Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 7 - Carlos Paz - Feb 2, 2015

Hola from Hna Woody as many say here.  Or the occasional Hna Wall-e too....

Thanks for the pictures I am not real good with tech stuff, but hopefully someone can help me print them all out. The ones from our family pics and my mission ones too.

Wow, where to begin, this week was crazy and I don´t have a whole bunch of time to write it all out. It wont be as good as last week, and just scrambled thouts and stories.  I am pleased that you all enjoyed my last letter, I laughed pretty hard reading your responses this week.  Especially dad trying to be funny and saying jajajaja.  Good one on ya. 

Its true, Hna Dennis is great and we are just working our little tails off!  There is a new hermana that came to be an hermana leader se llama Hna Miranda de Cuzco, Peru. Si, she knows my dog´s name is Cuzco.  She has 15 months in the mission.  She is great, but I sure do miss Hna Mathews.  Also, did she email you about sending a package with a guy from highland? because I dont know the details on that.  NO, I have not recieved your package yet, but I will know at the end of tonight if it showed up yet.  I am not sure what else I want or need.  I think all is well!  Besides the scars I am going to have from all of the demos mosqiutos that are sucking our blood like crazy.  Can´t wait for winter. 

Bueno, S*, the woman we are teaching. Ya, she moved.  But she still lives in our area, but just really far away, so tonight we have plans to go make the trek to her house.  As for investigators that is pretty much it.. We are pretty dry in that aspect.  Our president told us that we should be finding at least one new investigator every day, yet, every companionship here in the area is struggling.  So, we had a special fast for that this week together with our Mission leader.  This area in this time of year is crazy, pero bueno. We know that God is a God of miracles so we are moving forth no más.

Noche de Hogar- We had a FHE with a whole bunch of members, menos activos y conversos this week en la capilla!  We had been filming them all in a video, and then we put them all together and watched it that night.  It was fun, but really stressful.  Of course, we had some technical dificulties, which made teh bishop really mad, but we adapted our plans a little and made things work.  You have no idea how bad I wanted Dad here in that minute to help everything salir bien.  Fix it feliz to the rescue! We mimicked teh mormon mesage about the mujer de Lot and not looking back.  Look it up and watch it. The message is great.  Then we wrote down some things we would leave behind in our lives, burn it with "Sodom and Gomorah" and look forward.  That is the picture of the fire behind us.  The others are at bridges, and at the church casa. 

La cruz- our fun pday with some of the jovenes del barrio!  We hiked to the 12 meter cross at the top of the mountain (1000 meters).  It is a hike really similar to the Y.  Steep and short.  We got up there, read some scriptures, snapped some photos.  As my comp was taking a picture of me, she said in English "HERMANA WE HAVE GOT TO GO!!!!"  Apparently, she saw a huge bolt of lightning in the sky behind me, and my hair was standing straight up.  We then basically ran down the slippery mountain to escape the rain and danger, but, we got soaking anyways.  I have never felt so wet and I quickly discovered that I hate having wet garments.  It was fun and the plaza area to start the hike was just like a little Park City with a ski lift and coaster thing and lots of little shops. It was so pretty to see the whole city from above. 

A day of walking- Saturday. NO ONE LET US IN THEIR HOUSE! Talk about being tired.  We literally walked allllllll day, and we did not teach a single lesson.  But, we contacted a full and got burnt while doing it.  Now we have a lot of future investigators who should be able to progress in the coming weeks.  It was hard though because we were fasting, so we were that much more tired.  Also, we didn´t have the excuse of contacting and asking for water.  Its a hard knock life for us.  It was memorable to say the least. 

M*- Our stud new investigator of 23 years!  We contacted him with a member accompanying us, and it was de diez.  M* wants all the good in his life, and had a lot of quetions for us.  Before we could even ask him for another appointment, he asked us when we could pass by.  We exchanged numbers and he is so prepared.  He has had dreams leading up to this moment, and he is willing to give it a try and find the peace and joy in his life.  The peace and joy that only God offers us.  We spoke with him for about 45 minutes outside of his house, testifying and beginning teahcing.  We are sooooo excited for the potencial he has to be a worthy preisthood holder and take his family to the temple.

It was a great week.
I love you all.
We are keeping busy.

Hasta Lunes.Hermana Woolley

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