Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 4 - Carlos Paz - January 13, 2015

Hola familia mia!!!

como te va?

Wow, holy cow. Another week has come and gone!  Sometimes Im not sure what to write you now because you dont want my "sermons"...

This week was a fun filled week!  It was also the birthday of my companion Hna Perry.  She is now 20!  We had lots of cake, and ice cream, and facturas, y balloons.  It was fun to party here with the members.  They are so aware and caring of us as missionaries.  One thing about that is hard about this area is the fact that there are SO many members that it is hard to have a  relationship with them all, but that is a good thing right?

The funny story of the week was visiting a member to have lunch.  She lives out of the city, so we had to take a collectivo (a bus) to get to her house about 25 minutes away.  As we pulled up to the stop, there she was waiting for us.  Sweet, old, and frail! WITH HIKING BOOTS, A WALKING STICK and A HUGE SUN HAT.  We were dying!  It was the funniest thing ever.  We basically had to hike through the woods to get to her house and she was so excited we were there.  She doesn’t have running water, so going to the bathroom was interesting... haha. Next we ate and she just told us the funniest stories. I wish you could all meet m*.  I will try to get a pic of her this week.  In the middle of lunch, she stood up with a lot of concern, grabbed a SLING SHOT and ran outside!  She then just grabbed a rock and killed a cat.  haha.  Hna Perry and I just stared at each other so confused and baffled that it had really happened.  After the whole visit was over, there we were innocently walking down teh street to get back to the collectivo stop.  Then she randomly started chasing a dog and hitting it with her walking stick.  We just stood in awe as we were with this crazy lady and animal abuser!  She had no shame.  She was out for the kill.  If I could describe her to you, she would be an old wrinkly version of the french animal hunter on Madagascar 3.  She is a hoot.

We are teaching a sweet little girl named F*. Please pray for her.  She is 14 and is going to need more support from her family before she can be baptized.

This week, I also did some intercambios with the other hermanas and I worked with the Chilean. It was so much fun!  I love las latinas!  We just laughed the whole time.  This is what missionary work is about.  To laugh it out. and spread the gospel at the same time!

I am out of time.
I hope all is well.
I will write more next week!
Laugh it out and make room for the Savior!

Con amor,
Hna Woolley

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