is well through all the horror! 

Yes dad, I understand your letter in spanish.  My comp is rather impressed with contruction of sentences and todo! so pat yourself on the back! Keep it up.  And I like when you write me in spanish.  I feel super connected and am always up for the challenge! :)

First of all, in case you did not know, I want to make sure you know that I AM HAPPY!!! Just like the song...
After me second week here, one day, my district leader asked me, Why the freak are you so happy? I remember the awful first transfer, and here you are just killing it and smiling and laughing and adding to every conversation! How the heck?  --- But it is true.  I am  loving it here and embracing every moment.  I am so happy and there just is no other way to describe it! HAPPINESS! Of course there are hard days, but I have gotten really good at gratitude prayers.  After we recognize all the good that we have, suddenly the tiny annoyances or frustrations don´t seem to matter.  All is well and I have a smile on my face!

Food- look up lomo! and pizza especial. y fideos.  The normal meals here.  Plus there is coke, and some granola bars that taste just like fiber one bars but better! Imma be swolll - or fat.  haha come what may!

On to the crazy week! 
Well, I first will just say that I am so happy to be back in Bell Ville.  In Córdoba, the offices lost one of my papers, so I had to stay for two and a half days rather than just 1/2 day.  Talk about frustrating.  We just sat around and waited doing nothing a lot of the time.  It feels so good to be back, and to be able to take care of our investigators again!  I love Córdoba, but it is a crazy big city.  It is so much nicer to be in this cute little town where everyone knows everyone and where I feel at home.  Hermana González has been here for 6 months already, so with the transfers this week, we are not sure what will happen.  We really love each other, and I want her to stay, yet she is ready to leave.  Kind of like the situation with Sister Alrecthsen.  We will see!

THIS WEEK I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M*. A*., the cutie old man who can barely pray and always accepts commitments with "si, ¿como no?".  The one who bought church pants, not only for him, but the recent convert that refered us to him too! The Miguel Angel who the first lesson said, I don´t need to pray about this, I already know it is true because I feel so good right now.  That M* A*!  We are so excited for him, and for all of our investigators who will be able to attend the service.  Many we are teaching right now have fears of how it all works out, so will this service on saturday, the miracles will start flowing!

ok, not much time left because of the craziness of our "vacation" in córdoba.  A little story about H* and C*.  We met these two (mom and son of 30 yrs) while we were searching for a menos activo.  they are the neighbors.  We clapped at their door, and out comes C*, fat beer belly with no shirt and all!!!  We entered his house hesitantly, he put on a shirt and we taught them both! He knows so much about our church and even knows about the mountain in utah with all the records! They are so kind and giving, and they want to learn more.  They are protective of us and drive us home at night, but we lied and told them the wrong address so that they don´t know where we truly live!  haa.  Also, on sunday they had us over for lunch.  I HAVE NEVER EATEN SO MUCH IN MY LIFE! It literally hurt.  My stomach bulged and all.  EVEN more than the tin foil dinner in lake powell if tammy can believe it.  But we had 6 plates each of spaghetti that she had freshly made that morning for us because she is from italy and it was. so. good.  holy cow! But she wouldn´t let us leave till we ate it all.  

Not much time left! Things are crazy here and we are working hard! it is weird to think that this coming week, and I won´t be the babies of the mission anymore! We are getting over 30 more missionaries this week in our mission! When I came there were only 6 of us! trabaja a full!  stats of the mish- about 250 missionaries, and only 30 sisters! girl power! haha joke!

Know I love you so dearly and you each are in every one of my prayers.  Also, any thing on the gender of alli´s baby????? Tell me it all! 

I am loving life here.  Soy argentino, es un sentimiento! - haha that is a song that we sing here.  Also, look upaxel, afinidad.  My favorite song here!, besides when we sing behold a royal army every week.  Instead of saying victory, we sing BAUTISAR, buatisar .......bautisar bautisr por cristo rey jesus, encontrar, enseñar y bautisar por cristo rey Jesus... jesus :=)

Working hard and loving life! Keep smiling and enjoy the sun while you have it.

also, glad you spoke with gaston.  He is the greatest he is just like one of us.  he has 27 years and is our best friend.  glad yuo liked the video.  it was sooooooo funny we loved it too.  we have seen it over 20 times EASY! every one has crazy funny characters here I lvoe it!
Here is the link to the video of the missionaries at a talent show 

(Letter to the Mission President)
¡Hola Presidente!

This week was crazy being in Córdoba, but we finished the visa work that we had to do and all is well now! This is why we are writing today, rather than yesterday.
Things are going so great.  Hermana González and I have our first baptism together this Saturday and we have been working so hard.  We love the work and are doing all that we can to bring the gospel to those who need it! I love her so much, and we both are a bit nervous about this transfer to see her fate! She continues to teach me so much and we are learning from eachother.

Something that I studied this week really stood out to me.  As I was reading in Helaman 15, I was suprised to read that God chastens people -- but it is all because of his love for us.  At first it didn´t quite make sense to me.  Then as I applied it to my week, I learned something very valuable with the help of the spirit.  This week had been kind of rough for me because it seemed that every flaw I have was being testing, and all my imperfections were coming to the surface.  There were even some weaknesses that I learned of that I didn´t know I had.  It had been tough on me but I could not really pin point was it was that was bothering me.  However, today I feel comforted and motivated to do Christ´s work.  Even though there were moments of corrections, and many mistakes, the frustration and offendings turned into learning opportunites.  At first, I was selfish and defensive, yet after reading this scripture, I can see with a clearer heart.  

God chastens because he loves us.  He does not want us to suffer.  It is why we have the Atonement.  For the opportunity to change and become more like Christ with each day.  It has all already been suffered, why would we bring more pain and suffering on ourselves?  It isn´t fair, and the love is so real.  Through this love, we don´t have to suffer.  We suffer when we choose to sin or ignore the spirit.  Yet, again and again, God call us to repentance in remembrance of His son.  He rebukes us in hopes of us quickly changing and escaping the suffereings we bring upon ourselves with the temptations of the devil.  Again, Christ suffered all things.  The price has been paid.  He doesn´t want us to pay for it too.

When we come unto Christ, it is not easy.  As we study more about him, and his perfection, we realize the things we can change and recognize the weakness of our mortality.  When life is tough and we see what to change in our lives, it is because we are coming closer to Christ and relying on Him.  We are humbling ourselves, changing and using his power.  Through him we are strengthened.  Yet, it takes faith and humility.  This is true repentance and as Alma said, It is so joyous and full of love.  

I love being able to share this message with the people every hour of every day and live my testimony! Thank you for this great opportunity.  All is well and we are loving the tasks thrown at us here in Bell Ville!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Woolley

 Please NO!
 The coke is better here.
 At the mexican embassy.  Sombreros are mandatory :)
 Mission office
 Buying frienship necklaces in case she gets transferred.
 Great to see Hermana Romeril again.
 The Temple

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