Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 5 - Nueva Cordoba - August 17, 2015

What up fam?

How are things going por allí (over there)?

Here I am doing very well.  

You will hate to hear that this baptism of V*a has yet again been postponed.  For now.  
It has made us pretty sad to see her pass through so many hard difficulties and doubts before her baptism.  She is so sure in her testimony.  THe truth is that she is so excited about it all and is trying to find a day when EVERYONE she knows can be there.  It is hard to be patient.  We have talked a lot with our leaders en cuanto a esto, y vamos a ver lo que hacemos (about this and we will see what we decide to do).  She certainly will be baptized, but it is looking like it may not happen unitl september.  However, there still is time!!!!!!!  We are planning her interview to make things more real and to help her realize her testimony. Keep praying for her and her faith to do the right thing, and to do it in his timing.  However, I am sure that God wants his children to have all the blessings right now.  Lo mas antes posible no?  Y bueno.  (as soon as possible.  Right?)

OK,  This week FLEW BY!!!!  One of, if not THEE fastest week of my mission.  

We travelled to La Rioja and visited the sisters there.  And guess who I worked with?  My good ole buddy pal HNA DENNIS!  It was so natural to be with her again, and to see all of the progress that she has experienced in these 3 transfers apart.  She is now more prepared, more confident, more focused, and just as happy as well.  We enjoyed the day, visited some members, receieved and contacted references, found new investigadores, contacted, laughed smiled, and all the good things. 

It was so great to see her and to hug her.  She has changed me and she has changed my mision too.  When we were split up, the goal was that each of us were to live the mision in the right way so that one day we can be sister training leaders together.  hah.  This week she told me that I have done my part, and now she is finishing her work there in La Rioja, and we hope to be companions again.  It is not unheard of!  We shall see.  I am excited for you to meet her as well.  She has got the competivness of tyler, and the biy stories like kristen, and a contagious laugh like allison.  All good things.  

This week I have to do informes (missionary updates), so I dont have much more time to update.  I am so truly sorry, but know I love youall dearly, and am wishing you the best as you start up school!

I am happy and I am well.  What else do you need to know? :)

hermana Woolley

OH how can I forget?  We had a mini activiy and the ward loved it!!! We did a night of internacional foods and it reminded me of cultural night for missionary month!

I made some brazilian food with my comp.  Feijoada! Que rico! (delicious)

I will send fotos next week. 

We really are heloping the ward here and they rely on us a whole lot more than they ever have.  
We will be singing in sacrament mnetting the sunday that comes.

Love you!


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