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Week 17 - Bell Ville - October 27, 2014

Hola pals!

This week without a doubt has been one of, if not, the hardest weeks of my mission.  I know I say that a lot, but Dios just keeps trying me!  There were a few nights that I cried myself to sleep, but sometimes that is all you can do as a missionary to calm down and relax.  So releiving.  

Yes, Hermana Vela had her surgery this week.  All is well now, and we are just on the long road of recovery.  After weighing all of the options, she decided to do teh surgery.  This will take less recovery time, allowing her to stay in the mission.   She is in a lot of pain, and it is stressful being a companion to someone when I feel so helpless.  I cant understand what the doctors advise me to do to help my companion, and now I feel like I have all the responsibility.  I have talked with the president, his wife, the mission nurse, and every other important person you could think of on the phone to get things figured out.  Talk about scary.  I now know more medical words in spanish than I ever knew in English.  hah.   Well, also  Im pretty sure I never want to be a nurse.  Lifting people out of bed to help them go to the bathroom gets old pretty fast. Send my props to all of the hospice nurses :)

Her surgery was on Thursday, and after sleeping in the hospital and just sitting and waiting a TON of time, 46 hours later, grease ball hairdo, nappy teeth, and basically starving, we were able to leave!!! I NEVER want to go back there, and it truly is like a terror movie.  Now we just sit in the pension day after day after day.  Ill let you in on a little secret.  There is nothing worse than soaking in your own sweat in the pension everyday, when you are completely healthy.  Maybe having your body cut open would be worse, but these past few days have been so long!  We just sit and watch life pass by.  Sometimes we watch a disney movie, (which many times, only makes me miss you at home), or we play the same card game for the 18th time in one day, or I clean every inch of the house.  Ive already read the entire missionary library, and the standard works 4 times so what more can I do???? haha chiste.  But its true, the kitchen is now spotless, the floor shining, the fridge odorless, and the oven less rusty. haha.  It is so frustrating that I can´t leave her for one minute.  We have to send the elders on all of our errands, which they probably hate just as bad as we do.  I cant even walk to the corner to buy myself some toilet paper when it is desparately needed.  Well, sacrifices bring blessings.  

Speaking of surgery, how is Jackie doing? Ive been praying for her and her family.  I hope all is all right!

Despite the pain, we went to the conference on Sunday, which was an hour drive en collectivo (like a double decker tour bus)  Bad idea.  Hna Vela was only in pain the whole time, so we sat in the wings, and didn´t hear any of the talks or the General Authority Raul something or other.  We only entered to sing our choir numbers.  No, we were not made a stake which was a bit of a let down, but the time will come soon! I just know it!

This week, I have thought a lot about wounds with the whole surgery situation.  Also, we sang DID YOU THINK TO PRAY.  One part in Spanish says, "Que reposo al cansado es la humilde oración. Trae consuelo al heridos, paz al corazón"  basically says, "Oh how humble prayer rests the weary.  It brings comfort to wounds, and peace to the heart"  hahaha how awful it is to translate! I cant even remember what it really says in english... but anyways.  Also, I read in the Story of the 2000 jovenes in Alma 57:25-27.  This talks about how we are all going to have wounds in this battle, but we will not fail, and we can succeed with faith filled prayer.  This got me thinking.  Prayer is something so simple yet so powerful.  It has the power to heal our wounds.  Spiritual, emotional, physical or whatever really!!!  If you have a problem in your life right now, my advice to you is pray.  Pray pray pray until it is all better.  Pray until you have nothing more to say.  Prayer will change your night to day. It has changed my mission, and it has changed who I am.  Cuando la vida es obscura, no olvides orar.  

Man, when I look back, I am a different me.  The mission isnt what changes people.  It is the spirit of the Lord every minute of every day that invites us to change and give our hearts to Christ, the only one who loves us completely.  Yes, I am the same old quirky me who dances in the night with weird voices, and commands my zits to leave from my face (but now only in Castellano saying, SALI CHE! - yes Im in argentina che.)  Im the same me, only rounder, smarter, sweatier, and closer to Christ.  There is nothing better.  

I would be lying if I said the mission was easy, but I would also be lying if I said that I am grasping every moment and loving the challenges I am facing.  This week I have learned more about faith, love, humility, patience, service, diligence, patience again, hope, service again, knowledge, obedience, and did I mention patience?  No but really, basically in this week, I was able to act like Christ in the whole circumstance.  It is a privledge and an honor to be hear in this moment, even if we are caged in.  I am a servant of the Lord, and I will always testify of his power and his love.  He is my Savior, and of these things I know.  

The best is yet to come! The Savior is on His way!
Hurrah for Israel!

Les amo mas que saben! MUY MUCHO (an Argentine phrase that is incorrect, but everyone says it)
con mucho amor, 
Hermana Woolley

transfers are this week! Ill keep you updated if i'll be here for another 6 more weeks!!!!  I love you all! Best wishes y cuidense!

At the conference with the missionaries in Bell Ville

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