Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 8 - Carlos Paz - Feb 9, 2015

Hey fellas!

Well, another week has come and gone, and my fingers are already tired from the emails I have written.  Also, because I may or may not have a huge blister on my middle finger after treating myself to some french fries.  Ok here is the story.  So, there I was at the local faramacy weighing myself on their free machine.  and what to my surprise? I have lost 10 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So naturally, I decided to celebrate with none other than a fattening plate of sizzlling french fries.  However, after attempting to pull the golden rods out of the oven (because cooking them in oil on the stove woud be too fattening) The hotpad decieved me and I felt my fingers burn. There was no fluff inside the fabric to protect me from the heat.  So long dramatic story short, I held some ice on my fingers for a long while and now it hurts to type.  All for treating myself after losing weight.  Serves me right.

Bueno, PRAY FOR S*!!!!!!!  She is so great and even invited us over to her house for an asado.  The ZLs went with us to "test" us and see how we were teaching, and we passed!!! Phew.  They also gave her a blessing of health for her schitsophrenic (gpa woolley, I need your medical spelling check) issues adn to be able to stop smoking.  She just cried and cried from gratitude. But good news, She now is only smoking 10 cigarettes instead of 50! She is progressing.  She says that now the cigarette have a disgusting taste ever since the blessing and doesnt want to smoke it.  However, becasue she does not have complete control of her mind, she finds herself smoking every once in a while.  She did make me really sad though.  As we were at her house eating lunch, she went in the other room and smoked.  She came running back to us crying and said "what have I done?"  She promised to come to church.  She had her clothes set out on her bed the night before.  Yet, as we waiting at the colectivo stop to pick her up, she never came.  Also, the phone signal is horible so we couldnt get a hold of her.  We ended up showing up late to church and missed the sacrament.  Then, the lights went out at church and there was a huge hail storm.  It was like God was crying with me on the worst day ever.  I was so excited for her to come, but she never did.  Please pray for her.  She is praying for you each by name.

also, that awesome moment when I am typing you this letter in a crappy ciber with a storm outside and the power goes out and I lose half of my letter. Like ya go me.  Welcome to Argentina.  Sorry, I dont want a virus and I dont trust this place (all the keys stick and it is hared ot type words right..), so there will be no pictures to accompany my sick story telling skills.  And the letter once again, will be cut short. 

In church yestereday, someone told the story of their 2 year od son who learned the famous phrase here, "hermoso, hermoso".  He would point at himself and say "hermoso hermoso" or at his toy truck and repeat it again.  Soon they were the only words he was saying.  He finally wore the phrase out, and was normal speaking in conversation once again... until last sunday.  As the dad entered the room to see him playing, he saw the child holding a picture of the savior cradleing and hugging the children. The boy then said, pointing to the framed painting in his hands, "Hermoso hermoso".  I cried hearing this story.  Maybe because I know the main little chubster, but I think it is more than that.  Truly it is hermoso hermoso that we have a Savior who cuddles us and cradles us with his love.  I know he lives.  I know he is my King.  He gives me hope.  He brings me purpose.  Gracias a Él.  I am so humbled to be his servant right now, and I am loving working off my tail in his sacred work. His love is unfailing.  Turn to Him. After reading the last verse in Enos, I too can´t wait to meet my king and have him receive me with open arms.  He is the gift.  I love Him. I serve Him. I follow Him.  I respresnt Him.  What a joy. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Thats all folks, forgive me.

Hasta siempre,
Hermana Woolley 

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