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Week 8 - Rio Tercero - May 4, 2015


Wow, what a week.  This week I was working at the temple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday.  You have no idea how tired we were at the end of the week.  My feet were throbbing and my throat was dry.  Also, my cheek muscles lost all ability.  On the last day as we were presenting the video, a guide came up to us and said "Hermanas please smile!!!" It was phisically not possible. We were sleep walking zombies,FULL OF THE SPIRIT! We made so many friends with the member volunteers,and it was like a thousand "family reunions" as many members from my old areas came to see inside the temple.

It was such an uplifting week, but also with some laughs and giggles.

So that video that we present right? Well one time me and my comp were mastering our job in front of 65 or more people with a microphone and all. Also, did I mention that the Alliaud family was present as well?  so ya. There we were.  I was explaining one part when suddenly an old lady sitting about 1 ft in front of me sneezed SO LOUDLY that it scared me causing me to jump, and my voice to change as I was talking.  I was so startled and embarrassed that I started to giggle, but got control of myself..... until I saw rows of people just staring at me trying to laugh every so quietly.  It was hilarious, and when I tried to speak again, my voice went so high pitch as I was gasping for air, that I finally just handed the mike over to my companion to finish the job. We quickly escaped and just laughing at what had happened.  I heard laughter inside the tent after leaving as well.  It was a moment when I was more red in the face than green!
But wait, it gets better. The next day, there we were once more inviting the spirit and introducing the video, when a little 10 yr old boy, captured my eye contact and purposefully said "ACHOO" 3x waiting for my response.  It was so funny as I realized what he was trying to do.  We got a good laugh. It made me think of Kristen singing the national anthem. haha

This week I had teh opportnity to translate a tour for an old man from SLC in the Open House. Brother Hansen. He literally has visited EVERY SINGLE TEMPLE IN THE WORLD!!! The Cordoba temple was his 144th temple to visit.  He only is missing NIgeria, but the church will not allow himto travel there.  It was amazing to be with him and to hear about his favorite temples and the reasons why.  bUt he also told us that each temple has the same spirit and natural unique beauty inside.  He said that cordobaisthe only temple to have a gold ring around the chandeleir. so hah. Takethat. haha 

Another experience I had in the tour was seeing thousands of people waiting to enter the walls.  Also, being inside we were moving so slowly for the amount of people there. Friday wasa holiday so the temple was PACKED!  In the space of this open house 49,580 people entered!!!! and we recieved more than 1,100 references on contacting cards...anyways...As we were walking through the temple I got the impression that Christ and Heavenly Father must be so pleased to  have so many inside his house at last. However, he wants us to not only get to know the temple or walk through its halls.  He would be so much more pleased if each one made sacred covenants with himas well. It reallyimpacted me, and I truly felt as ifhe was walking through the temple with us and saying "Welcome to my house". We as missionaries represent him, entonces, many had the chance to have Christ close to them this week. what a blessing it was to be there for somany days.  I cant wait to go back!

(a littlebitfrom pres letter to us this week")
Aunque no era el eje principal de este evento, hemos obtenido más de 1.100 referencias, ya estamos empezando a tener bautismos de este grupo. Junto con estas referencias, muchos dejaron sus comentarios, Hay uno que expresa lo que muchos: “Por favor visítenme, nunca han ido los misioneros a mi casa” Pueyrredòn, Córdoba." o "Cómo se puede ser miembro de este Iglesia" o "Que es lo que debo hacer para poder venir siempre a este lugar" 
[Even though it was not the principal reason for this event, we have 1100 referrals, and we are already beginning to have baptisms from this group.   Along with these referrals, many have left their comments.  There are some that express the same as many: “Please visit me, the missionaries have never gone to my house”,  Pueyrredon, Cordoba.” Or “How can one become a member of this church” or “What is it that one must do to be able to always come to this place”]

Skype time: not sure... lets plan on 7:15 o 7:30 my time here in cordoba

Bueno, Ive got to head out.  Know I love you and look forward to Sunday! Also check out Dropbox for gifts and goodies :)  (These will be posted  on her blog in a few minutes -

Have a great week!

Hurrah for Isreal! Love you

Hermana Woolley

Hi President,
A week I will never forget.  A week of work in the temple.  I had many spiritual experiences and my testimony grew each time I explained that we are not a rare people but a people of covenants.   The gospel is so perfect and simple.   The temple touched many people, but it touched me too.   I was very sad when we left.  I love to see all of the members united in order, excitement, and with smiles in this celestial cause.   It was as if the Celestial Kingdom was on the earth.  When we left, we were really tired and excited for the work.
Here in Rio Tercero we have a lot of work and support from the members.  We had a lesson with a cute inactive family we are rescuing.  We have 10 chosen families to contact and work with.
Also from our gospel principals class, all attending (10 converts and less actives) went to the temple for the open house.  We spoke of the spirit and their experiences.   Some took their friends to see it too.
My companion is awesome.  We haven’t had much time to do her training studies but she has a very strong testimony and desire to work.  We have set goals to plan better and use every minute to our benefit.   We are focusin on obedience and “purification” from the world ja ja.  I really lover her and we are happy together.
Thank you for everything.  We are working hard this week and waiting miracles.
Good Luck,
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente.

Una semana que nunca voy a olvidar.  Una semana trabajando en el templo.  Tuve muchas experiencias espirituales y mi testimonio creció cada vez que explicó que no somos raras, pero que somos un pueblo del convenio.  El evangelio es tan perfecto y muy simple.  El templo contactó a muchas personas, pero contactó a mi también.  Estaba muy triste cuando salimos.  Me gusto ver todos de los miembros unidos en la causa celestial con orden y animo y sonrisas.  Era como el reino celestial en la tierra. Cuando nos fuimos, estábamos bien cansadas, y animadas por la obra.

Aquí en Río Tercero tenemos mucho trabajo y apoyo de los miembros.  Tuvimos una lección muy linda del rescate de los menos activos.  Tenemos 10 familias escogidas para contactar y trabajar.

También en nuestra clase de principios del evangelio, todos presentes (10 conversos/menos activos) se fueron al templo para la casa abierta.  Hablamos del espíritu y su experiencias.  Algunas llevaron sus amigos para conocer también.

Mi compañera es de diez.  No hemos tenido mucho tiempo para estudiar por su entrenamiento, pero ella tiene un testimonio muy fuerte y ganas para trabajar.  Hemos puesto metas para planear mejor y usar cada minuto por nuestro provecho.  Ahora estamos enfocando en la obediencia y "purificándola" del mundo jaja. La amo de verdad y estamos muy contentas juntas.

Gracias por todo. Vamos a trabajar a ful esta semana y esperar los milagros.

Hermana Woolley

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