Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 3 - July 21, 2014 - Bell Ville

Wow, I have been on my mission for 2 full months.... ya, so I bought myself an alfajore to celebrate.  Never gets old!  

OK! first off, I want both of my grandpas to know that I am alive, well and will remain that way! This week we had a surprise pension inspection and all went well. I think you both will be at ease to know that we have a working Carbon Monoxide Alarm, and a clean apartment.  Also, the hermano cleaned our drain for us - yes grey- he pulled out a whole wad of hair from the previous hermanas.  I thought of you and thought you would appreciate him doing that service for me even here in Argentina.  Gramps Woolley- I thought of you too because now I can stand in the shower- wearing shoes of course- and not be standing in 4 inches of water! I hope you are both happy!!  However, this is funny because one of the things that I miss about home is my shower.  This shower stinks!!! In fact, showering is my least favorite part of the day by a long shot.  I never look forward to it.  Yes we have hot water and yes the shower is clean, but what I would do to have normal soap, shampoo, conditioner and SOFT WATER!!! Everytime I shower, I feel sticky, gross some times worse than before the shower and I always smell like smoke! Even the clean clothes I put on smell like smoke.  Its a rough life I live, But Im getting used to it!

About the golf course and river of bell vill.  Pretty ugly.  There was a flood from the river a few months ago and destroyed everything.  In fact, Hermana Gonzalez said that they stayed in the apartment for 3 straight days because the water and damage was so bad.  Now it is just trashed and ugly on that side of town. But I love it here.  The poor, druggy streets and all. Funny story.  One night we were on our way to an appointment and suddenly the police pulled over and told us to get out of the area immediately and never come back to that street in the night again.  We were freaked out, but all was well.  We took it as a protection from God and know he is always watching out for us so be at peace.  Other than that, Bell Ville is really tranquil.   However, it is known as the inactive area in the mission so we have been working really hard to visit 10 meno activos each companionship each day.  because yes... THERE ARE THAT MANY! It is loco.  The sad thing is, the people know the church is true and they have a testimony.  But 7/8 of them stopped coming to church because of the branch president.  The offended feelings got in the way and they are not willing to come back while he is there.  Really frustrating so we are trying to work with them in strengthening their testimonies (whip out their testies TYLER!) It is long, annoying and agrivating because they just don´t get it.  But we will continue on with the work!  

Even though the people can be hard to deal with, I am in love with the food they provide me.  How is it that every single letter home so far has included food and dogs? My favorite thing and least favorite thing here!  The food= I have no self control.  It is a process and I try to hold back but I have a problem.  If only everything didn´t taste so dang good.  I have not been sick and everything is pretty normal.  Loving the mish lyphe.  Because I only speak Mormon spanish (haha the language and vocabulary of a missionary and the lessons), lunch appointments and street contacts can be tough for me to understand what is going on around me.  And since no entieno nada... entonces... yo como.... mucho.....mas.  jaja.  It is how I pass the time.  I am curious to know if my weight is going to increase.  We shall see.  But I work hard every morning for a flat tummy with some killer ab workouts.  So I should be safe. espero.

Yes, this week was crazy! We worked hard and found lots of people to teach! I love the people here and their storues( from what I understand) are so challenging.  LIke cameron said, I hate the men here! They leave their wives and kids and it is all not a big deal.  I know 4 mothers with this problem right now.  One is even 6 months pregnant and her husband just left with another woman this past week. It is hard so all we do is pray, love and point them to the savior.  But its hard to take away their pain, anger, and hurt. We have 4 new investigators from yesterday and we will see what problems come to the surface with them! Pray for them, they need all the help they can get! It is crazy to think that I had so much before I came here.  I had it all.  I had the family of angels.  I had a home of cleanliness and the spirit. I had friends.  I had schooling.  I had work.  I had love.  Why would I choose to leave it all behind to have people yell things at me that I don´t understand, to be chased by dogs, to be completely lost, to be rejected? Because it is true.  Because I have tasted of the goodness and I want others to experience it as well.  I am here because I love my Savior and I want to follow Him.

I am so jealous of the wedding! I wanted to be there so bad.  I had my invitation out and ready on my desk on saturday morning and calculated when the sealing was taking place.  I stared at their faces- becaue it was during my studies for siesta- and longed to be there with my whole family in the sacred halls of the temple together! What power.  Never forget it! I have been reading the book on preparing to enter the holy temple so that we can talk about it with one of the new converts.  WHAT POWER! This gospel makes sense and it is all because of the temple.  We know that the Book of Mormon is true because Jospeh Smith could not have written such an inspired piece of work with out divine help.  It is the same with the temple ordinaces.  They were revealed to him and they are perfect.  We have a perfect God who is just, merciful, knowledgable and infinitely loving.  We have every reason to rejoice.

Man I am out of time.  A bit upset.  I have a whole list of things I want you to know that I am learning.  In fact, my 4 hours of study each day are my favorite part of the day! Becauese of my calling, mantle and time, I am learning so much more about the gospel and it only makes me want to share it in its plentitud and perfection even more.  Also, Never stop praying.  Prayer is my ultimate favorite time of the day.  It is the only time of the day when I know I am being undersatood, and when I can be honest with my self and my father in heaven.  Keep doing what you are doing so we can all be together again with God in his perfection and glory! 

I love you all and have so much to tell you next week.  Sorry no pictures this week, hope the written word suffices your hunger!

Hermana Woolley

Here is a response to some questions I asked her?
Q:Where did you take the “Hurrah for Israel quote from?”
A:“my mission prep teacher at byu!”
Q:“How are your doing?”
A:great great! This week I was a bit homesick thinking of the wedding and tylers birthay but I am loving it here! I can´t believe that today is my 2 month mark! only 16 more to go! Sometimes that feels like FOREVER away, but I know it will pick up speed soon
Q:“The language should be picking up soon”
A:I sure hope so! I feel like things are well, and everyone says that I am crazy crazy good at understanding and speaking for less than 3 weeks here, but at times it is hard to not get frustrated and discouraged.  It will come and I recognize with how blessed I am, and have been so far with the language, companion, mission, president EVERYTHING.  So not to worry!!!

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