Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 6 - Bell Ville, August 12, 2014

It has been a crazy week with a lot of miracles.  But most importantly I want to tell you about my first baptism baby!!!  M* was so happy and he had packed his extra underwear and towel for the baptism 3 days in advance because he was so excited for his "communion".  We quickly corrected him and explained once more that it is baptism and confirmation!!! hahaha  Also, on the day of his service, he had a smile about him that I had never seen before.  When he entered the water, the elder baptizing him said READY? M* then crouched down and was about to sit in the water and baptize himself or something? We had no clue what his intentions were, but he was just so excited to get in the cleansing waters of baptism I guess.  Elder Mayne quickly stopped him, and did it the right way.  We were laughing so hard but trying to hold it in.  The spirit was definitely there despite our giggles.  We had to excuse ourselves though so that we could just laugh and laugh and laugh while he was changing back into his normal clothes.  We love him so much and we are so excited for him.  We were takign pictures and he said, Hermana, I want to see it again- like 6 times.  He saids, !look I am all in white!"  We are going to print him the picture so he can always have it.  It is a chosen child of God and I feel so privledged to be able to work with him.  Now he is a confirmed member of the church, who also holds the aaronic preisthood.  What a blessing to be a part of the work of the Lord.
We also had a "JW" preaching activity with many from teh ward.  We split up in companionships and went to knock doors as a big unified group.  I was terrified, because I was forced to be the "senior companion" with a young recent convert of 17 years and 3 children.  But, we did it and it was a huge success.  I gained confidence in myself, and I know it can only get better from here.
Also, big news of the week, Our branch president changed and our mission leader too.  
Im so sorry, this week is an awful letter, I have been tryin gto write some others and the week was short because of writing you a later day! I hope all is well amidst the struggles.  Know I love you and worry about you constantly.  Send my congradulations to all the happy couples... especaially KRISTEE my friend.  How crazy. ahahahah. 
I love you all more than you know and cry every week "skimmin" your letters 3 or 4 times.  You are God´s greatest and I wish you the best with the festivities this week!
Encontrar, Enseñar y bautizar por Cristo Rey Jesus!
Hermana Woolley

What a great week this has been! I was honored to have had my very first baptism in the mission field.  It was such a great experience and I look forward to many more in the coming months.  M* is a sweet old man who only wants to do the will of the Lord.  He is very innocent and wants to do things perfectly for the Lord.  He had a smile on his face that I will never be able to forget.  He was different on the day of his baptism and you could see the excitement in his eyes.  After we took pictures, he leaned over to me and said, "Can I see that photo again?" "Look, I am all in white!"  It was so tender and he was touched at the service.  I am so excited to see him at church, and he asked us where he could buy a tie.  El es de diez Presidente!  He has felt the love of the Savior and is working his hardest to earn his place in the heavens.
Some other news from the week, here in Bell Ville, our leaders are changing.  It is quite the blessing.  When we had interviews with you, we expressed our concern with the current leaders.  Now we have a new Branch President, and a new Mission Leader.  At first, we missionaries were really sad with the change because we had become comfortable with the way that things had been.  We love working with these great men of God.  However, we now realize that for quite some time now, we have been praying for a miracle in Bell Ville.  The Lord´s work is changing, miracles are happening, and we in Bell Ville are experiencing it.  It is tough to have change, but it is how we progress.  If this is what God wants, we will willingly follow and continue to give our best.  At first, it was hard to accept the miracle God has given us, but we quickly repented, and are grateful and excited to get back to work.  We look forward to letting you know all that is happening!
Thank you for another tranfer with Hermana González!  I am learning a lot from her, and we were nervous that we would be split because of the large amount of time she has here in Bell Ville.  I am grateful to her for her patience and faith in me.  We are enjoying my training and working hard to do the Lord´s work.  The calling is great, but we have the faith, and hope, desire and motivation to continue the work of salvation.
Thanks for your support and faith in us. We wish you the best this week with the incoming missionaries.  I remember that first day so well.  It is crazy how fast the days go, but I will always be grateful for your instant love that touched my heart.  It is a privledge and an honor to work by your side in this great work.
Until next week,
Hermana Woolley

 1st Baptism

 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.  I was thinking of you.
 Mom your popcorn is famous in Argentina now.
Argentine BBQ

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