Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 6 - Nueva Cordoba - August 24, 2015

My Beloved family.  

The time of transfers have come and now I have a new companion! Hna Humacata now only has one transfer left in the mission, but she left to a different area after spending 6 months here in NvA CBA.

My new comp is Hna Ascuña de Arequipa(?) Peru. She is super sweet and she came with me to the mission.  I am excited to work with her, but a little nervous to teach her how to be a sister training leader.  y bueno.

Our investigadors are progressing.  This week M*, and A* came to church! with their less active boyfriends :) haha.  we are working really hard on eternal families.  con el fin en mente!

Also, good news, V* and J* have now spoken with the registro civil, and have set a date to be married in september! Do you know what that means? there will also be a baptism following the marriage! We are so excited for them, and we always feel the spirit so strong when we are with them.  I sent a pic of them.  It is the family with the wife, and 4 kids and the pics of Jesus on the wall!!!!

V* is going to be baptised on the 12th.  It is the same weekend as her birthday so her family will be in town.  She wants them to attend her baptism.  So, in fin, we will wait a little longer befoe she is baptized, but the good news is that she is not doubting nothing.  only waiting for her family to arrive and share the special rebirth in the same week as her birthday.  We have already started planning EVERytHING so that it turns out perfect.

Enough about the work here.  I just wanted to add my thoughts and feelings about Rachel.  The truth is it was super hard for me to read those words from each of you.  I immediately began to cry.  It was even harder for me becuase with transfers, I had only been with my new companion for less than
2 hours, and I was already a mess.  The truth is that I felt super alone.
Everyone just stared at me in the cyber, and finally a man handed me a tissue.

This had always been one of my biggest fears of the mission, and I did not want to have to say goodbye for the last time before coming.  I was hoping she would make it until Nov. but now I am well.  I am content in knowing that I will remember her how she was when I left.  She was happy, she was joy, she was love.  She laughed with me as I visit taught her.  I took her flowers I arranged in my classes, and I never stopped praying for her.  I love her and she truly has a lasting impact on me.

The good news is that I dont have to say goodbye.  We are going to live forever.

I liked the thought dad as you told me we should appreciate and reverence on the sabbath.  With the passing of my dear and sweet friend Rachel, I have been able to have the sacred feeling of the Holy Ghost testify to me yet again that this is the truth.  What a joy.  I
am happy and I am releived that she is well.   I thought of the lyrics
from a song wee sang in choir.  Because He lives, so shall we.

"My brethren, I have found
a land that doth abound
with fruit as sweet as honey;
The more I eat, I find,
The more I am inclined
To shout and sing hosana.
My soul doth long to go where I may fully know The glory of my Savior; And as I pass along I'll sing the Christian song, I'm going to live forever.
Perhaps you think me wild,
or simple as a child;
I am a child of glory;
I am born from above,
my soul is filled with love;
I love to tell the story.
My soul now sits and sings
and practices its wings,
and contemplates the hour
When the messenger shall say,
'Come quit this house of clay,
and with bright angels tower.'
And as I pass along
I'll sing the Christian song,
I'm going to live forever."

Rachel is going to live forever. and we will too.

It is a joy to know. Because I love her with all of my heart.  and I love my Savior.

Today the sisters made me a cake, and we put the mattresses together to watch a movie and they really made me feel better.  I prayed and thanked god for sending me so many angels in my life. Rachel being one of them, and my companions and friends in the mission being others.
As I told president this week, although I may have "lost" a friend this week, I have gained a whole lot more.

Hna Ortiz hugged me supppper tight today and I felt His love.  I felt your love from home as well.  Mom, I am being cared for and "we can do hard things" together.

con amor,
Hermana Woolley



I have found your twin here in the mission, and at times it makes me trunky hahha.
The matrimonio misioneros (marriage missionaries) in our ward-- Elder y HNA spears from Oregon....

One sunday we went to their apt to use their computer.  He pulled out his cell, his tablet, his laptop.... and wait for it... his broken reading glasses.

As he sat on the couch with his white shirt, church pants, and socks-- no tie, i couldnt help but want to hug him and imagine that it was you.

I love you lots and amd wishing you the greatest of weeks.

Run hard for Rachel. in whatever you decide to do.

Te quiero.
con amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps, sorry I dont think that all the pictures were able to be uploaded..... next week


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