Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 1 - Rio Tercero - March 16, 2015

This week has truly been one of the greatest weeks of my mission! I finally am remembering what it is like to teach with the spirit, and have people let you in, and place baptismal dates!!! Woo HOO!!!!!! I dont think that I will have enough time though to tell you about all the miracles. Just know that I am happy to be working here at this sacred time.

In the first 2 days here, we found 5 new investigators, 2 of which now have agreed to be baptized!!!!  The are called Juan and Carla.  Pray for them so that they can be sure with the answers they have recieved. They are from Peru, so we always just talk about Arroz Chaufa, papaya, Lomo Saltado, y Machu Piccu teh uzsh (first syllable of usual).  

We are constantly moving and my companion does not mess around!!! My thighs are slowly recovering, but very slowly.  I have now gotten used to rubbing a tennis ball on them throughout my studies in the mornings. 

This week was full of fun surprises.  We had interviews with the president, and then we travelled to a Stake Conference in Rio IV, (about 3 hours away) to hear him, his wife, a seventy and wife, and the Cordoba temple president and wife tambien, and stake presidency!  IT was THE COOLEST!!!   What really got me though was listening to the temple  choir (I SAW THE FRANCOS FROM BELL VILLE AND I CRIED I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM AND JEALOUS OF THEM TOO)

This week, I finally felt like I was in a foreign serving mission! I had to deal with cold showers for a FULL week! Finally today I couldnt handle it more so today we talked to the guy and fixed it all Success!!!  

I am a littel stressed... I am losing hair like crazy! QUICK find me some pinterest advice, or grandpa wisdom!

Also, have you heard from Alec Sorensen about the package I sent with him?

Bueno, there goes my hour,
sorry it is brief.
I love you all
Until next week
Also, look on pogioplog for algunos fotos. I dont think all uploaded

Hermana Woolley

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