Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 3 - Rio Tercero - March 30, 2015


greetings from chilly Argentina.  This week the tempuratures dropped and we were unpacking our suitcases to find tights and sweaters.  The days are always changing, but I am SOOOO excited for fall.  I missed the last fall when I jumped to winter coming here, so I am excited for the chill.  However, it wont be the same without apple dip, Rosanne, and skeletons, BYU games, and BOOing.  Pero, Bueno (oh well). We will just fill it with baptisms and  temples, mate, and conferences, and the spirit, and everything else that is good.

This week the members finally embraced us!  We had the sweet moment of sharing time with the familia Freyre.  The wife has a terminal sickness, and is not able to raise her 2 young boys (7 y 2 yrs). Entonces (So), her husband has to work at home and do everything.  They are not able to asist (attend) the church.  So, we have been focusing on them and passing by every so often to share our love and give them some hope.  Not sure why, but for some reason, we all end up crying by the end of the cita (appointment).  They are such examples to me, and I love them so much.  They like us to pass by, because they say that they have not met such powerful missionaries of love in 10 years.  How do you take an awkward compliment like that?  It was super sweet. They are just so easy to love.  We shared a message of faith (video se llama alto me eleva! [video is called it lifts me higher) y we all cried.  At the end of the lesson, Hno Freyre prayed.  In the prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to his home.  He specifically mentioned us by name 3 times in the prayer.  The second that he said HNA WOOLLEY, the tears rolled good.  I think that I have gotten used to being teh new missionary here, and the members just call me the blond, or really flaca (skinny), whatever thing, but as he mentioned my name, I felt loved too.  I felt appreciated and known.  It was such a rewarding moment, and it gave us ganas (desire) to keep working forward and share this love that we have with todos (everyone)!  

We however, do not like sharing the love with the crickets that live in our apartment that scrape their legs together ALL night trying to find a mate or something, who knows! All I know is that I wanted it dead as it interfered with my sacred sleep!  We also have been sharing our beds, with bed bugs. Yes, they are real things, and yes, another thing to add to my list of hates.  Today, however, we cleaned like mad women to kill every peck of the pension [apartment] and live in peace once more.  Sleep tight, and dont let the bed bugs bite.  Its a pain.

Hna Alvez came to do intercambios conmigo (exchanges with me)! She is a great Hna leader from Uruguay, and she taught me a lot in our exchange.  I still am getting to know the area, so as we left, our plans were to get to know lots of people and truly follow up on their desires to learn more.  We did teh common excercise of Como comenzar a enseñar [how to begin teaching] (10 points in PME perdon [sorry], preach my gospel)  We were using the spirit y finding the concerns of each person.  One would say, "Im worried about my husband being so far away from my kids," other would say "My health is quikly declining" or even, "My pregnant daughter might lose her baby because a druggie hit her last night".  Hna Alvez calmly answered each of these ever so valid preoccupations (preocupacion = worry in spanish) with a smile, and say "Hna, that is why we are here, to teach you the message that can solve these problems with love and joy"  I noticed that no matter the problem of the investigador, she would respond by saying, "That is what our message is all about!"

At first I was confused thinking, "no, you said that to the last person and her needs were sooooo different.. besides, we were here to teach about faith, repentence, baptism, Holy ghost, temple, plan of salvation and modern day revelation, not distress in a famliy or cualquier cosa (whatever other thing)"  

But let me tell you. It hit me in a duh aha moment. No matter what your concern or stress in life might be, Christ is the answer.  WE are here as missionaries and members fieles (faithful or strong) to preach and testify of him, because he can fix any worry.  He can heal any pain.  He is the message and because he lives, So can we. IN happiness, love, and hope.

UNfortunately, none of our investigaodres came to church this week, but we have high hopes for teh coming week with all of the miracles that are going to occur.  Keep praying hard and enjoy this weekend centered in Christ.


This week I husked lots of corn, and spread lots of love.  Do the same and think to thank.

This is all true. I know it.

Hurrah for Israel.

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

J y C.... not sure what is happening but J is so great!  The only problem is that we can never find time with him.  He is one busy guy! However, wew were able to teach his son on wednesday, and j walked in the house, and immediately had huge eyes and said, "hermanas, I am reading all about baptism, it is so great... sorry I got to go right now, but I love the Book of mormon. "  Then, he left the room, only to return 40 seconds later and said, "sorry, i just got to tell you, and Im learning about how we need to do it because it is a mandamiento (commandment) adn it is needed for salvation, not only because it is a normal or popular thing to do!"  THen he left again.  He kept popping back in the room to share what he was reading and learning.  I LOVE HIM! We were so happy and laughing that he is growing.  Now the only desafio (challenge) is that he cancveled our last lesson, and didnt come to church.  We want to have him get baptized ya (already)!  But, he never has been to the church yet.  We´ll get him there.  Dont you worry. Gracias por sus oraciones (thanks for your prayers)! C ignores us, but we see how things are looking next week.  We have plans to invite them to the ward Easter party and general conference.   God is a god of miracles.  I hope it all works out, and have faith that it will!!

good luck tyler with all of your big responsibilites!
Im praying for peyton
Kristen way to go in track! Keep it up!

I love you all,
hasta la vista baby! (in 8 months)

bueno, photos next week! Ojala! (hopefully)

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