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Week 4 - Rio Tercero - April 6, 2015

This email is from last week.  Somehow it did not make it through when she sent it.   She resent it this morning.  We will have this weeks email tomorrow as you will read in this email.

(letter from last week.  No se que paso [I don’t know what happened in sending it])
I am quickly just going to pass through the crazy things of the week and let you in a little into the life of an overwhelmed missionary in Rio Tercero, Cordoba, Argentina.  

From the words of my wise friend... " My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity andthine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee onhigh; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.
 Bueno. Now me and my companion have parasites, and we have also passed this on to the sis training leaders who came.  It has been a week full without sleeping, and craziness de verdad (in reality).  I dont even know what to tell you. But dont you be worried grandpa. We have been given preisthood blessings, and a medication to kill this parasite. 

Today we had to go and buy new matresses, and pillows. It was an adventure to say the least. Why do these mission leaders expect us to be so grown up and take care of business???? We are just two frail, little, uncelestial gringa souls who can barely get their way around with the language.  Now we have to deal with all the crazy payments and hotels, and arrangements y yeesh. Its a miracle that we are still living.  Dumb ways to die? Sleeping with bed bugs for months and not getting help earlier on.(I saw a t shirt this week with the little bean guy from teh game with fire on his head jajaja)

We also went to Rio IV for Zone conference and may or may not have watched an R rated movie on the bus ride.  once we realized what it was, we sat in torture for the rest of the 3 hour ride! It was a terror movie (in ingles) with bad acting, blood and gore, and no shame in repeatingly screaming teh F bomb.  TO pput it simply, we felt so dirty inside, plugging our ears and praying for it to be over. hahah.it is called Way of the Wicked. My comp asked teh driver to change it, but,,,, no luck.

We also had our bikes damaged and destroyed while we were inside the church for the sacrament, so we had to ride two people to onebike for a little.  It was torture and we quickly decided walking would be better. Also, There was a CRAZY storm that soaked us in seconds.  we could not believe that the days just kept getting worse in the semana.

But not to fear. Not all was bad.....

I RECIEVED YOUR PACKAGE and have been scarfing down those hi chews.  graciasssssssssss.  

Also, conference. que capo. [Awesome]  I thought of you all as one of them told the story of the sailor with his watch set to utah time. I may be guilty of that as well with my double watch necalace.  

Yes, I could watch all of conference and IN ENGLISH!!! whooo whooo. We did however watch the 2 in spanish in spanish:) I learned a lot, and cried even more.  

Also some more good news, I finished my folleto de mi familia (Family pamphlet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so much love and excitement while filling out this pamphlet. It was a great success. You should all do it too!!

Ive also decided that my only wish for christmas is to go the the motab christmas concert. si o si.    

I forgot to bring my adapter to send fotos. Please forgive me. Hopefully next week.

I love you all!

I have not read your letters yet, only saw the photos and the big news. Cngrats! I will print and read everything later. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Christ lives and he is here. Share it with everyone! elvive.mormon.org

hurrah for isreal
Have a great week!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Im in cordoba for the puertas abiertas (open house) training. I will hopefully write you tomorrow. Love you!!!!

Wow, I know that before we see miracles, we need to receive a trial of our faith.   This week went by very slowly with a lot of stress.  My companion was sick, and the cleaning of our apartment, buying and changing our mattress, without a cell phone and will little sleep.   Frankly, I am overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, I know that I am not the only one that is going through trials in preparation for the great blessing of a temple in Cordoba.   I am ver excited for this opportunity that we have.  Very grateful too.    I have learned from  General Conference, that we always need to continue in faith.    The Lord know us perfectly and knows everything that I and my companion are going through.    He knows about the bed bugs in our beds.  He knows that at times we feel alone.  He knows it, and he felt everything so that he can comfort us.   I learned more about him and I know that “He is here”.

While studying in the morning about the resurrection in the Bible and Jesus the Christ, I read that Mary was sitting crying.   She could only see the bad things that were happening, and only understood the angels message that “He is not here…”.  When Jesus Christ appeared, she continued crying.    Only, when He said her name, did she realize it was him, the Christ.   She had a relationship with him and he knew her.   He only had to say her name with love, caring and a peaceful voice, and she recognized him.

I also am going through difficulty, or worries, in the Conference, I felt as if Jesus was calling my name, saying “Sister Woolley”, and I was filled with peace and love, with desire to press forward.  There is power in a name, and He knows mine.  He knows everyones.  We have reason to rejoice.

I truly love him and I know that he lives.   It is a priviledge to be is representative in every moment.

Thank you for all you do to help us in the work of the Lord.
With love,
Sister Woolley

wow, ya yo sé que antes que podemos ver milagros, tenemos que pasar por una prueba de nuestra fe.
Esta semana pasó muy lento, y con mucho estrés.  Mi compañera estaba enferma, y todo con la limpieza de nuestra pensión, comprar y cambiar colchones, todo sin celular y con poco descanso.  Para decirlo francamente, estoy abrumado.

 No obstante, yo sé que no soy la única quien está pasando por pruebas en preparación por la gran bendición del templo en Córdoba.  Estoy muy animada por esa oportunidad que tenemos. Muy agradecida también.  He aprendido de la conferencia, que siempre tenemos que seguir con la fe.  El señor nos conoce perfectamente y el sabe todo que yo y mi compañera estamos pasando. El sabe que tenemos bichos en nuestras camas.  El sabe que a veces nos sentimos solas. El lo sabe, y el sintió todo para que nos pueda socarrar.  Aprendí mas de el en esta época y se que "Él está aquí."

Mientras estudiando de la mañana de su resurrección en La Biblia y el libro, Jesús el Cristo, leí de como María sentó llorando. Ella solamente pudo ver las cosas malas, y solo entendió el mensaje de los ángeles de "Él no está...". Cuando Jesucristo apareció, ella seguía llorando.  Aun, cuando Él dijo su nombre, le dio cuenta de que era Él, el cristo. Ella tenia una relación con el, y el le conocía a ella. El solo tenia que decir su nombre con amor, cariño y un voz de paz, y ella lo reconoció.

Yo también estoy pasando por pesar, o preocupaciones, aun, en la conferencia, yo sentí fue como Jesús me llamo por mi nombre, diciendo "Hermana Woolley," y me lleno de paz y amor, con ganas de seguir. Hay poder en un nombre, y él lo sabe lo mio. Sabe de todos. Tenemos razón para regocijarnos.

Lo amo de verdad, y yo sé que Él vive. Que privilegio por ser su representante en cada momento.

Gracias por todo que esta haciendo por ayudarnos en la obra del Señor.

con amor,

Hermana Woolley]

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