Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 6 and 7 - Rio Tercero - April 27, 2015

Family. Basically the mission told us that we are unable to have Pday in these weeks of the temple, so I will just give you a super duper quick run down of whats been happening.

Transfers: I AM GOING TO BE A FULL BLOWN TRAINER! I am waiting for my companion to arrive Wednesday and meanwhile, we have the opportunity to be working in the temple.  It is so spiritual and physically draining.  A FULL DAY NEVER SITTING DOWN!  

In this week I also gave a talk, and recorded myself. I will see if I can try to send it next week.

Know I am happy and I am well.

sorry for the tiny update. Next week I will have a companion nuevita!

Hoorah for Isreal
Hermana Woolley

sorry I tried to send fotos on dropbox, pero creo que there wasnt enoguh time

An elders family came to the mission home to pick him up today and they only speak english. IT WAS SO HARD TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.  TOo awkward.

Also I met Elder Smiths(Tylers trainee in Armenia) Cousin here in the mission. se llama Elder Smith too.

Love you

WEEK 7 Hola to my favorite family out there!

You went to the Payson temple today?  I was at the temple too!  You probably saw the same video that we have seen a thousand of times now.  I love the part when Elder Holland says that he cant imagine heaven without his family.  I agree whole heartedly jaajaja

I can t wait to talk to you soo soon.  I´ll update you about skype next week.

Have a great week and please fast for the cordoba temple and join in with all of Argentina this week in preparation for the dedication! also, a noche de hogar about temples!!

Dad, I have dreamed in Castellano.  Don’t cry for me Argentina

I am sending pictures.  Download them and put them on my blog please.

Heres to another quick update of a crazy week. (I have not read your letters yet, just printing them out)

After working at the temple ( giving the welcome and presenting the prevideo, also answering question in the last tent and filling out comment cards) for half of the week, and then traveling with my new companion, we were pooped.  But you got to keep on working and show your loyalty to the Lord.

My new companion is brand new in the mission, so I am showing her the ways.  However she is teaching me a lot more than I am teaching her.  

Hermana Alizon Solar from Tebuco Chile (algo asi – [something like that]).  She is a convert and was baptized 5 years ago.  I love to hear her bear her testimony.  She has studied a lot and knows so much about the gospel.  She is 19 and has 3 girls and 1 borhter in her family too.  she is excited to meet you all and speak with you for mothers day.  She speaks 300 miles a minute, and is just as lost here because a lot of the different words here.  It is funny becuase sometimes I have to translate for her for the people here in Argentina. She is teaching me Spanish, how to cook, and how to dance and move my hips like a latina. hhahahahahahaha.  all good things.

When we finally got back to Rio Tercero, our cleaning guy was so happy to see us.  Right before my last companion left, we went to say goodbye to him and we gave him a book of mormon.  As I entered in with my companion, he looked at me and said "You have filled me with so much joy.  and the night that you and Hna Mcarthur left, I dreamed of you two.  So the next morning, my mujer (women) moved out, and I started reading this book you gave me."   

We were jumping up and down for joy once we entered into our apartment.  He also has desires to go to the temple this week and to get a blessing of health.

We are excited.  Now his pareja (partner) has gone, and he is one step closer to getting baptized.  Our plan is to start teaching him the second we get back to Rio III on thursday.  #PRAYFORRAUL (he is the one in the blue striped shirt next to hna mcArthur in the picture of 2 men and us- hes in the middle)

We are still working a lot in the temple, and it is so cool.  My favorite part was seeing my companions face after she contacted someone all by herself, and got their direction (direccion in Spanish means address)  after the tour.  She was so happy and proud.  Also, because we can feel the spirit in every moment as we basically live at the temple for days at at time.  We are there from 9am-10 pm every day.  It is so great.

That is all for now.
Keep being you. Faithful and diligent.

The time is going by too fast.

Love you. Te amo!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Dear President!

So much!  I love being a trainger.  My companion is fantastic, so it is easy to love and server her.  She has a great history to share with everyone, and is not timid to talk with everyone.   Her conversion helps me be strong and firm too.  I am very happy with her.  We are working awesomely and have many goals to be successful.   We are teaching a family.  At the beginning they did not want it much, but when Sister Solar shared her experience of the first time she went to church, our investigator accepted our invitation to come to church.

Now we are studying the restoration our her training and I am amazed that each time I study, I can learn something new and receive revelation for our investigators.  The lesson practices help a lot.

The week went by so fast, and we are ready for more busy weeks.

With Love,
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente!

Que cosas!  Me encanta ser entrenadora.  Mi compañera es de diez, entonces es fácil amarla y servirla.  Ella tiene una historia muy buena para compartir con todos, y no es tímida para hablar con los demás.  Su conversión me ayuda ser fiel y firme también.  Estoy muy feliz con ella.  Estamos trabajando a ful y tenemos muchas metas para tener éxito.  Estamos enseñado a una familia.  Al principio no querían mucho, pero cuando Hna Solar compartió su experiencia de su primera asistencia a la iglesia, nuestra investigadora aceptó la invitación a asistir a la iglesia.

Ahora estamos estudiando de La Restauración en su entrenamiento, y me asombra que cada vez que estudio, puedo aprender algo nuevo y recibir revelación por nuestros investigadores.  Las practicas ayudan mucho!

La semana pasó muy rápido, y estamos listas por más semanas ocupadas.

Gracias por todo!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

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