Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 4 - Nueva Cordoba - August 10, 2015


Ok I have like zero time because we are a fulllll aqui!

I was able to go back to Bell Ville this week and it was super fun to sleep in my bed, and walk the streets and see a few of the members as well.  It will always be my home!  

It has been a crazy week with 2 full days of exchanges and a full day conference with the president as well.  And get this.  I had to give a capacitacion (training?) in front of EVERYBODY! I think about half of the mission was there.  Luckily it all turned out well.  A few times my tongue got twisted because I was so nervous and tired, and overwhelmed, but in the end it all turned out well.  The assistents thanked us, and the president as well.  So good news bears. 

I hope you now prepare for me weekly sermon.

Something that really struck me was when we talked abotu the neccesities of each person.  When we enter a house a missionaries, we like to get to know the person, and try to help them with the message that we have.  But it is simple.  A baby has needs.  It cries and it cries for help, and most likely will not stop crying until its needs are met.  But what do we do when this happens?  Do we get frustrated and start shoving in the binky, or checking the diaper before knowing the cry of the child?  

I remember from my days of Child Dev, or Human Dev when we talked about how each cry of a baby is segun su necesidad - according to their needs.  The mother will not be able to help her child until she recognizes each of these cries for help.  

The baby cries because it is unable to meet his own needs.

We as missionaries are trying to understand and discern this cries for help.  The investigators usually dont know how to express themselves.  They are new to this all.  They are babies.  We then show up, with this speacial gift of the spirit to help us and guide us as we help and guide them to the Savior.  It is an eternal round. 

Working with the sister missionaries this week, and it got me thinking that not only our investigadores have needs, but so do we. 

We have needs that we can not meet ourselves.  So we cry for help.  Who is our master, or protector, our comfortor, teacher?  

The savior, Jesus Christ.

When looking for a need we ask, "Por que quiere acercarse mas a Jesucristo?"  Why do you want to come closer to Christ?

Think about your own needs and your desires from Christ.  I know that he knows these needs better than we do.  He also knows our cries, and he knows how to help us.

He is the message.
He is the good news.
He is the Christ.
Our Redeemer, Savior and friend.

Look unto him, and doubt not; fear not. (DyC 6:36-37)

I love him and I am working each day on his errand.

Another cool mission experience that I had this week was during our many moments of terror.  contacting. haha joke. we{re naturals.  

Anyways, we contacted a lady with her special daughter.  Her handicapped daughter saw us, and began to smile so big and sqeal and squirm.  I understood it all in that moment.  The mother began saying "calm down... what has gotten into you?"  But we knew.  That sweet little girl, with her pure spirit, recognized us.  SHe knew us.  She knew what we stand for and what we have to share.  In the end, the mother walked away and rejected the opportunity.  I can only imagine the thoughts and yearnings of the sweet girl wanting her mom to receive us and claim her blessings of an eternal family.  It was a bitter sweet love hate  moment.  We felt so much sorrow because we were not able to teach, but we sure did feel the spirit, and we know that the little girl felt it too.  

I sure hope that in the future, they remember that sweet moment we shared.  There is no other way to describe it.  Sweet.  

And the best part about missionary work is that we experience these "sweet tender mercies" every day.

Valeria has progressed even more and has accepted to be baptized the 22nd of this month. 

I love being a missionary.  I love all that I am learning, and all that I am becoming with the Lord and his Atonement.

Look for your needs, and then look to him.  He can make us more than we can ever make ourselves.

To a great week of miralces--- cheers and Hurrah for Isreal!!!

love you tons,

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

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