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Week 7 - Bell Ville - August 17, 2014

Somos una madad de lobos . . . .   (we are a wolf pack – I think she is referring to all the food she is eating – she said of the attached picture “its because we eat torta (cake) like this at every members house at every appt.  But everyone says that Bell Ville is the best fed, so there is hope for a better and skinnier future”)
Hola familia! How you doing? (Say in a Joey Tribioni voice por favor)
Can you believe that I will complete my first three months in the mission this week! The time really does fly by so fast and I am loving this work with all of my heart!  Quick question... How many pictures did you get last week? I hope that they are coming through so that you can see a little into my life on the other side of the world. I love you all so dearly.  This week I was reading through some of  the things that were mentioned in my blessing from being set apart.  One that really comforted me was that it was mentioned that my family will be blessed through my service.  What a comfort.  I love you so much and I want to be involved in your lives to make sure all is well.  I have felt worried about you lately with all of the changes and additions, but i know that all is well and I thank my Father in Heaven every night for keeping you protected.
About my weight... ni importa (no worries)! haha joke.  But for real, skirts are tighter and I don´t remember skinny jeans feeling so tight.  I feel like I have been on a cruise for the past 8 weeks = I´m done for.  My fat food baby probs is as big as Baby Urquhart.  we can compare with photos later.  Entonces  (so or then) ... send me ab workouts!!!!!!!! We have started running in the mornings now that it is a tiny bit warmer which should work for my benefit.
This week we had some bad days, which strangely enough, gave us such excitement for the future.  We have experienced that just when the hardest times come, a miracle is just around the corner.... and once again the miracles came! We can throw pity parties for ourselves and count all of the bad things, or we can take the advice of good ole bing and count your blessings instead of sheep.  We will be dropping most of our investigators this week which is quite sad.  no me gusta (I don’t like that).  But they have been cancelling our appointments and not progressing.  So, we have come to the conclusion that we must use our time elsewhere.  We have been working hard to find new investigators, and they have been coming!!!  One day, I had a bag full of pamphlets and the standard works and other things, and my shoulder ached.  So I decided to lighten the load.  Instead, I pulled out one of the flimsy blue Book of Mormons and carried it in my hands.  I had no idea of the power this would bring.  I simply did this because I didn´t want my bag to be so heavy.  We literally have someone running after us in the streets.  At first I was nervous, because a man was running after us, yelling  HERMANAS; GRINGA.... something something,.... Veni (come)... something..... But my companion stopped.  He had seen the Book I was holding.  He said, "You are the Mormons with the life changing book right?, I need it in my life, and I want to start all over, can you help me do that?"  uh,,, come again? Did he really say what I think he did?  We now have a new investigator and will be placing a date for his baptism tomorrow.  PLease pray for Javier.  We also found 3 others that day just from me simply holding the book in my hands.  Milagros a full (miraceles everywhere)! We were humbled, excited, and motivated to always do the work.
The other day I had a really special experience.  In a FHE, we watched a video about the temple, and then after everyone shared their testimony.  Everyone was crying.  So powerful! I love the spirit!  EVen though there were investigators, less actives, missionaries and presidents, the different stages of the gospel didnt matter.  The spirit was there and we could feel it.  In my studies, and with the help of my leaders, I have come to know that there are 3 reasons why we do things. First, we can obey and do the right things because we are afraid of the consequences of not fulfilling the task.  THis is the telestial law.  Second, we can obey because we know that it is what we should do.  This is livig the terrestial law.  However, we want to be more than that.  We want to live the celestial law like Christ, and do things out of LOVE.  This is my goal.  RIght now, I think that it depends on the day, but I have experienced every one of these.  Sometimes I have fear of failure.  Other days, I continue on because I know that I should.  Also, there have been days where I work fully because I love it all.  Everyday should be like this.  ALL FOR LOVE! ¨"The most effective missionaries always act out of love." - Dallin H Oaks.  These days are the best.  Not only is all completed, but all involved are changed.  I want the Celestial Kingdon, thereforr, I must live the Celeestial Law. (Sorry, this gamer keyboard in this cber [a cyber is an internet café where they email) is freaking out)  Therefgore, I mnust pray for the strength and ability to always work out of love.  Laying in bed one evening, I really thought about this.  Why am I here?  And which reason is it for- fear, deber (responsibility), or love? and I was pleased withthe comforting response I recieved.   I am here, in a tiny cyber (internet café) with tons of teenage boys playing killing games-- And me the gringa in a skirt, in Bell Ville Cordoba Argentina because, 1. I love this gospel.  I know it is true.  2.  I love my Savior and my FAther in Heaven.  I only want to follow them.  and 3. I am here because I love the Book of Mormon.  I truly comsider it to be one of my greatest treasures.  4.  I love the temple.  I have felt the power in its walls and I want all to feel this joy.  I AM HERE OUT OF LOVE!!!  I am here because I am willing, and I am able, and I love it all.  Christ truly always acted out of love, whether it was for a sinner, leper or gurad about to take him to his death on the cross.  I can work with love for the drunk, the old man who doesnt understnad and all thouse on the streets.  Christ had difficult days too, and even his own best friend betrayed him, but the love never ceased.  WE can learn from him always and strive to be celestial and perfect even as he is.
I am here.  I live it.  I love it.  I know it.
Hermana Woolley

ps  also, I ran into a tree, and watched a little of spongebob in spanish.  Life ain't too bad :)


I´m Singing in a choir forr a conference coming up... I HATE IT! Who would have guessed,.
Also, next week I want to buy something so make sure I have $ on my card.
Some people might have asked to be my friends on FB this week. 
Also, look in my katelyn.woolley email for a talk about a 25 word testimony or something like that- or kristen ask sis Dimmick in seinary about it.  She talked about it at my seminary graduation, and let me know how to find the talk thanks!
Also, dad I want your talk about the atonement with the three stories of donuts, and the coat and billy
ALSO!!! THE ANGEL MORONI HAS BEEN PLACED ON THE CORDOBA TEMPLE! We are getting closer! It is so crazy! Remember the video we watched before I came about when they broke the ground? Half of my rama is in the video! They are basically famous!
ps.  almost killed by a horse this week.  All the animals, peros and horses are out to get us! Keep the prayers coming!

 ya... the fat is real.  I'm gaining weight like honey boo boo!!!
 its because we eat torta (cake) like this at every members house at every appt.  But everyone says that Bell Ville is the best fed, so there is hope for a better and skinnier future
 and rich alfajores like this!
 the streets of Bell Ville
 some say that "vida no es todo rosa", (life is not a bed of roses),,,but mine is!!!!! I'm loving it here! I cant' imagine coming home!,
Pday in the park with the mission leader (ex branch pres) and his fam.  Today is a holiday so everything is closed!  I swear there is a holiday like this at lease every month.  No one works.   loco! (crazy)

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