Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 2 - Rio Tercero - March 23, 2015

WHew!  I am going have to do finger excercises from now on every monday morning so that I will be able to write to you of all of the great expereinces that I am having each day out here in the field.  Know that I miss and love you like crazy, and sometimes I tear up when I show my family pics to the members and investigators, but I am soooo happy here.

GUESS WHAT? It has been confirmed that I am going to be a recepionist in the TEMPLE DEDICATION!!!!!! still the details are slim, but that info is enough to bring the tears of joy! That means that I will be able to enter into the Lord house once more! It has been way tooooo long. Keep up your temple attendence because one day you might just miss having the peace and love and revelation so close.

Bueno, a story.
Bikes. Ya, well they are not all that they are talked up to be.  Yes you can get to citas faster and yes you can excercise and feel the breeze but YES they do break! haha. My companions bike broke and her tube came completely out. Which left us in the posistion that her wheel would not even roll. So what did we have to do? LIFT THAT HONKER AND CARRY IT TO THE NEAREST BIKE SHOP 25 blocks away- yes 25!!! My arms were shot.  I truly was wishing for a Dave Grant in the ward to give it a quick fix, or some awesome spence woolley to offer his truck to do the transporting.  Keep on helping the missionaries out over there.  You could save their day, their bikes, and their arms. Go and do.

Also, We ran into a recent convert.  He is a 70 yr old rapper!!!!! We got to his house, and he had a pretty hard fall. In that moment, helping a basically naked man to his feet gave me the appreciation that I am not a hospice nurse.  Dad, give them a shout out for their sacrifices and love haha-  He rapped for us from teh book of mormon and the hymns, and he is just too funny. oh Rogelio.  At the end of every one of his performancces, he says in Engllish, "ya, ya, ya, ok, ok,, ok. the end" and then we give his a BROVO or ENCORE! and he then will sing a Nat King Cole classic with the shouler movement included.  Ansiedad por tenerte en mis brazos, ansiedad por tener tus labios sobre mios  (anxiety to have you in my arms, anxiety to have your lips on mine) ya ya ya okk ok ok the end..... too yucky jajaja.  We sure did get a good laugh.

It was a great week and I am excited for the work we will be doing in the coming days.  Mom, dont worry about emailing me.  In truth, we are not allowed to chat with loved ones from home, but sometimes it just happens.... I love you just as much as dad, and you are not missing out on anything!

I am happy you are well, and I hope that the carpets dont smell bad.  If they do, it looks like you could just give a ring to the Richs, and they would have the funds to replace your carpet needs. jaja

Hasta Lunes, 
Hoorah for Israel!

Con amor,
Hermana Woolley

ps, Juan and clara did not accept the baptismal date for the 11th of april, because they want to get baptized with their entire family ids adn nietos, so they want to wait till everyone has had the lessons.  PRAY FOR THEM! They are the chosen ones.  hahahaha

Thanks for your prayers, They are felt.
pictures next week.
que lastima, one of the pictures o me with my new companion didnt come through last week

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