Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 9 - Carlos Paz - Feb 17, 2015

Yesterday we had a zone wide PDay.  So we are writing today.

first off, business

How is Mike Pratt doing? He came up in conversation this week.

Ok, sorry I have been uploading a  load of pictures so your letter this week yet again will be cut short.  DOnt hate me! 

I also had many elders from the mision who have gone home write me this week so I had to fill them in on the mission life.  Also, it was a given to write Laura a letter to wish her luck and express my love.  Also, I wanted to write Andrew Lambert , but... I wrote the wrong one. WHat is his email????

Bueno, news of the week... Annie called my comps best friends mother (aka Karen Jackson) and we made another connection.  que loco la vida.  Hna Dennis and I had so many opportunities to befriendsthe mision and now we are here together just trying it out for the first time.  

Package update... nothing.  We have a conference on thurday so I will know ifit has come then.  

WOW stop the clock. Literally. All my watches have died on me.  MAybe it is now because I am old in the mision and I never know what time it is, because my $3 watches failed me.  MAybe you could order some maore from teh website and send them straight here? who knows?

I am glad you are reading still. I was going to ask you last week where you are at! I am reading in Mosiah 4.

You should read a talk about faith called Fe en el Señpr jesucristo por Kevin w pearson.  or  Our Search for hapiness. I love them both.

S* update.  Still smoking, and didnt come to church again this week.  I think we are going to see how things work out.  It is so sad to watch your investigafdr undersatnd, yet not act all the way.  I know that as she demonstrates her faith by acoming to church, she will be able to overcome her smoking problem.  Pray evxtra hard feor her.  

EWWee are doing a lot of contacting and finding a lot of future investigaors.  POR FIN! I hope tah twe will ahve more success coming outr way.

This weeks ahve been the most fun, yet also the hardest... We have been through a lot together.  Her 6 months, Valentines day, and now my hump day and bday to come.  It is easy to be homesick when I am with her because we remember teh same things from home.  Pero bvueno.  I love you all. I guess its a good thing.  

We eat grilled cheese, pancakes, waffles, and hard boiled egg sacndwhiches to be american again.  We dont ahve tomato spup from costoc so we have to eat quash soup instead.  

the other pics are from eating ice cream sandwhiches, slumber party fro her 6 motnhs, the pension, our grilled cheese hearts fro valentines, and random selfies.  The girl is s*. Also, our asado fro pday de zona with a machete! I hope they all upload befroe time runs out. There is  a TONNNNNNNN (drop box) sorry, Im scrabbling.  and typing horribly. trying to lewt you know whats going on!!! MAybe just read hna Dennis blog becasue she is a good story teller too and will update you on teh fun things of the week.  Im not sure if she has a blog, but you should ask her paretns.  becasue my time is short. Sorry, 

Bueno, a quick story we were told this last week on preparation for teh temple.  It is about a construction worker who was converted.  Through all the meeteings, he was overwhelmed at how seriously the church was talking about  every detail of the work.  Every morning they started with a prayer.  It got him thinking.  Soon the authorities asked allt eh workers to fast while working on the temple.  Why would he fast, if it was not even his religion?  Well, he did, he fasted adn he got his answer.  Now he is a baptized member of the church and has his Libro de mormon laying on his tabel in his house.  The miracles are coming so rapidly in time for the temple dedication. I cant wait any longer.  

Well, my fingers are tired, sorry fro teh lame email. I promise ab etter one isn 6 days.
Love you all
Hna woolely

A story from her companions letter home this week:
Last Monday we didn't do much, Hna Woolley and I just watched Monsters University! So that was the highlight of the day!
...Well this week we have just been searching for people.  It has been a little harder because everyone here right now is a tourist! Its crazy! Everyone you contact is from somewhere else! So thats hard, and apparently the last 8 baptisms have been little kids. So ya apparently it is a tough area. But like Matt told me before my mission we can't let that mess with our heads. As long as we do our work the blessings will come. So Hna Woolley and I have been working on being more obedient. We are also doing more studies in the morning so we can be better prepared for the people that we come in contact throughout the day. We have been working on that.  I know that if we are obedient we will receive the blessings and have a baptism! We have already seen a couple of new investigators, and its because of this.  We have done a lot of contacting recently and so we will start visiting them to see if it will go any where. 
So like i said we had a scary experience.  Well it really wasn't that bad, it was just a little freaky.If it really was that bad i probably wouldn't tell mom haha. So Thursday we were teaching S* in an area called Las Colinas. Anyway S* likes to talk forever so by the time we were leaving it was a little dark and we normally try to leave before that.  As we were walking we were a little freaked out because cars kept slowing down right behind us and saying stuff. So when that would happened I would take a step behind my companion and have my fist ready. but... nothing ever happened.. haha. When we got to the bus stop there were two guys. One older like 40 and then one like 20.  I thought oh good at least there is an older guy. Well turns out he was a creep! haha so we stood like 25 feet away from the bus stop so we could see if they were approaching or anything. So I thought we were good. Well every couple of minutes this creep of a man would take like 2 or 3 steps closer to us. He was just getting closer and closer.  We were trying to call like everyone and their dog but no one was answering!! So Hna Woolley started pretending like she was talking to someone.  Every time the guy looked at us I would just give him an evil look like "don't touch my companion". hahaha (we had talked about the lazy eye that day. (You know like on Fievel Goes West) So I told her I was giving him the lazy eye and not to worry! because she was more freaked out than me!) So anyway this guy was approaching, and my comp had her pen in her hand ready to stab him, and then bomb!!!!! Heavenly Father answered our prayers and a taxi drove by and we got in and left!!! haha so ya thats when we almost died. haha looking back its decently funny but in the moment it was a little scary. haha
Friday we celebrated my 6 month mark by waking up and making pancakes (dont worry we have been running). Then we decided that night to make ice cream cookie sandwiches.  We bought a cake mix and then found what we could to make those cake cookies, and then bought some ice cream to put in the middle. It was soooooo good!!!!!  We even had a little sleep over in our kitchen/living room haha which was really exciting, but we did what we could to celebrate! haha
The famous Coocoo clock in Carlos Paz

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