Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 20, Bell Ville - Nov 17, 2014

Wow!!!!  Where to start for this week!!! ok, once again, I didn´t have time to write out what I wanted to say, so I hope that it comes out ok in the end :)

P*!!!! Our investigator has a baptismal date!!!!! The story with her is a little crazy.  She has a learning disability so it has been interesting teaching her.  But one thing that I have loved, is seeing her love.  She is so pure, and can definitely feel something different in her life.  For this reason, she continues to do the right thing.  This week, although it is always crazy teaching her because of the fact that she lives on the farm (killing rats mid lesson, raving dogs, huge farm machinery making obnoxious noises), she is progressing.  As we explained her situation to our mission leader of her circumstances, he told us that he wanted to see if she would attend church with out us passing by to pick her up.  It would be like a test to see if church really was imporatant to her.  We were feeling anxious about this, because she needs to come to church!  We went to go teaach her a lesson on sat morning, and to tell her that we would not be passing by the next day, BUT SHE WASNT HOME!!! we were freaking out, so last minute on sunday morning, we decided to go pick her up for church since we didn´t have time to inform her that we had planned on not going.  So, we walked all the way to the outskirts of the city to her farm to go and get her.  right as we were walking in her yard, we got a phone call from the missionaries at the church and they told us P* was at the church!!! SHE WENT BY HERSELF!!!!  We chatted with her fam to see what had happened.  They told us that she got up`early to shower and was waiting for us to get her, but we were late.  So finally she said, "I can´t wait any longer for the hermanas, Im going to church by myself!" And she walked all the way to the chapel, even though she didnt know the address of the church!  WHAT A MIRACLE!!! Now she has proved to us, and to the mission leader that she is in this for the long road.  We were so happy!!! a little bugged that we had to walk so much extra mileage, BUT she went to church! BY HERSELF!!! we were so so happy! :) and p* is happy too!

Im just gonna throw this out there real quick... Ive gained a little more than 10 kilos... thats about 23 lbs.  Phew, it feels good to just get that off my chest! Don´t be alarmed if Im different when I get home in a year... jaja I just get what I want when I want. and I feel just fine!

bueno, moving on....  I almost died by a man eating dog with teeth the size of a beast.  As we were walking down the street trying to locate some less actives, in the BAKING sun (which I hate and loathe, and despise and every other synonym to that word - and the worst part is that it is going to get worse! Its only spring!)  We were walking along, Hna Costello and I.  We heard some barking.  But didnt panick.  Barking dogs are always behind the fences.  As I looked to my left, i saw a dog charging towards us.  As if the fear from his noise and teeth wasnt enough, I soon enough discovered that THERE WAS NOTHING BETWEEN THAT DOG and his lunch... me. no fence.  no bird, no nothing.  I went into a pure panic and started running for my life and could physically feel the pain of him biting into my innocent calf.  all in my mind of course, imagining the worst.  Suddenly my comp screamed, WAIT WE PROBABLY SHOULDNT RUN! so we immediately started walking, going against every self defense method in my conscious.  But hey, it worked.  THe dog stopped chasing us, and we made it away without a scrath.  Only pounding hearts and a nervous laughter.  we treated ourselves to some ice cream after that little fiasco because we had basically beat the final boss on the final level of some crazy hard video game.  And that was that.  

This week I did a lot of walking.  Before, during siesta, you could find someone to talk to, but now with the blazing heat, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have success during those dead hours.  So, we just walk, and walk, and knock, and walk.  It is the life.

The hermanas are going to be leaving tomorrow.  Im distraught.  They definitely were the break that I needed.  Yes, it did cause a bit of drama living with 4 girls, but I am going to miss Hna Wade like crazy.  We truly are the best of friends and I will probably cry when she leaves. WE have seen miracles together, and she is a friend that I will always have.  en serio.  I cant wait for you all to meet her after the mish at BYU,

Another quick miracle before I run out of time.  We had a less active come to the church!! It wasn´t a sunday, but it is progress!!!!  She is an ex missionary, and after marrying a non member, she has fallen to the deep end.  After visiting her countless times, we finally have reached a LANDMARK! As we were talking about family history and I showed her my booklet, she got so excited.  So we set up a date with the ward consultant, and we went to do the work in the church!!!  She is so excited, and we are now one more step closer to her happiness! She had not gone to church in over 25 years, and since then, the church has been rebuilt.  So, the member took the iniciative and showed her through a tour of the church.  We were like, "I thought we were the missionaries... But this is even better!"  Now she knows another person in the church, and seen the changes, and has felt the love of God just by simply stepping inside his house for a moment.  

We are doing the work.  Again, its not easy, but There would be a problem if it was.  

"Si no intentamos, no lo hacemos. Si no lo hacemos, Por que estamos aqui?" Pres Monson.  
 (If we don't try, we don't do.  If we don't do, why are we here?

Do your duties and keep working hard back at home.  I cant believe that in one yr from today I will be released from this calling as a missionary!!! :(((

I love you all!
con mucho amor,

Hermana Woolley

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