Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 7 - Nueva Cordoba - September 2, 2015

Hey fam,

So as you can see I am getting to the keyboard but a little later in the week.

This week has been full of big events, including conferences and surprises and trainings as well.

There is not much time that is left, so you will just have to wait unitl the next week for an update.  

I am well and I am happy.  

If you wanted to see this is hermana Woolley at 10:29

and crazy kate at 10:30

good thing we have a curfew here, because the few times I have had to stay up late, whether it is for packing, or what not,... the monster has been released.

Dont miss me too much ok?  

Thanks for your letters this week.  You always make me smile.

I love you all and I have a lot to do!

Recently there have been a lot of robberies here in Cordoba. this week president told us to not leave the pension with backpacks and purses.  Now we just walk on the streets with a book of mormon in hand and some contacting cards.  The goal is to come home empty handed.

I love it.  There arent distraccions of back aches or sweaty backs either.  Just true doctrine.

I quote Hayden Pugmire.  The book is true and the book is blue.

We are using it full speed ahead here.

I love it, I feel more like a servant of the Lord.

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

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