Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 6 - Carlos Paz - January 26, 2015 New Companion H. Dennis


bueno. estoy tan feliz con mi nueva compañera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, no tengo un foto de nosotras... proxima semana. 

Her name is Hna Dennis de  UT  and come to find out... WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!! We were in multiple classes together in BYU, and all of the Chamber choir festivals and opportunities with the black choir director.  She was in Floral Design with me tambien.  When we saw wach other, we knew that we had met before.  She has almost 5 months in the mission, but I am so impressed by her, and her spanish, and her desire to be here and work hard.  I know that this transfer we are going to work really hard in every moment and that we are going to enjoy our time together.  She is a Lake Powell addict and we fit perfectly together.  Its about time!!!!  No, un chiste.  But si, Im a little more than excited for the work we are going to accomplish together here in Sin City with all the heathens (gpa Lambert).  However, now being two crazy tall attractive american girls, we sure do call the attention.  Not quite sure if thats a good thing or not just quite yet.  When we were walking through the terminal, a short 65 yr old guy turned around to look for a collectivo sign but he saw us instead. He had a huge HOME ALONE shocked look on his face and then said, "WOW I did not expect to turn around and see two beautiful dolls.  Can you say models?" and then he whistled.  jajajajajaja we were dying from laughter.  The best is yet to come? We will find out I guess!

Hna Perry went to another area (San Fransisco) with a latina from Mexico.  She was super nervous.  I think it will be a nice change that will challenge her and let her see her own personal progress, yet, please still keep praying for her!!!  

Bueno, That being set aside...Why did Argentina kill me this week might you ask? Ok I´ll tell you.

First. IT IS SO STINKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky ducks have no idea how bad we are suffereing. The other day after walking and walking and walking, I came home with the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life. Good thing we have an Aloe plant in our pension to cure my needs.

Second,  the pics of Peyton on dropbox literally killed me this week in Argentina too. I cant get over his cute red hair!!!

Third, lifting, and packing and lifting and unpacking SUPER HEAVY LUGGAGE to help my comps.  My muscles are screaming for a break.  But there is just too much to do.  Work hard, play hard.

Fourth... We met the gold investigator!!!  Hna Perry and I were walking in the street after one of our appts fell through.  She was disappointed and upset that we had been stood up and wanted to go to the pension at 7 in the afternoon.  I decided that we could compromise a little.  I said that we would look for TWO more houses of inactives, and contact mientras, and if no, we could go back to the pension.  As we were standing at the corner, completely lost, we pulled out our maps like those invading tourists.  I was praying in my heart that we would find someone. anyone. so that we would not go back to the pension.  Just as I was looking at the millions of streets on my paper, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "are you from the church?" uh... no duh.  She then told us about her sick (schitzofrenic) daughter who had met with the elders about 5-7 years ago. She asked us to accompany her to her house to present her to us.  As we met her, on a special mission to bring her peace in her life, I felt so much instant love for her.  Her life is crazy hard and she needs the gospel more than anything.  She has read the BOM before and gave it as a gift to a struggling friend to read it as well.  She is now on controlled medicine for her sickness.  She has accepted a baptismal date and commited to stop smoking.  We are excited for her.  Pray for her and her 6 kids that she is not able to raise or see because of her "mental state".

fifth... WALMART! I went to walmart.  Justo it was at the end of the month, so none of us had money to buy the things with us in that moment, BUT we each bought 2 sleeves of Toddy chocolate cookies.  Look them up and drool.  So we were happy and pleased.  We may have looked like a bunch of girls getting ready for a slumber party sleepover as we each bought our stash with coins in Wal-mart pero asi fue. Sin verguenza.  I felt so weird. I felt like I was in the states again. It even had a Mickey D´s connected (mcdonalds).  It was all normal until I heard the store overcom and it made me jump.  Cant say the last time I heard someone speak on an overhead speaker in a store.  Enjoy it while you can.  

sixth... Linda K Burton and someone else cool are coming to speak to the SOC SOC (Relief Society) in my stake here.  How cool is that????? I am beyond excited.  I am basically counting down the days to April, and May for all the cool things that will be happening. New Chapel, Temple, Year mark, mothers day and GENERAL CONFERENCE. Now with this special general meeting, it will be like I will be able to have a little bit of a peek at the present under wrapping paper.

last. You asked me about coming home!!! how dare you. I feel like you are asking me to write college applications and sign up for my nexty semester classes. hah. But Im not sure what I want.  I still have so much time left!! Dont get trunky.  Dont rob me of this sacred time! Maybe dont come? No se!!!!! How much is the plane ticket? What are the Robins going to do?

Bueno, there goes my time, and my poor speedy typing fingers.  Si, this week may have killed me, but I have never felt so alive. Cheesy? No me importa. Estoy gorda, mojada y feliz.

I love you all and I am well.
But, dont stop the prayers from coming.

Hurrah for Isreal!

see ya love ya bye!!!!Hermana Woolley

Hermana Dennis

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