Monday, January 19, 2015

The Atonement is Great ... Also, Ice Cream helps ...Week 5 in Carlos Paz - January 19, 2015

This has been the quote of the week!!!!  Here in this life we are going to be challenged and refined, but by taking life one step at a time, we are able to climb the huge mountain and see the beautiful view of the progress we have made.

I am sorry that I am now going to type you the "sermon" that I have learned this week.. I hope you find it of worth and help.  

I have found myself in some hard situations here in the mission.  I got down or mad at myself for thinking that I had messed up and could never recover to be the missionary that I wanted to be.  I have had regrets.  It can be hard.  

Then, one day, I went out on exchanges with Hermna Cornejo.  We were teaching a new investigator about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As I taught him the principle and doctrine of baptism, I asked him if he would like to forget about all the mistakes of his life and start new.  He immediately replied. uh duh.  I in that moment too realized that I could be forgiven for the little mistakes I had made in my time here and the opportunites I had missed.,  I wanted a second chance, but it didt seem possible.  I thought I had ruined my chances of having a mission without a few regrets.  Then, it hit me.  DUH! I have this chance everyday.  I realized in that moment, that I had forgotten the power of  the atonement for everyone.  I have the chance to forget about the wrongs I have made in my life, and on my mission, and that I can start fresh.  What a joy.  It gives me hope.  I cried to my companion and I explained to her my testimony of this mercy of the Atonement.  I know it is so real.  Please do all you can to prepare every week for the sacreament and use it fully so that you can have those cargas (weights/burdens) lifted off of your backs and accept the lords love and help.  It is all true.

Bueno, and now on to the week!

First off, I am living in BABYLONIA!!!  THis place is so wicked.  The other day, Hna Mathews and I went out running the morning for excercises no?  And we were yelled at by countless men and women who had just left from the bars.  They had been there all night and were wasted.  It is so sad to see how everyone comes here to party hard, and they quickly ruin their lives.  pero bueno.  It is quite the experience

Also, I dont remember signing up to be hit on at every corner.  I thought I came here to preach the gosepl!!!!  haha. The guys are crazy for me, its weird.  There are members at church who ask to take pics with me. awk.  I guess teh rubio flaka woolley sticks out like a sore thumb.  hahahahaha.  Also because we are the only ones here wearing clothes..... the heat is killer and I think that I sweat enough each day to quench mama being "PARCHED"- her fav phrase.  ew gross.  too far.  ha.  But si, this time of year is crazy fro tourists, and we are always squished in the collectivos.  I feel like I am living CRAZY TAXI  the dreamcast game every day as my face is basically plastered to the windshield or the window.

Dont worry, I am safe and I am well, but maybe now these descriptive paragraphs will give you a better look into my day to day life.  

Transfers are coming up. I am not sure what to think. But I will let you know what happens next week.  

I love you all. Especially the perfect Peyton (new nephew born to Allison and Dan this week).

hasta lunes,
Hermana TIA Woolley

This week was good.  Sister Perry and I were able to work more than in other weeks.  She is progressing a lot.  She is excited to be transferred.   Thank you for allowing us to come and talk about this with you more.

This week I learn to apply the Atonement in my life more.  I was mad at myself for my imperfections and errors in the mission.   I felt that I will never be able to “restart” my mission again and forget all of those times when I have not been the perfect missionary.  In the moment, I remembered our interview.  I know that the Lord is going to forgive me and forget all of my days in the apartment without “working” in the streets.  He is so perfect and loving and merciful.  I love Him.  I am in His debt.  Thank you for your help and counsel to apply the Atonement in my life.   We are always testifying of the power of the Atonement, but once in a while, we forget to use it every day to strengthen ourselves and fill ourselves with hope and JOY.

Also, Ice cream helped too J

Thank you for everything that you do for me and for my companion and the mission.  I love you and and am grateful to my Father in Heaven for this opportunity that I have to work under your keys.

I am happy.

I hope you are always well.
With love,
Hermana Woolley

 Go Karting!!
 Happy Birthday Sister Perry
 Nephew, I love you.
 At the Temple in Cordoba

 Look at the Basketball hoop in the tree.

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